Hebrew Gospel Pearls #3 – Matthew 2:1-12

In Hebrew Gospel Pearls #3 (Matthew 2:1-12), Nehemia Gordon and Keith Johnson discuss whether the Jesus of the New Testament is the same as the Jesus of the Talmud, who the three wise men or magi really were, and why the Romans said it was better to be Herod’s pig than his son.

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19 thoughts on “Hebrew Gospel Pearls #3 – Matthew 2:1-12

  1. The grace and mercy is definitely observed through you Nehemia! May YHVH bless you for your loving kindness and your ability to get the scholarly learning to us all!

  2. So to say “it was in the days of Herod” would be like saying it was in the days of Hitler. The inference is days of terror and high danger where any indication of a legitimate king would be a death sentence, something I was never aware of before listening to this episode. Thank you

  3. When considering how many Jesus (yeshua- son of Joseph) that archaeologists have unearthed; and how many were mentioned in rabbinical writings (that were crucified)…

    It begs the question:

    Is there a hidden ancient manuscript/prophecy of: “Mary (miriam)/Joseph (yosef) giving birth to a savior named, Jesus (yeshua)?”

    The phenomena of; “Hebrews sacrificing their first son on the altar” appears as something this culture adhered to from early beginnings.

    We witness; the event of Abraham who was told by God, “to leave Chaldean customs and Abraham’s father’s customs behind” – then an angel appears to stop Abraham from killing his first born on the altar (passing through the fire).

    These types of rituals (among others) were ingrained in Hebrew culture; to foretell of messianic events, merciful events, miraculous events…

    I’m very curious about names and circumstances that were left out of our “approved/authorized” versions of history.

  4. The “Magi” make a lot more sense if you accept that they were not Persian Zoroastrians, but Parthian priests of the tribe of Levi. The Levites in Parthia were responsible for keeping track of the descendants of David, to make sure they were available to continue the line of David as king over Israel, as Yehovah prophesied to David in 1 Kings 9:5. Parthia was made up of the Israelite tribes that left the land they were exiled to after the defeat of Assyria and moved north into the Black Sea, Caspian Sea area. Likewise, the Scythians (Sacithians, Sakai, from Yitzak (Isaac)) were the bulk of the remaining tribes that went north into Scythia to escape before Jerusalem was carried into exile. That the history of Parthia and Scythia has been so distorted by Greek and Roman historians and that we look no further than their histories is really abominable. The Parthians destroyed the Greek army when it came across the Euphrates, allowing a little band of Hasmonians to defeat the remnant of the Greeks that remained in Israel, but we never hear of this documented historical fact. The Parthian army stopped the Roman army when it tried to cross the Euphrates, and forced a truce that allowed trade caravans to continue through the mideast to Parthia and countries to the east. The truce lasted for 80 years: through the Magi’s visit, and through the life of Yeshua. But we never hear of this either. The Magi brought riches to the new King’s family: gold,frankincense, and myrrh, but their wealth is glossed over and ignored. The Magi traveled safely because they traveled with a huge trade caravan. Herod treated them respectfully because they came in a large group.
    I admire Nehemia for always giving his sources. So, while sources for this history are many, I am using “Parthia” by Steven M. Collins, available at stevenmcollins.com.

    • It also makes sense, that the magi were just scientists. Therefore, as elite (PHD- men of renown) worldly citizens; one would expect them to travel with an entourage.

      In such a case: we could expect that Herod would require these “elite scientists”; “to explain their business/affairs” while under his jurisdiction.

      Which lends more credence, as to why the magi took an alternate route when exiting Herods jurisdiction.

  5. It was a discouraging episode of the Hebrew Gospel Pearls. I was hoping to hear about the Hebrew perspective of the verses, but every time Nehemiah was starting to get into the depth of the text, he kept getting interrupted because Keith wanted Nehemiah to slow down. Hoping you guys will plan and coordinate your time better with less side discussions.

  6. We were very disappointed with the episode bringing in and allowing so much broadcast time for talmud into the reading, interpretation, and context of Hebrew Matthew. Both groups represented by the speakers (true followers of Yeshua and Karites) know that the talmud are a collection of lies and abominations and that we are to have nothing to do with it. We were considering joining the Support Teams after the first two episodes but we can’t support any ministry that puts the distortions of the generation of vipers into the middle of a serious discussion on Yeshua. There is also too much side talk and not enough time reading the verses in Hebrew and then English for comparison to KJV. That’s the reason it took 45 minutes to get through one verse. Note that we do love Torah and Prophet Pearls… no talmud being brought into these episodes! By the way, we don’t have years to get though Hebrew Matthew a few verses a week. The world is falling apart just as in Rev 6 and He is coming soon. Shalom.

    • I can understand your criticism to a certain extent.

      However, there are helpful gems to be found in the Talmud. Yeshua was familiar with the “traditions of the elders”, and did not condemn them altogether; many Mishnaic passages read like Yeshua’s parables.

      Yes, there were/are vipers around and there is a lot of awkward stuff and destructive nonsense to be found in the Talmud (probably most of it). Still, there is no reason to throw out the baby with the bathwater.

      After what so-called followers of Yeshua have done to the Jewish people for the last 2,000 years, they should do everything in their power to understand and draw closer to them, and a wholesale condemnation of their most treasured works it certainly not the best approach.

      Btw. Rev 6 relates to 100–400 CE; but, yes, Armageddon is imminent.

      • So, Yeshua opened the first six seals 1,500 to 1,900 years ago? That sounds wrong to me, and must reject.

        • Rev is history written in code (96 CE – millennium an beyond).

          The first 6 seals describe the glory and fall of pagan Rome, followed by the break up of the empire, the rise of Islam, the rise and rule of the Papacy for 1,260 years (killing 60 million), the reformation, the French Revolution, etc., etc. until now.

          But if you think that the “things which were to come to pass shortly” in John’s day refer to 2020 and beyond, then that’s perfectly fine with me 🙂

          You are definitely in the majority; Jesuit futurism is quite fashionable these days (their indoctrination is just too good).

  7. Thank you both. Excellent study. It caused me to slow down and consider verses and phrases that I never had before; I had just flown by them. I found it very useful to get the background about Herod and thereby to have a better understanding of the circumstances of the day.

  8. I suggest that ‘surroundings’ in the place of ‘star’ in some manuscripts could be translated ‘conjunctions’. Robert S. Wadsworth’s ‘A Voice Crying Out In The Heavens’ details numerous, repeated star/planet conjunctions in the constellation Ariel (Leo) in 3 BCE, and a description of one of these at Yom Teruach could be what is described in Rev. 12:1 (Bethula being The Woman just below Ariel, which normally shows nine stars). Some of these conjunctions were so tight they could appear as the single brightest object in the night sky.
    Also, if a tyrant of a King were to be upset, surely his whole household would be – and the entire city as soon as word got out.
    I’m really enjoying these. Thanks!

    • Yes, that’s also what Michael Rood is describing in “The Chronological Gospels”.

      The constellation from 3 BCE was seen again on 23 September 2017, i.e. on Yom T’ruah (well, one day afterwards).

      It occurred exactly 7 weeks after the reconstruction of the Jewish Quarter had started on 7 June 1969 (seven year-weeks = 49 prophetic years of 360 days each).

      Personally, I view this to be the “Sign of the Son of Man” mentioned in Matt 24:30. One can easily get the chronologies wrong, but in Biblical prophecy one single verse may comprise e.g. 2,000 years (and the word “and” within a verse may comprise decades).

      Let’s put it this way: I would not be surprised to see the Messiah coming this year (particularly since Israel & Judah were joined after the Shoah).

  9. I really don’t see why some Christians hate the Jews over Yeshua’s crucifixion. Jews and Gentiles killed Yeshua! Also, the crucifixion is one of the key events in Christianity. If Yeshua did not die then we could not have all of our sins atoned. I think those Christians how did persecute the Jews over the crucifixion need to read what the Bible says. Language, history, and context!

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