Torah Pearls Passover Special – Torah Pearls #55

Israel Leaving Egypt, Passover, Passover sacrifice, Nehemia Gordon, leaven, Torah Pearls Passover, torah pearls, original torahIn this Original Torah Pearls Passover Special, Nehemia Gordon and Keith Johnson delve into the story of the exodus, beginning with Ex 12:21. They start off by sharing the time they personally experienced "darkness so dark, it could be felt". Nehemia points out a few examples in the exodus story where we are given background information by way of a flashback and he explain how the Passover sacrifice was brought, who could eat of it and how it should be commemorated today. Keith gets all excited when they come to the part where Yehovah introduces His calendar and Nehemia suggests we be tolerant of our neighbor who may be celebrating the holidays on a different date than ourselves. Nehemia also gives a very quick overview of the three different types of leaven and the extent of the prohibition of leaven on Chag HaMatzot (Passover). All this and more in this Original Torah Pearl – Passover Special. Please leave a comment below!

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8 thoughts on “Torah Pearls Passover Special – Torah Pearls #55

  1. Your words Nehemiah:
    “If God gives you all the rules and regulations, stick to them. Don’t add to them or take away from them.”

    “You have to be very careful with the words that you choose and the actions that you carry out because YHVH will be sanctified by those who are close to Him.”

    “Be careful.”

  2. So much to understand and YHVH is aiding all who seek His Torah in willingness to learn of truth!
    Thanks Nehemiah, Keith and Jonah for expounding and clarifying so many hidden things…

  3. If Torah doesn’t waste words, how come in Exodus 12, when it states this month shall be the first of months and then states this month shall be the first month of the year they are not separate commands which would make not only that month the first month but that year the first year? As far as I’ve found, that is the way time is reckoned till the end of Torah.

  4. I would that all so called Messianic Believers everywhere will STOP using the Passover and the Seder as an evangelism tool. I have read this year of too many folks doing some sort of a ” more Christian friendly” version or “take-off” of the Seder to appeal to non-Torah folks. We will never reach the goal if we continue to change the PATHS. Respectfully submitted.

  5. I have listened to the three of you for years and find new nuggets of information to chew on. I want to thank you for showing that even we can be part of the “family” if we believe on the name of Yahovah and His Torah.

  6. Have to leave your past identity as did Abraham, so cannot hang on to Methodist iD and also be Israelite, Just as the aliens who left, were not also Eqyptian, and Hyskos; they left behind, washed in the Sea of Reeds. Either be Roman Greco Christian or an Israelite.

  7. This teachng was very encouraging – one cannot keep the Feast Days but we are supposed to guard the Feast Days . I think the best example of this is Daniel 10 : 1 – 4 . Daniel did not eat pleasant food or wine or annoint himself with oil from Aviv 2nd to Aviv 24th I.e. during the period of the Feast of Passover .


  8. Thank you for this timely instruction! There is a bible church I know of that attempts to keep the Passover in the US. Would they be able to be considered part of the “congregation of Israel” according to scripture?

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