Hebrew Gospel Pearls #5 – Matthew 2:16-23

In Hebrew Gospel Pearls PLUS #5 (Matthew 2:16-23), Nehemia and Keith discuss why the verse "he shall be called a Nazarene" can't be found in the Tanakh, whether Jeremiah prophesied about modern Israeli prisoners of war, and the mystery of Rachel's tomb.

I look forward to reading your comments!

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18 thoughts on “Hebrew Gospel Pearls #5 – Matthew 2:16-23

  1. Keith, that vid about Herod was really amazing. Thanks for sharing it and mentioning it again. During my visit to Israel, my conclusion was that Herod was an AMAZING, brillant builder, but should not have been a king! What a horrendous ruler! (What a psychopath!) If only he had been only a builder.

    But the vid was great. Thanks.

  2. Nehemia, I’m only at minute 23, but I want to honor your passion and the choice you just described – to get the information out to those of us that really want to know – and not to save it for “the scholarly journal that only 5 people will read”. Yes! Thank you!!! And I do pray that YHVH will also honor that and that someone else will not get the glory and acclaim for your amazing discoveries. (Even if YHVH does not choose to answer that prayer affirmatively, you still have honor for your choice to share the truths that you find.) I am ever so grateful.

  3. Thank You for a very stimulating study. I haven”t thought about this stuff for a while but its bringing things about this back to my mind. I read Howard’s book many years back and I was a little disappointed about finding a Hebrew Matthew that included the nativity and virgin birth stories. I was hoping to find a connection between this lost gospel and the Ebionites spoken about by the early church fathers. I had remembered that this early sect didn’t have a belief in the virgin birth story, so this made me wonder if the Hebrew Matthew mentioned by Papius might have come from this early sect. Obviously this Hebrew Matthew does have a virgin birth story so it probably didn’t come from them, unless somebody added it to the beginning, maybe. When one compares stories from each of the synoptics together, I’ve found it interesting that many times the version from Luke seems the shorter and therefore maybe the earlier version. This always struck me as strange thinking Luke must have been borrowing from earlier sources, I always thought of his gospel being downstream from Matthew and Mark but it seems at least in some stories this doesn’t appear to be right. Anyways, thx for the studies, I’ll keep tuning in, maybe more pearls will be on the way. Peace Out charli33lm3r threesforees

  4. Nehemiah,
    Thank you for all your hard work, your dedication, and your love for all things of Yehovah. You moved me to tears twice in the plus version for this episode.

  5. Dear Nehemia (and Keith!),

    That was absolutely amazing! Thank you so much for your hard work.

    I am a Torah-observant Christian and I think you are used very much used by God to remove barriers between Judaism and Christianity (and the same counts for Keith). I appreciate your openness to what is called “christological applications.”

    Yes, history seems to repeat itself with variations, and no one can exclude that Jeremiah also prophetically refers to the return of IDF soldiers; I think he does, and in any case, the Jewish people and Israel will be completely restored: the best is still to come for you (the Gentiles have more reason to worry).


  6. Matthew 2:16-18: fact or fiction ?? OR, a 3rd possibility: the word “slew” (KJV) = aneilen (Gk), & can be translated “slew” OR “violently removed i.e. taken hostage … for adoption (c.f. Acts 7:21)” …. c.f. Jeremiah 31:15-17; Genesis 42:36. A C

  7. Thanks a bunch, and I’m giving an A++++ for HGP Plus #5! You really went an extra couple miles on that one – even by your standards. So much to digest, and love the examples you show. How COOL is it that your enigmatic copy of Matthew just happened to come up as ‘Q’?!?! Yes, a ‘God-incident’.

    • For edification, search the net for “Q source” or “New Testament manuscript Quelle” for tons of info on a hypothetical text for which some, or all, synoptic gospels may have been the original source – at least that’s the theory.

  8. Nehemiah Shapoo for the great work you are doing!! I am totally blown away by this one, and will surely listen to it a few times to get the whole picture of it and will do Some digging in this myself….I also am reading the book of you 2nd nepheuw 5 times removed….. quit amazing stuff.
    thankyou Nehemiah….keith and your wives for giving you time to do all this and share it with us…feel so blessed!!
    and because you are such a Blessing to us and HIM, YeHoVaH has blessed you with your hearts desire…..how awesome. He also is greatful for all your research and hard work and those that help you with all this!!

    thank you again and again!!


  9. I thought the big surprise from Nehemia about Matt. 2;23 would be, “It is not there.” That would have made it easy. However, it appears from the teaching that we can’t just dismiss verse 23 as not being what Matthew wrote. So, we have to figure out what did Matthew mean and how he understood it.

    Nehemia made an interesting comment about the difference between saying, in prophet so-and-so vs. in the prophets. “Through the prophets”, as in Matthew 2:23 allows for how one understand more than one prophet on a topic, without citing a precise, Bible-verse proof-text. Thus, Matthew–by way of the Spirit of Truth who won’t lie or contradict–simply conveyed the summary of at least these verses –maybe more–about the Messiah being called a Netzer [not a Nazarene, though in a town by that name]. How so? Particular to the netzer are tzemach-like features, indicated textually as BRANCH: King- Jer. 23:5; Servant – Zech. 3:8; Son of Man – Zech 6:12; Son of God – Isa. 4:2,4; and The Judge – Jer. 33:15. Extra commentary of these tzemach features of Messiah being called a Netzer can be found in the introduction of Michael Rood’s, The Chronological Gospels.

    I conclude that Matthew, knowing these verses, would have us understand a general prophetic statement about Yeshua rather than “chapter and verse.” It seems to me that translating the Hebrew as “and shall be called a Netzer” is better. Why? Some offspring of King David inhabited Natzeret; Joseph and Mary were both of the Tribe of Judah thru King David, and thus, Yeshua, the netzer, as only Messiah could accomplish this 5-fold tzemach/BRANCH reality.

  10. It seems a shame, but when I watched the Pearls Plus at BFA, there doesn’t seem to be a comment section. First, I want to thank the two of you for all your hard work, and all this great information.

    This comment has to do with #5 Pearls Plus.

    Two things. I have seen websites that “claimed” there was a second Bethlehem, besides the one south of Jerusalem. This 2nd Bethlehem is “alleged” to have been northwest of Nazareth, west of the Sea of Galilee. Online maps place 2nd Bethlehem between lands of Naphtali (to the north) and Zebulun (to the south)

    Now in Gen 30:3-4, Rachel gave Bilhah to Jacob so that her handmaid might bare children to her, Rachel. Rachel would have considered Bilhah’s children as her own. Bilhah;s firstborn was Dan. Her second was Napthali. So IF a second Bethlehem did exist in Samaria, near Nazareth, in the regions of Napthali, then IF the slaying of the innocents occurred in the 2nd Bethlehem could not Rachel been weeping for her children? Now you have another “possibility.” LOL

    So my questions are, did such a second Bethlehem really exist? And since Yeshua lived in Nazareth, is it “possible” that “some” prophecies or verses are speaking of the Bethlehem south, while others could be referring to the alleged northern one in Samaria? I do not have access to the info Nehemia has, so I leave it to him to seek the truth.

    The second thing was that Nehemia spoke of Yeshua existing before the creation of earth. Per Proverbs 8, was it not Wisdom, or was it Yeshua, or they one and the same? That existed before the earth and acts of old?

    I would like to suggest the possibility of something else. In Gen 1, on the first day, God created light. (Yeshua? Hêylêl/Lucifer, Isa 14:12, of course, being referenced by “darkness.”)

    But it seems important that light was on the first day, but it isn’t until the 4th day that God created the sun and moon that gives light to the whole earth. So what is the light of Gen 1? The “general” concept/creation of radiant light? I submit the “possibility” that this “light” of Gen 1 may be Yeshua. Why? John 1:4-5, 7, 9; 3:19; 8:12; 9:5; 12:46; Acts 26:18; Rev 21:23, etc…

    I wonder what Nehemia’s and Keith’s thoughts are on this?

    • Justin Martyr, Clement of Alexandria, Origen, Eusebius of Caesarea, Cyril of Jerusalem, Ambrose, Cyril of Alexandria, John of Damascus, as well as Arius and Athanasius believed that the “wisdom” of Proverbs 8:22 is the LOGOS of John 1:1.

      That would agree with Mic 5:2, Col 1:15, Rev 3:14 as well as with Rashi, Radak, Rabbi Eliezer, Rabbi Hayon, and Targum Yonatan and other sources, e.g.:

      Pesikta Rabbati (Piska 36):

      “What light is it that the congregation of Israel looks for? It is the light of the Messiah of which it is said, And God saw the light that it was good.”

      … or Jasher 23:70:

      “And Abraham lifted up his eyes and saw, and behold, a ram was caught in the thicket by his horns; that was the ram which the Lord God had created in the earth in the day that he made earth and heaven.”

  11. Shalom,

    After searching for the Kingdom and truth for many years, almost a lifetime, now a disabled senior, I am fascinated at the depths of knowledge your ministries and pearls reveal.

    I did have a question about this episode though.

    Gen 15:13 prophesies 400 years of affliction, Ex 12:40-41 says Israel in Egypt 430 years.

    Nehemia stated that in rabbinical thought Moses was born in the 130th year. 130th year of or from, what? Of affliction? Of being in Egypt?

    Since Moses died at 120 years of age, Deu 34:7, they left Egypt when he was about 80, as he was fourscore (80) when he spoke with Pharaoh Ex 7:7, so 130 + 80 = 210.

    So if Moses was born in 130th year, would not Israel have left Egypt in or around the 210th year? The math isn’t adding up so I don’t understand. I don’t doubt the 400 years of affliction are accurate. I don’t doubt 430 years a possibility because they likely were not afflicted while Joseph was still alive.

    Where the challenge arises is the rabbinical belief of Moses’ birth in130 the year. So I ask, 130th year from what?

    BTW, THANK YOU for these pearls, and these video programs. In my senior years I have diabetes and macular edema that causes blurred vision. Reading is extremely difficult. I don’t read books anymore. My eyes have trouble focusing. On my laptop I can often increase print to 22 font, and even then, too much reading makes focusing even harder. Videos are MUCH easier. Thank you

  12. Wow!! Wow!! This was an amazing study!! And the PLUS episode just blow my mind!! Thank you so much!! Yehovah bless you both))

    Do you have any plans about translating this material to Spanish? (And Russian)… I would love to share this with my family (Spanish speakers)

  13. Wow, I absolutely loved the textual critical discussion! It is really ground breaking Nehemia, when you talked about the manuscript that clearly shows that the text was “corrected” to look more like the Greek text. I think your examples are important because it really refutes the objections made by your critics, who say that the differences come from a variety of different sources (which may partially be true) and not the Greek. Honestly though your critics hardly make any good objections to you and often misrepresent or lie about your studies.
    Question, how come your only releasing this HGP episodes once every two weeks? Why not release them weekly?
    Anyway keep up the good work.

  14. WoW–Six hours for 1 word! Nehemia, Thank You So Much for all the hours that you spend doing this important work. I also thank your wife for her support as you labor in this blessed endeavor. I am so thankful that YHVH finally answered all of our prayers for your special Proverbs woman–It sure was a long wait though.; )

    I also want to say Thank You for giving me the opportunity to support your ministry through mostly prayer and a widows mite donation–I am truly honored. I will support you, your family, and this ministry as long as I have the breath of life. Great discoveries are about to be revealed, Nehemia, and I have always felt, years ago, when I first heard you speak that you were chosen for a very special ‘in that time’ purpose. I can hardly wait to see what YHVH reveals to you through your humble and continual pursuit of truth.

    Thank you for your compassionate heart, Nehemia, you are so right when you say that there are people out there who need to hear these words now. We cannot wait for a publication. There are so many of us who have ‘inherited lies’. We need truth for how else can we know the One True G_d!

  15. I so look forward to the episode I love the time, effort and energy which you as brother scarifice is Great and may continue to bless your efforts as you serve HIM.

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