The Road to Emmaus

Join me as I walk on the road to Emmaus with Bob O'Dell and find out why, according to the New Testament, most Jews don't believe in Yeshua. Please share your comments below.

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  • UKJ says:

    Just a few more thoughts on the future Messiah, if I may,

    Any physical person at any future/ physical time claiming to be the Messiah, saving any or all physical people of Israel from any physical enemies, is also going to die, as all physical things die. The story of Israel taken out of physical slavery already made that pont. Moses too is dead.

    Is this not the message, Jeshua gave? When he returns , he will return in power and as a king who will not die, saving not alone his Fathers people Israel, but also fulfilling the promise made to Abraham..


  • UKJ says:

    Shalom ,

    To cut a long road short, John 16 might go some way of explaining Luke 24

    Maybe one or two additional points,

    Why would Judas have wanted to betray Jeshua , if the sayings of Jeshua had been understood?

    Why would Peter have wanted to defend Jeshua with his own life?

    In my view, it actually proves the authenticity of Jeshua, as the matter may otherwise have been perceived as a conspiracy by the people. The day of Pentecost demonstrated, that this was not the case.( it had not been perceived as a conspiracy by thousands of people far and wide)

    Only a few of the hierarchy had put forward the story as “a conspiracy”

    Many understood that:
    The blood had been sprinkled and the death angel passed over.
    Apparently, there had been a great display of miracles, witnessed by thousands.
    It must have been a very perplexing time.

  • Kelly D Caudle Sr says:

    I can only hope for a sincerity like I see in your search for truth. I like to believe I’m objectively searching but it’s difficult to unlearn some of my life teaching. I am, however, a work in progress and I know our GOD is one and the same. Drawing from the same source will be provisions of a common quench of thirst for wisdom. Thank you Nehemiah… are a valuable teacher for my ongoing lessons in life’s journey.

  • I love your deep desire for truth for these very troubled times and I usually listen not once but twice or more because I find amongst so called “believers”a closure on knowing more tha they profess to know..I am hungry for the bread from heaven that comes to fill and heal my thirsting soul and with the woman chosen to birth Yeshua. I speak..My soul doth magnify YEHOVAH and my spirit rejoices in. ELOHIM my Savior I continually thank Him from whom all blessings flow ..I know you are called as healer of the breach and I will be thanking you for your faithfulness in that calling.Ruth Peterson Minnesota
    Shalom rabbi

  • Brawo Nehemiasz
    Jesteś błogosławieństwem dla Izraela!