Prophet Pearls #2 – Noach (Isaiah 54:1-55:5)

In this week's Prophet Pearls,  Nehemia Gordon and Keith Johnson discuss the Prophets portion for Noach covering Isaiah 54:1-55:5Gordon and Johnson revel in the glorious promises to Israel and explore the various ways the Tanakh allegorizes her: as a barren and abandoned woman, a maidservant, a slave, an owned animal, and yet, wholly and eternally a beloved wife. Original language brings insight to the following words: “foaming” anger, Yehovah of “hosts,” mercy, kibbutz, and “brief” moment. Despite differing views on some issues, Gordon and Johnson stand firmly on common ground concerning the messianic promise as Yehovah connects his eternal covenant with Israel to the seed of David.

"For this to Me is like the waters of Noah: As I swore that the waters of Noah nevermore..." Isaiah 54:9

I look forward to reading your comments!

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35 thoughts on “Prophet Pearls #2 – Noach (Isaiah 54:1-55:5)

  1. For a moment. . . I abandoned you. Exodus 34:6-7
    Root word ra cham, (23:30 timecode)
    This discussion about the womb is priceless! So powerful!!!

  2. I Am Blessed by hearing these prophet pearls Thank You Please continue these pearls. Whom can I contact or subscribe to that will let me know when the new moon is here!…..ROSH CODESH !!!! I am off topic I know but I have been following your new moon notifications for years. I haven’t found anyone from JERUSALEM that will tell of the new moon.Thank You and may YHVH Bless you and your ministry.

  3. This is such a lovely description of how married Yehovah is to us! I absolutely love these chapter’s in Isaiah. I remember the first time opening up the Torah: “In the beginning, Yehovah how did you intend marriage to be?” I asked Him this question. He knows marriage. He shows us continually! Love your discussions!

  4. I really appreciate the perspective you shared about “marketing” – and spreading the message that you have to share. I find this helpful, as we have become programmed as a society to some degree, to have negative feelings about marketing and business in general. I believe that this really comes from the fact that unrighteousness is so prevalent in the marketplace – but righteous business is a delight to YHVH as He loves properly weighted scales. And marketing His message of salvation? That’s the best thing in the world. I love the picture of Isaiah standing in the marketplace, that you have brought up in this Prophet pearls. It reminds me also of Proverbs and “wisdom” standing in the marketplace: “

    “Wisdom calls aloud outside;
    She raises her voice in the open squares.
    21 She cries out in the chief concourses,[b]
    At the openings of the gates in the city
    She speaks her words…” (Prov. 1:20)

  5. “We are waiting for our Husband to re-husband us” is a statement Nehemia made. I find it funny that the christian’s are waiting for the Messiah’s second coming to get his bride, as for the first time in relation to being a bridegroom. And the Jews are waiting for Messiah to come, for the first time, to take them as a bride for the second time. Great Sabbath, listening to a Torah/Prophet Pearls marathon!
    Thanks for the pearls Nehemia and Keith.

  6. You guys bring me to tears with the revelations in the Hebrew. I read and then I listen – always there is more. I wish I could hear Nehemia’s good story about the discipleship of our children (Is. 54:13). Once again, thank you

  7. Love you guys and I truly believe your partnership will foster stronger ‘common ground’ dialogue between the Jews and the Christians. We serve THE one True God and are one people!!!
    Keep up the good work!! How much is it to sponsor a Prophet Pearls Episode. I would like to donate and need an idea on costs so I can figure out just how much I should give!

  8. Nehemia, I am reading the TANACH, JPS translation. I think you glossed over, missed entirely, the meaning of Isaiah 54:1 where Yehovah God, through Isaiah, is speaking of the wife forlorn as opposed to the espoused one. Is not the wife forlorn the House of Israel, lost in Christianity or other faiths, while the espoused one is the House of Judah, still keeping (more or less) the Commandments? And Yehovah is addressing that unfaithful wife, saying that her children, or her reward, will be greater than that of the continually espoused wife. It’s another allegory of the return of the House of Israel as in the story of the prodigal son, who only came to his senses when scrambling for crumbs among the pigs; but when he returned the Father welcomed him with tears of joy, called for celebration, killing of the fatted calf to feast and make merry, much to the consternation of the elder son who had been with Him all along. Therefore, verse 2, the tent must be enlarged, for the House of Israel are more numerous than the House of Judah. Elsewhere in prophecy it is foretold that Israel will be expanded from the Mediterranean to the Euphrates.

  9. I’m so glad you two are back together doing the Prophets. Maybe it wasn’t the right time (God’s time) to do it 3yrs. ago, but now is the right time. Please don’t be put off or upset by the people who bad-mouth you for working together. We need both perspectives and so many of us have learned so much from the Hebrew. To me it’s like the 2 witnesses (I’m not saying that you ARE the 2 witnesses) speaking the word of God to the world in the end times. It’s like Judah-(Nehemia) and Ephriam-(Keith) coming together again as brothers as a forerunner of what will happen when Yehovah regathers both the house of Israel and the house of Judah and makes them one stick in His hand, one kingdom again under the rulership of Messiah. Love you guys.

  10. So glad you 2 are doing the Prophet Pearls! I have enjoyed it very much & shared on FB. Looking forward to next week’s discussion!

  11. In Verse 5, aren’t we looking at a parallelism in the construction of the verse? It looks like “for your Maker” = “the Holy One of Israel” ; “is your husband” = “is your redeemer”, and “YHVH Tzevaot” = “God of the whole earth”; “is his name” = “He is called”

    So, in this case, I’m thinking tzevaot is the whole earth.

  12. Nehemiah- In regard to your comment that the Scriptural references to Israel as the wife of YHVH, later divorcee, widow etc is purely “allegorical” and not to be taken literally – I have some questions: Since the Scripture itself does not actually say that these are “allegorical” – how do you come to this conclusion- since we are not dealing with prophetic vision or suchlike? Since the Covenantal agreement of Sinai is a literal physical reality of vows of mutual fidelity in spiritual relations that play out precisely in the physical reality- how can we understand the wifely status of Israel to be merely “allegorical” and not literal? Is Israel not literally given a home in the Land by Her Husband? Does she not receive the Spiritual seed of His Word and produce sons of Elohim in spiritual and physical reality? Is she not fed, cared for , protected in that home until she literally breaks her vows in literal physical acts of spiritual whoredom? Is she not then put through the literal effects of divorce when she is exiled from her home and has her Husband turn His Face away and not hear her prayers “for a brief moment’? Does she not experience “widowhood” as she suffers in the nations without her Husband’s protection?
    Since man is both a physical and a spiritual being, is it not true that there exists two literal realities? A spiritual reality and a physical reality? Neither one is “allegorical”.
    Is YHVH not “spirit” and is it not so that our relationship with Him must be on the spiritual plane as a literal reality – which then plays out in the literal physical reality? ( As Israel’s history has thus far proven?) Therefore we should surely conclude that Israel is YHVH’s wife not allegorically, but in spiritual literal reality – as also later divorcee , widow, and to be literally reinstated as His wife at the Redemption.

    Of course, once we admit to the fact of both spiritual literal reality and physical literal reality – it does indeed, open a can of worms in regard to Torah command and YHVH remarrying His divorced wife…..unless we understand and acknowledge the literal reality of the “widowhood” too…The question begs: Who was the Husband at Sinai- if not the same one described in Bemidbar 12:8 the One who Moshe physically saw in the “temuna” (shape/embodiment/manifestation) of YHVH.”.If YHVH assumed a visible “temuna” at Sinai – why not later in history to pay the Redemption price – since He is One and our only Redeemer? If the Spirit -Husband had portioned out His Spirit in human flesh and died a physical death (Perfectly Righteous Spirit cannot die)….then Torah allows for remarriage…..
    Let us remember too that TORAH demands a price for redemption does it not? Or is that also to be understood as an “allegorical” price- in which case how then do we understand the Redemption to be literal??

    • Israel likened to a woman married to a man is by definition allegorical since, in fact, Israel is not a woman and God is not a man. I don’t need a verse to tell me “for Yehovah your God is a consuming fire” (Dt 4:24) is allegorical since, in fact, God is not made of fire.

  13. Why were only days and years mentioned when the lesser lights were made in Gen 1. Any ideas about why months were not mentioned as what the moon was made for, as if days and years were going to be the only markers from the beginning.

    • I know right? The Hebrew reading is awesome! I do not see a download button for the Hebrew reading..I would love to have it so that I can listen to it read like it is suppose to be read.

  14. I’m so glad that you two are back together to record the prophets. It would be great to also be able to download the hebrew reading of the portion. Is that possible? I really enjoy the two of you and my biggest wish is to find somebody that has the same drive to find the truth beneath all the translations and colorings of bible updates and modern language. If you guys are ever coming to Germany please let me know. I would really love to meet you in person and spent some time with you. There are sooo many questions I have and I don’t have anybody who I can ask. So, please come over here – we (I) need you and your message.

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