Faith Regained Through Hebrew Sources

In this video I share the testimony of a woman who regained her faith when she saw my videos (13:23), talk about knowing the importance of understanding ancient Hebrew sources (31:20), and whether Yeshua of Nazareth was a Pharisee (59:49).

I look forward to reading your comments!

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  • Kenny and Cindy Brown says:

    We LOVE this testimony! Let us add that we, too, as a family have been given greater understanding through your ministry, Nehemia, and we are so thankful for your heart to share truth. We have “been warned” about how you’ve led people away from Yeshua, and we have begun to stand up and ask for a witness to that. Every time, it is based on “I heard….,” but never substantiated. We are first-hand witnesses not only to your teachings online and in print, but also having had “behind closed doors” conversations with you; yet, our faith has only been strengthened. We have learned more about Yeshua’s life and ministry from you than from anyone who claims to “follow him” as Messiah. Bless you. We pray for you personally, as well as your ministry, every time we see you. Thank you also to Michael for making Nehemia’s ministry even more public. ~Kenny and Cindy Brown, Hohenwald, Tennessee

    • Shma Khakmah says:

      I have read all the articles on Yeshua and found it all to be false doctrine through the Biblical genealogies of IChronicles 3 and Matthew 1. Lets look carefully at IChron.3:19 in contrast to Matthew 1:12-13. We see clearly an inconsistency there. Both Zerubabel had different fathers and children yet they bot claim to be the \offspring of King Daweid. Also, the connection of Matthew 1:23 which makes a claim to the prophecy of Yeshayahu 7:14, this is totally unacceptable. Reasons: During the life of King Ahaz, he was supposed to see the prophecy of 7:14 in 65 years. He was told bt Yeshayahu to ask a sign of YHWH but he refused, so YAH gave him (Ahaz) the sign of 7:14. The Kingdom of King Ahaz was approximately 800 years before the story of Jesus.
      Upon studying more the name Jesus, it came from the Celtic people who worshipped Iesus as the deity of vegetation, later the Greeks took this deity and because of no I or Y in te Greek Alphabet, they changed the name to Jesus, now some people give this ficticious character the name Yeshua. If you read and Study Scriptures carefully there were only two Yeshua in the entire Scriptures. Hoshea, whom Mosheh changed his name to Yehoshua and nickname Yeshua, and the Yeshua who came out of the Media-Persian captivity.

      Seek truth always tp prove the Almighty not a liar…

      Sar Dael (Sovereign Yisraelite-UN)

      ps: Read the books: a) Overstanding The Holy Scriptures, b) Insights Into The Holy Scriptures.
      -WalMart Stores

  • Oswald Mattos says:

    It is stupid for people to say that you lead people away from Yeshua. I have benefited from your talks and am grateful to you especially for the Hebrew Matthew. My faith in Yeshua and the Gospels have only grown stronger. I would say that you are an ‘Evangelist’. Shalom and best Regards. Oswald.

  • Deidre says:

    This testimony is the same as mine. WOW….. !!!Thank you Yehovah!!!

  • Deonne says:

    My faith in Yahovah has been exponentially enhanced because of you… your work… and your example as a whole hearted believer in Yahovah! Whenever you teach I am drawn into the joy of learning and watching you in your joy!
    While I am a believer in Yeshua, it is you that has given me clarity, understanding and truth of who he was, the people and culture of whom he came from, as well as a deeper relationship with the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.
    Your work stratospherically awesome!
    Thank you for seeking and walking in Truth, and for demonstrating the beauty of ‘walking your talk’! The Karaite Files are the best of the best of Shabbat Night Live! How Blessed I am… because of you Nehemia Gordon! Thank you!!!

  • Jeffrey Manresa says:

    I listen to the Torah Pearls everyday. It makes my work fly by – thank you and Keith – and Jono, so much for doing this – it is eye opening!!!

  • Myra says:

    This is great!

  • James Wilson says:

    You love truth. You love His Word. You love His name. You’re looking towards Yehovah’s Salvation with a whole and obedient heart. Thanks you, Nehemia.

  • PaulDianne Buckman says:

    One of my favorite episodes!