Hebrew Voices #67 – Was the Last Supper a Passover Seder (Rebroadcast)

Da Vinci's painting of the Last SupperIn this episode of Hebrew Voices, Was the Last Supper a Passover Seder, Nehemia Gordon and Professor Shaye Cohen of Harvard University give an overview of the Passover sacrifice from Biblical times up until the destruction of the Temple, and how it evolved into the modern-day Passover Seder. Then they use that as a foundation for looking at the nature of the Last Supper in the New Testament.

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Show Notes:
Exodus 12
Exodus 13
Numbers 15
Psachim Chapter 10, Mishnah 5
Prof. Shaye Cohen
The Seder of Passover and the Eucharistic Words

  • Sandy Yerger says:

    Nehemiah, thanks so much. i get alot out of your analyses and your guests. Thank you for bringing the Hebrew understanding to so many parts of the Brit Hadasha that, as a non-Jew, I have little knowledge of.

    I understand the comment that Yeshua’s supper didn’t have an afikomen but my take might be that many things he did had a hidden understanding that wasn’t made clear until later, and in some cases much later. Perhaps he was just foreshadowing the afikomen for our time when it would become common. Since God is outside of time, there really wouldn’t be a conflict there, and many times the Scriptures note prophetic happenings in two sentences when a large gap will occur between the 2 fulfillments.

    Shalom and keep up the good work

  • Thomas Cain says:

    I wonder if Jesus then started a new Passover since he must have kept the dinner at the beginning of the 14th and died in the afternoon of the 14th and buried at the very end of the 14th. Why wouldn’t the disciples question that?

  • daniel says:

    The Seder became effective through the imagination of storytelling, similarly as Radio has been called ‘Theater of the Mind’. I don’t think it was Pesach yet at the Last Supper, but rather on Preparation Day before Passover. Wouldn’t it be interesting though, if the Last Supper was the inspiration for both the Pesach Seder as well as Holy Communion? Hmmmm…

  • christopher scallio says:

    The Passover Passages for comprehensive study. a) Exodus 12:13
    b) 1 Corinthians 5:7 c) Exodus 23:15 d) Joshua 5:10 e) Numbers 9:13
    f) John 13:1-3 g) Numbers 9:1-5 h) Leviticus 23:4-8 l) Deuteronomy 16:1-8
    m) John 2:13-23 n) Mathew 26:17-28 o) Mark 14:12-25 p) Exodus 12:1-51

  • Rod Koozmin says:

    One famous Seventh Day Adventist, Backaotte said there was no Lamb at the Supper that Jesus was at.

  • Rod Koozmin says:

    Why did they eat unleavened bread in Egypt but today we eat unleavened crackers?