Hebrew Voices #101 – Torah Scrolls from the Holocaust

In this episode of Hebrew Voices, Torah Scrolls from the Holocaust, we learn how 1,564 Torah Scrolls escaped the Nazi's attempt to make the Jews extinct. The chairman of the Memorial Scrolls Trust in London explains how these scrolls survived the Holocaust, gives us a VIP tour of the museum, and we look at an ancient scroll they didn't even know they had until my visit.

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Memorial Scrolls Trust

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5 thoughts on “Hebrew Voices #101 – Torah Scrolls from the Holocaust

  1. Thanks for this fascinating look into this important work of historic preservation. My cat will be blogging on this information soon at http://www.georgiacat.com. No bias here, but Nehemia is my nephew of whom I am extremely proud. I know he will continue his enthusiatic effort of educating himself and others about Torah and Judaism.

  2. The “value” of the silver adorning the Torah Scrolls/Scrolls reminds me of a verse in Matthew 23:16-21 where Yeshua was Condemning the Pharisees concerning swearing by the temple/gold of the temple and the altar/gift on the altar. Amazing how many times in listening to your program I have noted a like similarity.

  3. This is wonderful. I was intrigued by the last part on the binders because I have a commercial embroidery business and have actually been commissioned to make them. They are also called wimpels – from Yiddish. Originally cut from the swaddling used after the birth, I use new linen and they are used to wrap the baby’s arms close to his body during the brit. Often, they are kept and incorporated into the chuppah at the time of marriage. Really cool. Thanks.

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