Hebrew Voices #51 – How Do I Convert to Judaism

In this episode of Hebrew Voices, Nehemia Gordon talks with Dev Daniel about a question they get asked all the time: "How Do I Convert to Judaism?" They leave behind man-made religious systems, look at what the Tanakh says about becoming an Israelite, and learn from Dev’s personal conversion experience.

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Show Notes:
Isaiah 56:3-8
Isaiah 14
Ruth 1:16-17
Ezekiel 37

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22 thoughts on “Hebrew Voices #51 – How Do I Convert to Judaism

  1. I for one am a person who was awakened by the Creator to a perception which most closely resembles Karaite Judaism. Am of Crypto Jewish origins, and apologize beforehand for any offense, but my conversion has been quite lengthy because I do not accept Talmudic interpretation as the sole authority for interpreting our history and the Torah. The initial conversion starts within ones heart and is a personal Covenant made between the Creator and the creation He chooses to change. In all honesty, given this undeniable truth, what need is there for a person to officially be confirmed by a Rabbi in front of a congregation via a ritualistic ceremony?

  2. I’ve listened to this a few times because my heart jumped with joy at how biblically accurate it is. However, I am disappointed to know that the KJA requires a “legal” conversion, if thats the best way to describe it. Truly, the conversion occurs in our hearts and that is what Yahweh sees and others see as we walk it out. Do you think the KJA or official Karaite movement in general will stop this rabbinic-like conversion requirement of classes and a ceremony etc, and recognize others based off of their own self-identification? I identify as a Karaite but find it concerning that our basis is supposed to be Tanakh alone, but are still promoting a ritualistic conversion. Shalom and thank you so much for your work Nehemiah, it is changing lives and truly helping to bring us closer to true Torah observance!

  3. Interesting, in the Tanach from Avraham, Yitzhack, Yaacov… onwards….. every person who had a “visitation, revelation of יהוה” had a change in the way he understood or viewed GOD and even on his opinion of the existence of יהוה… why would it be any different today?
    So I for one, appreciate the study because it emphasizes that it really takes God to love God.

  4. My wife has “suggested” to me that Ruth in Ruth 1:16-17 was committing to Naomi (Jewish Woman) and was the widow of a Jewish man so my commitment should also be to a Rabbi or an observant Karaite in Israel. The Elohim, land, and people thereby being of Israel. She would feel more comfortable converting via Orthodox because it has broader community acceptance which is where the discussion started. Isaiah 56 helps explain YHWH’s acceptance of my commitment but would like for my wife and I to be on the same page.

    Please share your thoughts.

  5. I think what some of us who are on this journey are wondering is this. For those who have read Devarim 4:39 and 10:20-21 and understood the plain implications, we have no home in a religion that postulates a plural deity. Nor do we have a place in a monotheistic religion that teaches man-made traditions of which the TNK knows nothing. So, where do we go? Where do we find associates? Because at the end of the day, it’s hard to walk the derech without a little company.

  6. Nehemia is exactly right on, you must join yourself to True Worship/Leviticism. It is entirely unnecessary to convert as to become a Jew; it is acceptance by the Almighty which counts, not any rabbinical court or other manmade institution. Further, it is entirely possible that those drawn to Leviticism are of the Ten Lost Tribes and by birth just as entitled to return to the Promised Land as are those of Judah, Benjamin and Levy. Prophecy is that ALL the tribes will be resettled in the Land. Look to the parable attributed to the Jewish rabbi known as Jesus, the parable of the prodigal son. The prodigal repents of his foolishness and returns with sorrowing, begging to be even as a servant in his Father’s house. The elder son who never left his Father is jealous, and objects to his Father’s celebration to have His younger son back home, but the Father reconciles the two. This will happen, and I believe it will happen in our day.

  7. Bravo Nehemia! I love to see the truth come out that the Holy One of Israel is not looking for people to be institutionalized into his kingdom. I find much value with your teachings. The old testament is more than 1/2 my bible and is profitable for me to know and understand as much as possible. All my christian apostles had nothing but the old testament to preach their messages from!

    As a (One God) christian I see it like this: Most churches are full of the indoctrinated but have they been born again the bible way? Death, burial, resurrection? Ye shall know them by their fruits.

    • See Ecc. 12:13. “The sum of the matter…Revere God and keep His commandments.” For myself I was saved from the death sentence pronounced on me by Baptist preachers, by study, enhanced by keeping kosher, more study, and most importantly keeping the Sabbath. It was tough to make that last step, giving up the false christ, but once you know the truth you must accept it or else live a lie, knowing that it is a lie.

  8. Shalom Dev and Nehemia.

    Blessings to you and your families.

    toda raba for addressing this topic.

    My heart is singing in JOY.

    Praise YHVH for HIS gathering miracle of HIS PEOPLE!

    Amein. amein.

  9. I am so eager–I yearn to go home to Jerusalem! And…it will truly be YHVH Who brings me as He has promised almost 33 years ago, just weeks after my first child was born, in a dream: Jeremiah 3:14. I wandered in the desert of the diaspora of christian denominations after her birth, studied myself out of christianity eventually, and have been so blessed these last four years as our Wonderful Father has taught me what the new covenant is! Jeremiah 31:31-37 during a time when I had no job and only time to study and pray! What a joy to read our scriptures (Tanach) within the context, language, history and there is no punctuation marks so it must be read in context!! I learned I have Jewish ancestors on my mother’s side (of blessed memory) out of eastern Europe, and have not yet researched my father’s of blessed memory. My great aunts would never speak of it, and later in life, my dear mother shared what she knew before she died. As I look back over my 63 years I see Abba’s loving hand upon me my whole life, protecting and guiding, but it has taken many years. The best will be when the final temple is built and the, prince, who will have sons come to lead all! The world will follow Torah and the beauty and glory of this will be for all who thirst for the beauty of the Law Thank you, thank you, Nehemiah, for all the wonderful things you’ve shared the past four years! It always seemed that I heard it at just the right time or confirmed something our Abba had shown me! Both my children got to go to Israel as part of birthright, and I am waiting my turn, but to stay! Shalom dear ones!

  10. Ok-couldn’t have come at a better time. Thank you,

    Just got back from Israel and was labeled so many things. But I knew where my heart was and I’m grateful to you and dev for that!

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