Persecution on the Temple Mount

My Methodist friend Keith Johnson was recently kicked off the Temple Mount. Now that he has first-hand experience of the persecution perpetrated by the Muslims who control the Temple Mount, he decided to take a stand. Keith was the only pastor to address a Jewish conference in Jerusalem campaigning for freedom of worship on this holiest of all sites in the world for Jews and Christians alike. The conference took place at the Begin Center located on "Bible Hill" and Israel's deputy Prime Minister also spoke.

Keith opened and closed his address in Hebrew! I noticed a few minor errors in his pronunciation, but still must admit that Keith's Hebrew is much better than my Chinese! Watch the video and please share your comments. Should non-Muslims have the right to pray on the very spot where the God of Creation says he placed His name forever (1 Kings 9:3; 2 Kings 21:7)?

Read more about the conference and Keith's participation in Arutz Sheva's news coverage of the event. Arutz Sheva also wrote about the event and Keith's participation in Hebrew.

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  • Michael Forde says:

    Deuteronomy 30 does not mention the need for the temple mount.

    However, there may be a requirement to stone the Muslim, Christian and Atheist idolators!

  • Nicholas Mansfield says:

    God does as He sees fit. The sad fact is that Cain slew Abel, Israelites slew each other too. Now all of Abraham’s children are more divided than ever before. God keeps people in check by means of other peoples. If you weren’t in conflict with some Palestinians you’d be fighting each other would you not? God had a specific plan that he revealed to his designated son, Solomon (2Sam. 7:14) and the greatest king of Israel. It astonished Solomon after 13 years of building the fulfilment of the wilderness tabernacle (1Kgs 8:12). Judaism, Christianity and Islamic texts all support the viewpoint that the legacy of Moses; the Ark, will be known again. The hands of men have failed to change God’s timeframe. Personally I would love to do battle on the Temple Mount, not with weapons, but a handful of books and the blessed Spirit of YHWH.

  • Suzanne Utts says:

    Loved this!

  • Hanna says:

    Maybe the time has come to Fast and repent for giving theTemple Mount away.We need to promise that we will return and obey His Holy Torah before we try to reclaim the Holy site again. We cannot just sit and wait forever.It has been already been too long.
    May the King of the Universe be with us!

    • Mark Blue says:

      Perhaps my history is off, but I believe one person – Moshe Dyan – gave Temple Mount away, in a deal to end a war. Is that not how it happened?

  • Pam Reardon says:

    Shalom Nehemiah and Keith. Thanks for this important update.

    I’ve been thinking that you would probably get involved with the Temple Mount issue, my prayers are with you.

    The mountain belongs to YeHoVaH and we know that Islam will crumble and fall when the Rock not hewn by man’s hand comes against world powers. I’m not sure what that means for those of us who might be zealous and inclined to want to attack this enemy sooner rather than later. We have stories about David and Goliath and we have scriptures that say “Not by might or by power”…so I do not presume to know the right thing to do, but I certainly would support either one of you if you are led to begin the march.

  • Mark Blue says:

    I hear that until Messiah cleanses the Mount, most Jews won’t go pray there anyway. I wonder if that is true, or just the propaganda we hear. As for whether Muslims have a right to do what they do there, I believe that no, of course not, no human being has the right to observe lying vanities of any kind. But they will trample the Mount until the time of the goyim is done. Whatchyagonnado.

  • leonpettyjohn says:

    It’s time to Change. Allow Us Jews and Christians to Warship on the Temple Mount! Jerusalem belongs to Israel! No longer under the authority of the Muslems!
    Leon Pettyjohn

  • yzwisey62 says:

    This may or may not be the venue but, time has come for Israel to declare imminent domain. Take (back) control of the temple mount. It should have never been agreed to stay in control of Arab control.This was a disaster in wait. All that leaving this “golden eye sore” intact, is giving false hope to arabs/palestinians that Yerushalayim is their’s or, that they have some stake in the capital.