Torah Pearls #39 – Chukat (Numbers 19:1-22:1)

In this episode The Original Torah Pearls, Chukat (Numbers 19:1-22:1), we discuss, is there a red heifer in Israel? What is the water of menstruation for cleansing? Does a corrupt priesthood invalidate the water of purification and are we cut off without it? Is the site of the Temple off limits today? What exactly did Moses do wrong when Yehovah brought water from the rock? How did the snake on the pole cross the line into idolatry? Continue reading

Persecution on the Temple Mount

My Methodist friend Keith Johnson was recently kicked off the Temple Mount. Now that he has first-hand experience of the persecution perpetrated by the Muslims who control the Temple Mount, he decided to take a stand. Keith was the only pastor to address a Jewish conference in Jerusalem campaigning for freedom of worship on this holiest of all sites in the world for Jews and Christians alike. The conference took place at the Begin Center located on "Bible Hill" and Israel's deputy Prime Minister also spoke.

Keith opened and closed his address in Hebrew! I noticed a few minor errors in his pronunciation, but still must admit that Keith's Hebrew is much better than my Chinese! Watch the video and please share your comments. Should non-Muslims have the right to pray on the very spot where the God of Creation says he placed His name forever (1 Kings 9:3; 2 Kings 21:7)?

Read more about the conference and Keith's participation in Arutz Sheva's news coverage of the event. Arutz Sheva also wrote about the event and Keith's participation in Hebrew.

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