Hebrew Voices #38 – How Long Were the Israelites in Egypt (Rebroadcast)

How Long Were the Israelites in EgyptIn Hebrew Voices, How Long Were the Israelites in Egypt, Nehemia Gordon tackles the age-old conundrum of how to count 400 years. Burnice wrote: “Wow. Thank you for clarifying this.” I look forward to reading your comments!

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  • Jaime & Tanya Macias says:

    All the pictographs of the Hebrew Israelites that were enslaved in Egypt we’re black how is it that these show that they were white?

  • וְהוּא לְבַדּו אֱלהֵי says:

    The phrase “and observed their burdens” in the very same verse would indicate it was in the context of work. Besides, we have Shemot 1:13 that sets the entire context. How does one enslave people and make them work without abusing them? Nobody volunteers to be a slave.

    • Don Wood says:

      I have never failed to be blessed by any of Nehemiah’s teachings. I appreciate his honesty as well as his scholarship. morim kamokha lo kal limtzo Todah

  • Johnny Brown says:

    U did not answer question.
    I listened all the way but feel cheated.

    • rion says:

      answer 270 years. proof 270 +130 = 400 Jacob was 130 when they moved to Egypt. The 430 years was 400 +30 Isaac offered his life. All prophecies of importance have years and days. You must have 2 or 3 witnesses for proof of truth and it must be found in the word. We can not listen to our wives Gen.3:17a or men. We must be smarter the scribes (lawyers) and Pharisees ( religious leaders). 270 days From the start of the flood until the dove delivered the olive leaf. All prophecies start with a foundation and end with the summit pictograph BYET shalom clarkrion@gmail.com

  • Leaves Heal says:

    May Torah go out from Tziyon, and may humility be her chariot.

  • Robert K says:

    All I can say is, Amazing! I’ve often found this particular segment regarding the 400 years of slavery in Egypt to be rather challenging. Nehemia’s clarification makes the 400 year timeline much more plausible.

    Thank you Nehemia, for your diligence in “rightly dividing the word of truth”. Your love for the scriptures really shines through : )

  • David Fischer says:

    Your picture is interesting, especially since Exodus 5 seems to indicate that the Taskmasters of the Israelites were Israelites themselves. When the brick quota was not met, Pharaoh had the Taskmasters/Officers beaten, not the Israelites.

    • וְהוּא לְבַדּו אֱלהֵינוּ says:

      Shemot 2:11 is likewise interesting.

    • Rion Clark says:

      Interesting has logic needs 2 other proofs because Moshea killed a taskmaster to protect an Israelite. Which is counter punitive. Shalom

      • David says:

        Moses killed an Egyptian who was striking an Israelite. Where does it say the Egyptian was a Taskmaster? Where does it say the striking was work/task related? We have to be careful to stick with only the words we read.

        • Rion Clark says:

          thank you for the other scripture brings it together 2:11 & 5:14. to much Cecile B. TV for me on thinking of the task masters
          as Egyptians

  • David Fischer says:

    I think it’s obvious the 430 years is the sojourn, from the time Abram leaves to follow God in Canaan until the Exodus (400 years from the time God told Abram about this Promise – Gen 15:13). Abram was 75 at the start of the sojourn (Gen 12:4), Isaac was born 25 years later when Abraham was 100 (Gen 21:5) and Jacob was born 60 years later (Gen 25:26). Jacob was 130 (Gen 47:9) when he came to Egypt. Adding up the years: 25 + 60 + 130 = 215 years from Abram leaving Haran until Jacob entered Egypt (funny how 215 is exactly half of 430).

    Joseph was 30 when he interpreted Pharaoh’s dream (Gen 41:46) and 39 when Jacob came to Egypt (seven good years plus two bad years – Gen 45:6). Joseph lived 110 years (Gen 50:26), or 71 years after Jacob entered Egypt. Joseph died (215 + 71) 286 years after Abram started his sojourn leaving (430 – 286) 144 years between Joseph and the Exodus. The Children of Israel did not immediately become slaves when Joseph died, not until another Pharaoh arose who did not know Joseph (say 30-40 years minimum, a generation) so the Israelites were slaves in Egypt something around 100 years before the Exodus.

    Another way to look at this is the generations of Moses. Levi was around 5 years older than Joseph or about 44 when he entered Egypt. Gen 6 says: Levi (died 137 years) begat Kohath (died 133 years) who begat Amram (died 137 years) who begat Moses. Remember however, Amram married Jochebed, the sister of Kohath and daughter of Levi (Ex 6:20) so the generations are really Levi to Jochebed to Moses. Moses was 80 years old at the Exodus. This had to all happen in (215 + 44 – 80) 179 years from the birth of Levi to the birth of Moses. This 179 years for two generations (Levi & Jochebed) is very possible given their long life spans. If, however, the 400 years of Gen 15:13 applies to just the slavery in Egypt, then it is utterly impossible for the generations of Levi to Jochebed to Moses (80 years old) to cover 400 years. The 400/430 years have to include the Abraham-Isaac-Jacob generations. It was 430 years from the start of Abram’s sojourn to the Exodus and 400 years from the Promise to the Exodus. This is the only thing which works using all the scriptures.

    – David

    • Rion Clark says:

      David I like your theory shows the understanding that the years written in the bible have hidden truth as well as the obvious. Another truth the father does not change helps in understanding the deeper meanings in the word (my theory). So by the first pictograph of Gen1:1 gives insight the BYET means foundation & summit. All prophecy starts with a foundation (birth perhaps) & ends with its summit (death perhaps). Brashyt bra Elohim AT shamayim VAT earth. So first heaven then the earth. Just like the LORDS prayer “on earth like in the heavens”.
      So the first day & year & Jubilee & millennium of this prophecy was founded Gen.1:1 then ended Gen.1:5 year 1001 with the beginning of the second day & millennium. So Adam was formed during the 6th millennium, year 5967 (my theory). 2008 years later Abram was born still the 8th millennium year 7975 + 75 years later Abram left @ the end of the 160th Jubilee & the beginning of the 161st Jubilee year 8050. A important period of time for Elohim & man is 600 years. Adam was taken to Eden when he was 22 (my theory) Enoch was born 600 years later 300 years after he fathered his son Methushelah he was taken. Noah was taken 600 years after he was born in the ark. 600 years after Abram was born Israelite’s were taken into the promised land year 8575. And of course 602 years after the last Hebrew tribe year 605BCE was removed from the promised land Yehoshua was born 3BCE. Now read what Jonny Brown’s reply. Shalom

  • Gail Lee says:

    I have always wondered if Moshe prolonged the deliverance of the Israelites. He was in the perfect position to lead them out of Egypt before he murdered and had to flee Egypt, but instead it was 40 years later.

  • Rion says:

    Gen. 15:3 400 years 4 Generations Jacob to Levi = 1st generation
    Ex. 12:1 430 years Isaac’s offer of sacrifice = 30 years from “offer” to Jacob birth
    Levi to Kohath = 2nd Generation Kohath to Amram 3rd generation
    Amram to Moses 4th Generation Moses left Egypt when 80 years old Jacob arrived when he was 130 years old. 400-130=270 years in Egypt. Your math man said 260 years. His error is 2 fold in when Adam was formed by 14 years also when Y’shua was born by 4 years. My bible proof 3 fold. From the flood until the dove gave Moses the olive leaf 270 days. All prophecies in years for the major fulfillment has a shadow fulfillment in days. My second is birth to death of Levi 137 years + Kohath 133 years = 270 years then Kohath 133 + Amram 137 years = 270 years so the count front to rear or rear to front is 270 years just like the 5 books of the Torah 5 persons = 4 torah’s 1 YHVH. My third is 80 X 5 = 400. Matches with psalms.

    • David says:

      How can Jacob to Levi be the first generation when Isaac wasn’t even born yet when the promise was made?

      • Rion Clark says:

        Thanks for your reply & question. Gen.15:12-18 read carefully. A deep sleep frightening like death (my theory) your seed to be sojourners in a land not theirs 400 years. You are to go to your fathers in peace buried at a good old age (175). Look at your hand 5 is complete the generations spoken of are the spaces of time between your fingers four generations yet five 80’s. Banded 7 times the tree add Abram & Isaac. The 430 year was Isaac’s offer of sacrifice when he was 30 the age Able died. Then verse 18 “I have given this land to your seed” is still not fulfilled from the river of Egypt to the Euphrates. So the seed of Abraham had to go to Jacob when Abraham died 75 years after the birth of Isaac when his son Jacob was 15 years old. Proof is understanding transferring the seed read the story about the seed of the father of the 3 sons 2 killed by Yehovah 1 for dumping the seed on the ground. Then his father passed the seed to who he thought was a harlot for the price of a goat giving his amulet ring and 2 other items. Shalom

      • Rion Clark says:

        Abraham son was Esau
        Sarah was Chawah for Issac who was #21. Eve name was woman then Chawah for Able who was #1. Then Enoch was #7. Then Eber was #14 he gave wine & bread to Abraham who gave him 10% of all. Melchizedek was his Eber’s title.