Hebrew Voices #105 – Zionist Jew Speaks to a Salafi Muslim

In this episode of Hebrew Voices, Zionist Jew Speaks to a Salafi Muslim, Nehemia Gordon speaks with Brother Shamsi to learn about the tenets of Islam, the difference between a Sunni and a Shiite and what makes Salafis differ in their belief from other Muslims.

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  • Klodjana Keco says:

    I think that your guest has a logic error. God has given us Free Will. If God gives the throne to somebody and that king choses to do wrong, it is the most natural thing for God to say ‘I repent that I chose Saul’.

    On the other hand, all the muslim theology is based on God’s repentance. Meaning, they believe that God ‘repented’ that He chose Israel as His chosen people. In the ‘Kuran’ they admit that the first chosen people was Israel, but they failed to do God’s will.

    However, I love how muslims do not have a Trinity. They do belive that God is one (echad)…