Hebrew Voices #46 – Ivanka and the Religious Police

Ivanka Trump and the Religious PoliceIn Hebrew Voices, Ivanka and the Religious Police, Nehemia Gordon shares how some Jews came out against Ivanka Trump and her husband, for violating Rabbinic precepts. This type of judging and shaming is unfortunately common in many communities. Have you been a victim of the “Religious Police“? Continue reading

Hebrew Voices #42 – Here We Are

Yitzchok Meir playing his song "Here We Are" for Nehemia Gordon on Hebrew Voices. Photo by Nehemia GordonIn this episode of Hebrew Voices -  Here We Are , Nehemia Gordon concludes a conversation with Yitzchok Meir at his home in the Judean Hills.  Musician, artist and cantor, Meir’s passion is readying hearts for the ingathering of the exiles. Meir states he feels privileged to live in these times and do his part to facilitate unity in the midst of diversity. “It’s okay to be different. We don’t all have to be the same to love and support each other.” Continue reading

Hebrew Voices #27 – True Jew Singing (Rebroadcast)

True Jew Singing, Yitzchok Meir, Nehemia Gordon, Hebrew Voices, Jewish Unity Project, Rabbi Schlomo Carlebach, zionism, Shema, Tetragrammaton, Cantor Yitzchok Meir, halakhaIn this episode of Hebrew Voices - True Jew Singing - Nehemia Gordon visits the Judean Hills, home of Yitzchok Meir. Musician, artist, and cantor—Meir is also the founder of the Jewish Unity Project. When asked to explain how he combines music with a message to unify people, Meir answers eloquently with his version of a song by Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach about little candles—the candles of one God. Continue reading

Unity vs Uniformity

Since the 1980s I have been striving to understand our Creator's holy calendar and live in accordance with the times He hard-wired into Creation. Over the years I have seen a proliferation of calendar systems among those turning to Scripture, as my own understanding has also grown and deepened. Calendar disputes have led to division and strife since the time of the Dead Sea Scrolls. However, I believe that honoring our Creator's calendar to the best of our ability, should not be something that divides us. Continue reading

The Power of Positivity… Through the Eyes of King David

shimei throwing stones, Power of Positivity, King David, theologically, historically, biblically, Karaite, Jewish, Methodist, Keith Johnson, Tanakh, negativity, second witness, Jeremiah, revelation, YehovahThis past week I had a golden opportunity to jump on the bandwagon of negativity and bash a brother who did something I disagree with theologically, historically, and biblically. I could have scored some easy points for my “team.” It was a no-brainer from my Karaite Jewish perspective. Instead, I chose to join my Methodist friend Keith Johnson in a message of solidarity focusing on the power of positivity. We decided to ask once again, “What would David do?” Thankfully, the Tanakh gives us a perfect picture of how King David dealt with a situation of negativity. We also looked at a second witness in the Book of Jeremiah. Our innocent inquiry turned into a remarkable roundtable of revelation in the word of Yehovah. I look forward to reading your comments below! Continue reading