How my Obsession with Truth led me to Hebrew Matthew

In this video I do a little arithmetic to determine how long the Israelites were enslaved (18:58), share how my obsession with truth led me to explore Hebrew Matthew (32:40), and what it takes to restore the Biblical calendar (1:02:28). I look forward to reading your comments below.

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  • Andrea says:

    Thank you for teaching I love how honest and dedicate to Yahweh you are!

  • Great works, Nehemia. God has given you a wonderful talent and knowledge of the Hebrew language. When will you give us the correct translation of the Hebrew Matthew??

  • Sharri Mueller says:


    Exodus 12:40 Now the time that the children of Israel sojourned in Egypt (and Canaan) was four hundred and thirty years.

    (years hundred four and years thirty)

    Notice that “years” in Hebrew is included twice in this sentence. The following is the explanation that we do not see in English.

    ME’AM LO’EZ, TORAH ANTHOLOGY VOL. 5, in a commentary on this discrepancy it is reported that the word for “years” can also have the meaning of a “cycle of years”. A Shimitah Cycle is seven years (we know it as a Sabbatical). When the verse is correctly interpreted it reads:
    Thirty cycles and four hundred years

    This then solves the contradiction. Thirty Shimitah cycles equals two hundred and ten years, which we can calculate from the Scriptures is the time the children of Israel were actually in Egypt.

    The next question arises, but, “the children of Israel dwelt (sojourned) in Egypt four hundred and thirty years.”

    Masoretic Text recorded a note that a change had been made: “and Canaan” had been left out. Samaritan Pentateuch and the Septuagint read “Egypt and Canaan”.

    (Corroborating evidence is the verse recorded in the Samaritan Pentateuch and the Greek Septuagint :

    LXE Exodus 12:40 And the sojourning of the children of Israel, while they sojourned in the land of Egypt and the land of Chanaan, was four hundred and thirty years.)

    A better translation then would be:

    Exodus 12:40 Now the time that the children of Israel sojourned in Egypt and Canaan was four hundred years including thirty (Shimitah) cycles. (30 X 7= 210 years, the years lived in Egypt)

    The children of Israel were sojourners in the land of Canaan then Egypt, followed by the time of bondage. This then harmonizes with the rest of Scripture.

    However, ME’AM LO’EZ, then offers a second meaning from “some authorities” of the thirty years. Traditions die hard!

    “The thirty years also means that the Covenant of the Halves, Beresheet (Genesis.15), occurred thirty years before the birth of Isaac”.

    This cannot be. Scripture tells us Abram did not arrive in Canaan before he was seventy-five. The Covenant of the Halves occurred after coming into the land.

    Genesis 12:4 So Abram departed as YHVH had spoken to him and Lot went with him. And Abram was seventy-five years old when he departed from Haran.

    Isaac was born when Abraham was one hundred years old. He was not yet in the land of Promise thirty years prior to the birth of Isaac when he was 70.

  • Eloisa Wooten says:

    What a Joy to learn truth!!! Thank you, Michael & Nehemiah for your dedication & hard work for The Most High G-d!

  • LuciL. says:

    Thank you Nehemia for being so transparent and stubborn about the truth. I hope you let the argumentative people roll off your back, so to speak. You have had such a profound impact on our family and we are always grateful for the studies we get to hear every week. Shalom brother!

  • clarkrion says:

    Well I’m not of any religion. Religion’s are all man made. The Messiah told his follower’s not to follow men or religious leader’s. So I am going to prove to you
    thru the scriptures exactly to the day how long the Hebrews were in Egypt. The bible defines itself. All time prophecies start with the beginning or birth. Like Gen.1:1 is year 1 for Elohim work. Adam’s formation Gen.1:27 is year 1 for Adam. Abraham was born 2 years after the death of Noah. So Shem & Abraham were alive at the same time for 150 years. After Noah was born the flood came 600 years later year 1656 from Adam’s formation on the 2nd month 17th day. After the birth of Abraham the Hebrews left Egypt 600 years later.year 2008 after the formation of Adam. Both the 430 year & 400 year prophecies came true to the day. The 430 year began by the covenant when Elohim swore by his own name (shem) for there is nothing higher to swear by. The 400 year prophecy was started by the birth of Jacob (Israel). Jacob was 130 when they moved to Egypt. The Hebrews were in Egypt 270 years to the day of completion of Elohim prophecies. IT IS WRITTEN book title. The father gave this to me after listening then obeying your truth about Sabbath thank you for your works. For you to receive this rest & pray for the truth this Sabbath. Then tell the others on Rood show. He was given the information & ignored it. Next I will prove That Acts 7:14 is correct (second half of Luke to Theophilus) about the 75 in number. Shalom

  • marycoones says:

    Nehemia, you may have what is called aspergers syndrome but I feel you have been given a very precious gift from YHVH. What is being shared is an open door that many people (including Christians) need to know in order to have that personal relationship with YHVH. Truth must prevail or we lose all perception of who He is and how He affects our lives. Love both Michael and Nehemia. Have met both of these wonderful men and they have helped me grow substantially in truth.

  • Harrald says:

    Thanks Nehemiah! Always great to hear your inside information!! I was wondering if you could share the reference to the Mishnah were it states that even if all Israel would see the New Moon, but without confirmation from the Sanhedrin it would be of no value.
    Again, Toda Raba for the great work you do!

  • Henry larragoitiy says:

    In discussing the the captivity of the Hebrews being 400-430 yrs possibly including the land of Canaan, does the 40 yrs in the wilderness fit into this discussion as well?

  • ba nordine says:

    I have learned so much since encountering Nehemia two years ago. I have listened to him on this site, Truth2you and and youtube. His uncovering the root of my faith has made the Scriptures come more alive, given me more revelation, shown me more parallels between “old” and “new”, deepened my faith in Yeshua, helped me see Him more clearly, and for the first time made the book of Matthew make sense.
    … Yehovah bless you and keep you Nehemia

  • Nic Burn says:

    Wow, Nahemia, you have aspergers syndrome, that is amaizing, and, explains a lot. Like you, i have been an outcast in the Church in England for years, it was discovered i also have the same syndrome, your honesty really is helpful, thanks

  • Dave Christensen, Big Timber, Montana says:

    42:40-60:00 is fantastic!!!

    Michael is very wise in recognizing Nehemiah and partnering with him. Nehemiah is bringing credibility to Judaism and Christianity.

    The discover of the Hebrew Matthew is invalidating Greek-based doctrine very fast. False doctrines that have not born fruit are being dumped.

    Baruch ata Yeho-VAH!

  • Diane Buckalew says:

    thank you Nehemia for your studies and for working with Michael Rood. for because of you and Michael I have come out of churchianity to the truth of the Gospel of the Kingdom. thank you for your search for GODS personal name. for because I have watched your videos I now know my GODS name. HE is no longer the god with no name. I honor you and pray for YEHOVAHS blessings on you all your days and HIS perfect will in your life.

  • AJ Bernard says:

    It’s sad that people are accusing Nehemia of drawing people away from Yeshua. I am a Christian who has both met Nehemia face to face and also worked with him over an extended period of time, and I have found Nehemia to be interested in discovering truth. Even when he has had opportunity to try to convince me that I was wrong, he did not take that opportunity. I have seen less-than-charitable Christians go after Nehemia, and I was embarrassed when they did… Nehemia believes truly in the God of Israel, the God about whom Yeshua taught.

    Nehemia and I both love the God of Israel, whose Holy NAME is Yehovah. We both love the Torah, which teaches us how to live. We both pray for the coming of Messiah. And when we pray together, I have no doubt we pray to the same God.

    • Evelin Carr says:

      AJ Bernard, I see Nehemia in the same light. I’ve never met a teacher, that is willing to admit, when he/she doesn’t know something or is willing to also admit, when he/she is wrong. Nehemia is special, I’ve learned so much from him and he’s opened my eyes to the truth of scripture. Now I’m not afraid to question what I’ve been taught to believe and also I’ve gotten rid of a few believes which turned out to be false or downright not biblical. I know now what I believe and nobody can take that away from me. My faith is different then it has been in the past but that is good, because that means I’ve grown and am now responsible for my own faith. I don’t need a pastor or somebody else to tell me. I have the scripture and that is enough for me.