The Power of Positivity… Through the Eyes of King David

shimei throwing stones, Power of Positivity, King David, theologically, historically, biblically, Karaite, Jewish, Methodist, Keith Johnson, Tanakh, negativity, second witness, Jeremiah, revelation, YehovahThis past week I had a golden opportunity to jump on the bandwagon of negativity and bash a brother who did something I disagree with theologically, historically, and biblically. I could have scored some easy points for my “team.” It was a no-brainer from my Karaite Jewish perspective. Instead, I chose to join my Methodist friend Keith Johnson in a message of solidarity focusing on the power of positivity. We decided to ask once again, “What would David do?” Thankfully, the Tanakh gives us a perfect picture of how King David dealt with a situation of negativity. We also looked at a second witness in the Book of Jeremiah. Our innocent inquiry turned into a remarkable roundtable of revelation in the word of Yehovah. I look forward to reading your comments below!

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16 thoughts on “The Power of Positivity… Through the Eyes of King David

  1. Again Nehemia and Keith, Thank You for another Amazing teaching. I Thank You Both for , Taking Off The Cover Of TORAH” for me. Your approach to teaching series or Torah Pearls opens up Yehovah’s Word bringing it alive, that we can put on each day and walk in. Yehovah Bless you today and everyday.

  2. This subject speaks volumes into my life right now. We do not need to know the details of who said what to whom. We just need to take these wonderful examples in the Tanakh and apply them to our lives daily. Who would have thought that a Karaite and an ex Methodist Minister could be grafted into one Tree that teaches Torah together and produce such wonderful fruit. The fruit I have sampled today has a strong flavour of integrity.

  3. “Hugging the Torah!” without the cover! Awesome, awesome, awesome! Praise God, and many blessings to both of you! Shema Yisra’el.

  4. Thank you so much for this discussion.. My husband and I have become rather isolated as we’ve been avoiding the negativity…
    It’s my understanding that YHWH desires a personal relationship with each of us.. As I gain a more clear understanding of His Word (because you have opened it to us) I adapt my behavior to more reflect His Word.
    I like the little saying “if you’re busy doing the does…you don’t have time to do the don’ts” ….
    We have made it a point to avoid ministries that attacked someone else’s belief, or focused on what they think is error…and have noticed that this has become a theme of so many.
    Again thank you for removing the cover.

  5. So what is the controversy you are talking about. How can we agree when we don’t know what the issue at hand is? Please let us know. Thank you.

  6. Thanks guys, good points that should be taken to heart by all sides. But, if this is in response to what erupted last week, I don’t think this would or should apply. There is a line that has to be drawn somewhere, and when something so repulsive surfaces I think a better example to follow would be Joshua and/or Elijah [and no, I’m not saying we should start killing people].

    This incident was far more than just differing opinions or misunderstandings – it was the highest form of pagan idolatry using the Torah to prop it up as truth. Are we to remain silent when so many of our ‘neighbors’/’brothers’ are going down a road of destruction because of the lies spoken against Yehovah?


  7. In general, yes, the Jews can get along while disagreeing =except= for those who believe in Yeshua. Ask Ami Ortiz or the people of Arad who have been persecuted by their Jewish ‘brethren’.

    • Hi Miriam, Ami Ortiz was attacked by a terrorist who has been prosecuted by the government of Israel. Accusing Jews as a group for the actions of a lone wolf terrorist is ridiculous and inflammatory.

      • Perhaps she meant that if you believe Yeshua as Messiah orthodox will not accept you into fellowship. They all call Yeshua belief “idol worship”, in my experience, everywhere you go, I wonder if Karaites decline to worship with Yeshua believers.Thank God for you, who has no such bigotry at all.

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