Hebrew Voices #70 – Sikh-ing God in Jerusalem

Sathari Singh at the Western WallIn this brand-new episode of Hebrew Voices, Sikh-ing God in Jerusalem, I talk with Sathari Singh, a Catholic-born convert to the Sikh faith whose lifelong dream was to come on a pilgrimage to the Western Wall and the Temple Mount. Sathari explains what he learned studying from a Hassidic rabbi, how he fought religious persecution in New York City, and what it was like as a turban-wearing Manhattan subway train driver on 9/11.

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Jeremiah 2:13

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  • A. Ryan says:

    Having spent a considerable amount of time in the New Age movement, I recognized many of the same generic terms that the Sikhs use particularly on transcendental Entergy, channelling and to yoga spirituality. The fact that he honestly sits he is/was a hippie explained a lot. Very interesting. Thanks Nehemia

  • Kristi Rawlins says:

    The movie Amu on Netflix is a very moving story about how the Sihk’s were singled out and killed in India. Thank you for sharing this gentleman’s story.

  • Gregory Irby says:

    Shalom! Interesting but, not the faith for me. I have always believed that God took some people that weren’t a people and made a Nation of them, because God wanted to make himself known to the world through them. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! Interesting about the transadensttal meditation. A sturdy was done by some Buddhist using kirlian photography. They took average Americans who new nothing of meditation and photographed their Auras, (Chi). They began teaching them how to meditate. 3 weeks later their energy field greatly increased as evidenced by the kirlian photography. I find this to be good knowledge. Useful. (They say excessive sorrow is associated with breathing problems). 3rd Chi or Chakra, I think it is. The Tibetan Monks by reciting the Prayer chants of the different Chakra can bring healing. It has been discovered that such prayer chants resonate a certain frequency. It has been well documented that stress depletes the body of nutrients. But, proponents of meditation claim that Anxiety, grief/sorrow, depression, anger ect. cause ones energy field to constrict and actually reduce the blood supply to the vital organs of the seven chakra. A good analogy would be a 7 stringed instrument. If the 3rd string is out of tune the instrument won’t sound right because the 3rd string has the wrong frequency, and you’d be prone to breathing problems. WHY DO I MENTION ALL THIS? Because, God’s word tells us not to let the sun set on our anger, we are also instructed to not sin in our anger. Easier said than done! I have never found any clear instruction in God’s word as how to accomplish this really. Yeshua taught me not to say long repetitious prayers and we are told to cast all our concerns at the feet of the Lord for he cares for us. so that’s what I do, and I don’t chant. But, I find this knowledge and teaching useful. what ever has you upset, let it go, just let go and let your Chi flow. The knowledge is cool, I love it and it can help anybody. Well, all that said; Ezekiel 9;4 He said to him; go throughout the city and put a mark on the foreheads of all those that sigh and cry over all the abominations that are done in Jerusalem. Yeshua said; Blessed are they who mourn for they shall be comforted. Who then are the true children of God and who bears the seal of God? Love ya Nehemia! YEHOVAH Bless you and be with you always! ✡️