Allah or Elohim

In this video I clarify some confusion regarding the name of God, explain the difference between Arabic and Hebrew, and touch upon how we got vowels in our Hebrew Bible. Please share your comments below.

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  • Lew White says:

    Only my closest friends know this, but I invented all this with the help of my time machine! (I’m joking of course). We’ve inherited lies from our fathers, and more of us are awakening to this in these last days, as we see the prophets Danial and YirmeYahu foretold it for us. They were inspired, but we have the “time machine” of the Scripture of Truth to learn about the past, present, and future.
    The Flux Capacitor that makes it all work is Yahusha.
    Yahusha is the Name Yahuah with the suffix meaning “deliverer.”
    “I am your Deliverer” is the simplest meaning of “Yahusha.”

  • Bj Long says:

    This brings to mind the beginning of the “cargo worship” in the Pacific Islands. Using an airline to establish dogma!

  • Eagerly anticipating the next episode. Like the good book says, “iron sharpens iron”.

  • Petit Christophe says:

    Is That Cepher Bible?

  • Mary Yeh says:

    Nehemiah has done it again! His laughter is contagious and full of perfect truth! I rejoice he has a higher education and having been steeped in the Hebrew language from utero, can direct us in what Hebrew roots really say. It causes me great relief there is someone who is showing the real meaning of Hebrew and not some self appointed one who thinks he knows Hebrew.

    I love Michael Rood and his Rood Awakening Questions and Answer videos with Nehemia. It is so personable and eye opening. Keep plowing the field of the Word of Yehovah to us!

  • Sonny says:

    so can you clarify this, please? Is Allah the arabic form of elohim or not???

  • Scott says:

    Thanks for this teaching (and to Michael for airing these), especially as regards Arabic and Aramaic vs Hebrew. With all the controversy and lack of agreement on some of the areas you acknowledge Nehemiah, is it possible that some modern pronunciation is changed from that of the first century (esp. since Eliezer Ben-Yehudah and the CHLs somewhat controversial efforts relating to various words), or was this just in relation to creation of words and not pronunciation? Doesn’t the big difficulty come from the lack of vowel/pronunciation marks (niqqudot) in the earliest books/scrolls and the absence of consistency over the centuries from what had been a virtually extinct or “corrupted” language (Yiddish or Aramaic)?

    Using Yehudah as an example, can you explain why the removal the the dalet would not result in Yehuah? Does the absence of the “hard” dalet change the need to include a “hard” consonant sound for the vav, or a “v” sound instead of a more silent “u” or “oo” sound? If so, then why not Yehuvah, instead of Yehovah. I recognize there are instances of Yeho-, but isn’t this an example of Yehu-? Also, it seems we should all keep in mind that the English transliterations are nothing more than an attempt to duplicate the phonetic of the Hebrew and dialects and accents being as they are, Yeho- is not for from Yahu-, so surely some grace can be afforded (esp. for those of us from Texas!). Is it fair to say we will not be certain until we see Him face to face? If so, can you offer, based upon your knowledge of Hebrew, what those reasonable variations could be?

    Your addressing this next week will be greatly welcome. I’m just a student, not a scholar, so your patience and forgiveness in any mis-statement is appreciated.

    PS – I also appreciate your honesty in statements that certain views are controversial or not settled between scholars, etc. In these instances, it might therefore be helpful to point out why this then does not leave room for the alternative pronunciation. Keep up the great work!

    PPS – Although I’ve personally never thought of Ishmael as anything but the Arab progenitor, my impression is that the notion of Ishmael being a Hebrew comes from Abram being referred to as such, and being his father …? Genesis 14:13 before Ishmael born in chapter 16. Perhaps you could clarify to the extent this is affected by Ishmael and Isaac having different mothers.

  • Linda says:

    This was very interesting to me. I have always questioned the “babble” languages and what they might be. I would like you, at some point, to address this more fully. Thanks for the info. Nehemia.