Israel Under Coronavirus Lockdown

Temple Mount on March 17, 2020Prime Minister Netanyahu just announced that Israel will be under a mandatory 7-day lockdown to stem the spread of the Wuhan Coronavirus. This may be a sign of things to come in other nations, as the world faces this devastating pandemic. As we are all shut in quarantine, it is time to come together in prayer and study, to honor our heavenly Father. Please join me this Friday March 20, 2020 @ 6:00pm Eastern time as I discuss the virus with Keith Johnson in our first "Live from Quarantine" special. Keith will share his exclusive footage of the unprecedented situation on the Temple Mount. Our discussion will take place on Zoom. There is only room for a limited number of participants, so come early. Join using this link:

The meeting will also stream live on Youtube:

May Yehovah surround you with health!

Nehemia Gordon

7 thoughts on “Israel Under Coronavirus Lockdown

  1. Continue to be the light Nehemia with showing us the scriptures that set us apart if we obey Yehovah. There is no fear in obedience!

  2. I came late to this, and the live stream has now ended, will you make this available to us Nehemia? Only got as far as the missing waqf

  3. The virus is called COVID-19, not Wuhan. I’m sure you didn’t realize that using this name was insensitive, needless finger pointing. Yehovah, our Creator loves all nations. May He continue to protect and bless your efforts at seeking truth. Shalom~

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