Hebrew Voices #1 – Where Prophets Tread

Where Prophets Tread, baptism of Jesus, Jordan river, yeshua, east bank, west bank, elisha, elijah, haftarah, hebrew voices, israelites, cross over, john the baptist, joshua 1:1-18, naaman dip, nehemia gordon, Prophet Pearls, river jordan, Vezot ha’Bracha, yardenRecorded on the west bank of the Jordan River during sand storm, the inaugural episode of Hebrew Voices features Gordon’s broad insight into the scriptural, geographical and cultural contexts for this special place in Biblical history. Joining Gordon to share his unique perspectives is Anthony Garcia—who believes Yeshua was the Messiah, yet doesn’t consider himself a Christian. Gordon and Garcia discuss the world-changing events that occurred at this exact location through the millennia: the Israelites crossing over “into the land”; Elijah and Elisha parting its waters; and the baptism of Yeshua by John the Baptist.

Gordon also speaks with tourists and pilgrims visiting the Jordan—including a Catholic priest from Italy and a California fisherman now living in Saudi Arabia who wanted to see the place he remembered from Bible storybooks.

The Bible keeps returning to the miraculous and muddy waters of the Jordan – and Gordon will, too. Stay tuned!

Looking forward to reading your comments!

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Biography of Anthony Garcia:
Between 2002 and 2004, Anthony Garcia worked with the Church of the Highlands Prison Ministry that entered into the two San Francisco County Jails, one located in San Bruno, and the other in central San Francisco.

In 2011, Anthony began to seeking more knowledge of the bible, rooted in the ancient text of the Hebrew writing.

In 2015, Anthony began supporting an outreach, located in Nogales Mexico, built by the men he rescued from the living conditions of a city dump.

On occasions, Anthony will visit shelters, outreaches, and churches as a traveling speaker to share his experiences.

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43 thoughts on “Hebrew Voices #1 – Where Prophets Tread

  1. I was taught by a Chabad student, Mikveh is a ritual immersion in living water (moving and clean); we do this when we have a status change, the change is one of elevation. From unmarried to married, from ritually unclean to clean. I see these emersions as related to creation, the waters from the waters and comes forth the earth, so we are spirit beings in an earth suit, and when we emmerce, it is like a re creation, that is the waters separate as our earth body move through the water. The Jordon is where we first entered the Promised Land, a recreation, from wandering peoples to our homeland. Is where Christiians get term “born again’ this was common expression of the Israelites, Christians did not invent it.The woman having her menses, enters a status of death (that is no life was formed in the womb) at the end when there is no more passing of blood/death she elevates her status through emmersion to ready to give life again. I experience the mikveh, as a re creating movment. In our Ephramite group once a month (rosh chosesh) we gather together to renounce behaviors/attitudes of our ancestors oursited of Torah 4 generations back,, and to commit to new behavior/attitudes in line with Torah, we then emmerce in water to signify a new beginning, status change.

    • Torah states that the sins of your ancestors (father in my translation) will not be held against the son. I find this very comforting considering that my ancestors were catholic. The perversion of that set of traditions will not be held against me. The more I read the Torah, the more I learn about who God is. I feel I’m sitting next to Him and when I go about my daily life I see the blessing and the curse lived out before me and I am seeing everything from His perspective. I prayed to the Father to give me eyes to see things the way He sees them. I believe He answered that prayer with a yes. Thank you for sharing your in sites and perspective Janice,

      Abe Thornton

  2. Dear Nehemia, I love that you ask questions. I hadn’t thought about what baptism means to me! So what came to mind at first was Noach. I was thinking of how Yehovah filled the earth and washed it clean, it’s how I see being baptized into our Father. It especially hit home with Yeshua coming and he will immerse us in the Ruach HaKodesh and in fire. Although, I don’t know exactly what “and in fire” means.

  3. From the viewpoint of Catholicism and Lutheranism and perhaps Anglicanism, as well,
    Baptism is an entering into covenant with God in which all your sins are removed and you are united with Messiah as one with him and other believers. It is considered to be a spiritual death to the old nature and rebirth in the new nature. It is believed at that time the Holy Spirit enters a person to guide them (although some Pentacostal branches of Christianity believe this is given as a “second blessing”). It is taught that it creates a permanent seal on that person, yet although they can fall away, they can return and be restored through repentance and confession of their sin (akin to Teshuva). The closest analogy in Judaism is the mikveh for converts and the bris which marks their entry into the Covenant and a new life, complete with a new name. (Normally, in infant baptism and often in adult baptism, a “Christian” name is given to the person). They are expected to leave their old life behind and follow the teachings of God in accordance with the instructions of Yeshua. The Evangelicals normally fully immerse (as in the Jewish mikveh), and the Catholics, Lutherans, Anglicans and some Methodists either “sprinkle” or pour water over the person. For most Evangelicals, they see Baptism as only “symbolic”, whereas Catholics, Lutherans, Anglicans and some Methodists would see it as actually removing sins and creating a bond with God Who becomes their salvation for eternal life. In any case, a prayer calling on God is said over the person at the time of baptism.

  4. I suspect that the stones are no longer in the river, or at least long-since buried as Nehemia mentioned. They must have been originally placed near the water’s edge, as the scripture says that they were placed near the feet of the priests and it also says that the water stopped as they stepped into it (baptized their feet – that was great). Since the river was high at the time, “overflowing its banks”, and it is so low now (due to upstream water use, dams, etc.), then the place where the in-the-river stones were placed is probably well out-of-the-river today.

    But that might just mean that scanning the Israeli side of the river with ground-penetrating radar would be feasible. Only the other side would be off-limits.

    If they are still there, that would be so cool to see on the nightly news: “Joshua’s memorial stones found in the Jordan river. Film at 11”.

  5. Hi Nehemia, love this new series. You encourage me to study much deeper. Tell me – was baptism a singular one-off event in a jews life or an ongoing recurring thing? My denomination does it for a new believer joining the church as per the NT, however I recently read about a breakaway group in a South Pacific island country who were being re-baptized to come back into the church. This sounds like a man made tradition to me.

  6. Great work Nehemiah! Thank you for taking the time and effort to create these programs. May יהוה bless you in all of your endeavors.

  7. Sharing this with us inspires me to love scripture more. Truly your excitement to explore these areas that God has possibly interacted with people is up lifting. Please continue to love the way God has designed you to be.

    Thanks Sam Sledge

  8. Torah pearls were about the Torah parashot, Prophet pearls about the weekly haftara, what are the Hebrew voices about? Thanks, shalom. Yehova imakhem!

    • Okay now, here is a different perspective on immersion, linking xtian theology, passages from the Tanakh, then turning to Islam for the answer, which is seemingly to be had nowhere else! http://hubpages.com/religion-philosophy/WHY-BAPTISM .
      Passages in John and Revelation have classically been interpreted as anti-Semitic, despite John being Jewish. What he was really saying is that The Adversary afflicts a child about to be born, and this must be undone in kind. To have mentioned a synagogue of Ha-Satan is like speaking today about a church of the uncircumcised!

  9. Nehemia, Nehemia, you are having just too much fun there in the Land. I also wish I were standing with you on the banks of the Jordan. Two other miracles happened there also: 1) the Holy Spirit descended as a Dove and was SEEN. 2) Yehovah spoke and was HEARD. Matt 3:16-17
    1Jn 5:8 And there are three that bear witness on earth: the Spirit, the water, and the blood; and these three agree as one.
    We must be born-again of water to be immersed and claim The Blood of His death and accept His Holy Spirit for They Are a gift from our Father Who sits on His thrown in Heaven. Yeshua is our example so we must do as He did: be immersed, heal the sick, make the lame to walk and the blind to see, take care of the widows and orphans, feed the hungry and cloth the needy.
    I was a heathen Jew / turned non-denominational Christian / turned Messianic Jew. And now I believe as you do so I also call myself a Karaite Jew; born in Northern California and still living in the same town where I was born.
    I have read the KJV, the NKJV, the NIV, the Complete Jewish Bible by David H Stern, the Besorah of Yehovah, the Apographa, the Book of Enoch and many others too numerous to mention. I have yet to read others that I have in my library but I am getting there.
    I love what you are doing in this new venture/adventure so keep up the good work!
    May Yehuah continue to bless the work that you are doing to enlighten us and may He bless your great big brain that holds all the knowledge that He passes on to you. Thank you, thank you for your time! And keep having fun!!!
    The non-wandering Jew

      • Thanks for that link, interesting read … the leaders of all faith based groups can be accused ot adding to what was written. No surprises here. Have you read History of Christianity from CE1 to today by Hugh Schonfeld? Ray

      • Jupp, the footnote in the NIV reads;
        “5:8 Late manuscripts of the Vulgate testify in heaven:the Father, the Word and the Holy Spirit, and these three are one. And there are three that testify on earth:the

        (not found in any Greek manuscript before the fourteenth century)”

        It is interesting to note that the papacy in 1897 forbade anyone to doubt the text in question 🙂

  10. I’m thrilled to learn that there is more after Prophet Pearls. I got so excited that I posted before I listened. More later…

  11. Great teaching and leading Nehemia. Its wonderful the way you include all in your conversations without compromising your solid belief in Torah. Thank you for all time and energy you put forth for others, what a blessing it has been.


  12. Wow yet another annointed episode filled with amazing information to help build my faith in Yehovah. Just love the way your including all nations in the episodes. Wish I was on the banks of the Jordan with you. May Yehovah continue to bless you to use your gifts He has blessed you with. Thanks for always sharing your life and heart and soul with us all.

  13. Another great way to show how we have to look at the Bible (and read it, too!) from a point of view that has never been taught before – until you came along!!!
    The wealth of information you possess is mindblowing. It really brings life to the Bible. May Yehovah bless you richly – Shalom

  14. I certainly appreciated all the preliminary work you both did for this. The history, language, and context were well covered. Thank you for this series. It will provide one more method of learning for all of us.

  15. Thank you so much for Hebrew Voices. I am just now beginning to try and put together the perspectives that you are sharing with this series. For me personally it came at a time when I am finding the commonality in what was/is in the Hebrew Scripture, and the “New Testament” writings . It is a process of learning what the primary documents really said without the filter of doctrine, Commentaries, whatever else is out there. And since, I am not fluent in Hebrew, or Greek, barely know how to spell them, I value your sharing your knowledge in the matter.
    Please continue to share . Perhaps as the series continue Yahova (sp) will open our eyes that we may see the wonders of His words. May it be so.

  16. One more comment, I can’t resist. Had you taken the plunge into the fishy water maybe you would have risked coming back out with the miter of Dagon the fish god on your head. Excuse the spelling please. Jim

  17. Amazing indeed but the task appears Herculean if I can use the name of a false demi-god. My spiritual journey started in the Methodist Church arguing with my Catholic cousins ( the children of my Dad’s brothers) about worshiping a man instead of the Creator of the universe. Their criticism of Methodism caused me to see the beam in my own eye so I went on a journey that led me through many of the Protestant denominations. (Funny aside, I have noticed that authority figures Popey Poo in this instant will take a good verb and add the suffix ant to it and attempt to make it mean something else). All “religions” to one extent or another are man made with competing folk takes. This includes the “Not so great ones” in my opinion. Like you Nehemia, I am still wandering but am looking forward to the journey with you as my guide. Thank you, Yehovah bless you and all your quests with success. Jim

  18. Very interesting. Nehemia.. you were so close being immersed into to the tasty fish water. Your bathing suit was perfect. There was this man next to you, who could have easily pulled you out with the microphone cable. The christian group on the other side of the Yarden could have sang your favorite song. And even this Jordanian soldier was prepared to hand you his towel what was hanging on his shoulder. You missed your chance..!! But thanks to Yehovah.. prophet Ezekiel writes, “he will sprinkle clean water on you, and you will be clean.”

    • If you have read the Gospel account in Papyrus Egerton 2:4 you may connect the passage in Ezek.36:25 with that in 17:5-6. When Yeshua sprinkles the water, then a plant shoots forth spontaneously, and becomes mightily fruitful. So Ezekiel spoke for the final gathering of Israel.

  19. Nehemia, you have definately come into your element. Love the format including the topic (scripture,) location (Israel,) and perspective where faith, land, history, and archeology merge. I also like where you have a sidekick to bounce things off of while controlling the content, pace, and direction. The interviews were especially interesting and effective. The only thing I can think of to enhance what is already a great learning experience is more pictures. Maybe a narrated slideshow?

    You are definately onto something great and I sense an annointing even greater than your previous endevers. I pray that God will open the eyes and hearts of those who can help in providing the resources needed to support your efforts. – Michael

  20. We loved this! We enjoyed all the perspectives from the Land. As a 4th grade teacher, I have my students read to me so I can chart their fluency in words per minute to improve their fluency. Nehemia, you are off the charts in wpm spoken, LOL! So much information, fabulous!
    Thank you, thank you!

    • Hey Devorah!!!! Just want to say THANKS to you for all the work you put into Nehemia’s ministry for us. Not only are you a great blessing to him, but to us as well. Thanks! Yehovah bless and keep you, Shalom, and may we be a blessing to you also.

      • WOW!! You are so sweet to think of me!!! I greatly appreciate it!! This means so much to me!!

        Shabbat Shalom and may Yehovah bless you and yours as well!!!

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