Hebrew Voices #119 – Live from Quarantine #6

In this episode of Hebrew Voices, Live from Quarantine #6, Nehemia Gordon talks to Keith Johnson to learn why Keith officially left the Methodist church, how he was introduced to the Hebrew gospel of Matthew, and they reveal the meaning of Isaiah's prophecy about idolatry in our times.

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  • Gary Hargrave says:

    In Quarantine #6, You are speculating about why we are experiencing Covid 19. Have you considered Joel 3:1-3? The first case of Covid 19 in the U.S. was within days of Trump proposing another land for peace deal dividing God’s sacred land. God is clear that He will judge the nations that divide up the Land of Israel. If you look back in history America has suffered a heavy consequence every time an American president has engage in a land for peace deal. I know that Trump has done good things for Israel, and I believe that is why America has been experiencing blessings (Genesis 12:3 ) to this point, but is it possible that we are now experiencing a backlash from the fact that we are presently engaged in a process of dividing up the land of Israel with the Arabs?
    I would love to here your perceptions and feelings on this. Shalom

  • Paul says:

    Please go forward with the Hebrew Gospel Pearls!!! Love to see you two working together again. Can’t get enough of the Open Door Series. Can hardly wait to see what’s next.

  • Erin Hunter says:

    I vote yes to the Hebrew Matthew