Hebrew Voices #99 – How a Yehovah Coin became Official Currency in the United States

In this episode of Hebrew Voices, How a Yehovah Coin became Official Currency in the United States, Nehemia Gordon explains why a king in Denmark in the 1640s put the name of God with full vowels on his coin, shows the hand-written document by Thomas Jefferson to the Continental Congress which approved this coin as one of the official currencies in the United States, and points out how all of this is an incredible fulfillment of prophecy.

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One of the really exciting things about the Danish coin, that inspired the Yehovah 1 oz. Silver Round, is connected to the founding of the United States. On September 2, 1776, barely two months after declaring independence, the Continental Congress issued a report on what coins would be accepted by the Treasury Department of the newly founded nation. The colonies did not have their own coinage and so they had been using dozens of different coins from all over the world. The most popular coin was the Spanish dollar, also known as the “piece of eight”. The report approved by the Continental Congress, written in Thomas Jefferson’s own handwriting, gave a list of approved coins and their value as compared to the Spanish dollar. This report specifically mentions the “Ducat of Denmark,” referring to the Yehovah coin minted by the Danish king in the 1640s, which had become an internationally recognized currency.

That’s right! One of the approved coins accepted by the US Treasury when the nation was founded had Yehovah’s name on it! Our heavenly Father’s holy name is intertwined into the very fabric of the greatest democracy the world has ever known! I wonder if the people in Malachi’s time could have, in their wildest imaginations, fathomed that as far away as an unknown continent, quite literally in the place of the “setting of the sun” from the perspective of Israel, that Yehovah’s name would be made great among the nations!

The Danish coin also had the Latin phrase “Iustus Iudex” meaning “Righteous Judge,” a phrase describing Yehovah in Psalms 7:12 and 2 Timothy 4:8. The phrase “Yehovah Iustus Iudex” was the personal motto of King Christian IV (1588-1648) who commissioned these coins.

The report by Thomas Jefferson approved by the Continental Congress includes an incredible degree of precision, testifying to the integrity of the American Founding Fathers. The Ducat of Denmark was declared to be worth 1.934329 Spanish dollars. The care the Continental Congress took in precisely weighing each coin, reminds me of the verses in Dt 25:14-16 and Proverbs 20:10, which talk about just weights and measures.

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  • William says:

    Gives whole new meaning to
    “Hallowed be THY NAME” doesn ‘t it?

  • Ray "Dean" Sanders says:

    I wish that I had more to give my sons. If you ever get more I will buy three more, thank you.

  • jim gonzales says:

    how do get the coin out of Malachi 1:11 when the Lord is talking to his people about sacrifices of unclean offerings, Consider the Shekel his name is on it…shek-EL!!! Besides he commands us not to follow other nations… Love you man, Yeshua commands me to love one another