Hebrew Voices #96 – Marriage, Illegitimate Children, and Smoking

In this episode of Hebrew Voices, Marriage, Illegitimate Children and Smoking, Nehemia Gordon tells the story of a young man who accidentally got married with a cookie, how the Biblical definition of an illegitimate child differs from the Christian one, and how cultural bias can blind us to the Torah definition of holiness. Abraham wrote: “The Truth of the Scriptures is absent from so many congregations here. Thank you for speaking the Word of truth!”

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10 thoughts on “Hebrew Voices #96 – Marriage, Illegitimate Children, and Smoking

  1. pot damages your brain cells. seen in people who use it and even end up with throat or other cancer forms.

  2. I completely reject the idea that a couple must seek the permission of the State to marry. My son and his wife agreed, and did not apply for a Marriage License. They did have a big beautiful church wedding, officiated by a minister friend, but just not the “license”. However, due to the expected difficulties of conducting the business of life as an “unlicensed” couple, they filed an affidavit with the State indicating that they are married.

    We live in Texas, where this is actually very easy. I don’t hold that performance of this step is required in order to be “legally married”, but it makes many things (inheritance, beneficiary status, spousal support if necessary, etc.) go a lot more smoothly later.

    If you are interested, look on the Texas state web site (capitol . texas . gov), under “Statutes”. The document you need is FA.2.htm . It covers many aspects of marriage legalities. The relevant portion is:

    and, of course,

  3. Tattoos are non kosher and should not be glorified no matter what the subject matter is associated with.

  4. If the officiating person is not licensed would the widow be able to get her late husband’s benefits?

  5. I once knew a young Baptist couple years ago, who attended services faithfully for several years. The wife got pregnant, had a baby, that was sick at birth and died just a couple days later. While grieving at the baby’s funeral, their pastor approached them and informed them that because their baby had not been baptized, it went directly to hell! MANY of Christianity’s preachers seem to be literal MORONS. Shame on me. It’s not my place to judge.

  6. The messianic leader was there, witnesses were there, they made a public commitment before Yehovah and everybody so I don’t see what the problem was. I think you hit the nail on the head when you said that those who make a big deal about the “law” being done away with are the most legalistic of all!

  7. So being addicted to a substance is not an issue of holiness? I realize that Torah doesn’t specifically say some of this but putting things in our body or not is the point of Lev 11. What we put in it does indeed affect our holiness because as Jeremiah says, the residence of Yehovah is now in us. We are the temple. Would we light up as a priest in the temple?

  8. For those readers here who are not familiar with the NT/Apostolic writings, the basis usually given for equating smoking with sin is a passage from I Corinthians ch 6, culminating with ch6,v19-20: “19 Or do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you, whom you have from God, and that you are not your own? 20 For you have been bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body.”

    The immediate context of these verses is sexual immorality, but the argument is generally extended to cover many forms of damage to one’s own body.

  9. Yhwh enjoys a good smoke once in a while too… (sheep, goats, cows, pigeons… please don’t try it at home). For the rest of us, the choice of what to smoke usually dwells on either cannabis or tobacco. Of course cannabis is by far the healthier.

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