Hebrew Voices #103 – A Jerusalem Sukkot Encampment

Nehemia Gordon with David and Emily Verela discussing the laws of Sukkot in Jerusalem.In this episode of Hebrew Voices, A Jerusalem Sukkot Encampment, Nehemia Gordon speaks with an American couple who sparked a worldwide Sukkot-movement by pitching a tent in Jerusalem with their seven children. They share the story of their humble beginnings studying the Bible, which led them to discovering the name of God and forgoing pagan holidays. Years later and hundreds of people, from all over the world, join them in fulfillment of prophecy of Zechariah 14:16 about the nations of the world celebrating the Feast of Booths in Jerusalem.

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Verses Mentioned:
Ruth 2:4
Psalm 83:18
Leviticus 23:2
Leviticus 23:42-43
Exodus 23:17
Exodus 34:23
Deuteronomy 16:16
Numbers 15:37-41
Deuteronomy 22:12
Leviticus 23:40
Deuteronomy 31:9-13
2 Samuel 11:11
Ezekiel 37:15-28
Zachariah 14:16-19
Ezekiel 37:1-14

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13 thoughts on “Hebrew Voices #103 – A Jerusalem Sukkot Encampment

  1. was observing Shabbat in the Philippines and i chanced upon this video. chills all over! praying for and looking forward to one day getting to observe/celebrate YeHoVaH’s feasts in the Promised Land with His Chosen People. thank you for posting this inspiring video, Nehemiah!

    Got your books, by the way and loved each one of them!

    Shabbat shalom from Manila!

  2. The reference that Nehemia gave from 2 Samuel 11:11 (re. “the ark and iIsrael and Judah are dwelling in [sukkot]”) is very interesting. That verse also references the soldiers being “encamped” using the same term used in many other military contexts as well as for the people Israel being “encamped” against the sea when they thought they were trapped by Pharaoh. That one, absolutely, was in both reality and intent, temporary.

    Also, in 1 Kings 20, in the story of ben-Hadad attacking Ahab’s Samaria, “sukkot” is used twice to refer to what various English translations render as “tents”, “temporary dwellings”, “pavillions”, “quarters”, and “booths”. It is much easier to imagine an attacking army, having embarked on anything longer than a day-trip mission, setting up camp in tents and pavilions rather than putting in the time and effort to build wooden structures.

    This makes my Charlie Brown Sukkah (a tent adorned with branches) seem much more legitimate. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. Col ha Cavodh l’yhwh, we kept the feast last month, most of our group, some this month too, seems like a “double blessing”. Great to see some people “living the dream” of keeping the feast in Jerusalem! I hope that the civic authorities will take notice, and help make some arrangements that the campers need not relocate in the middle of the event.

  4. Such an awesome story of ephraim returning! Insipes me to be there next year.
    7th year, 7 kids, 7 mo pregnant 😅
    I’m sure Nehemia caught that!

  5. Wow!! That was wonderful! Thank you for highlighting Yehovah’s work in the life of these humble, sincere truth seekers!! Refreshing to the spirit!

  6. Love this story of their Discovery of truth . And stepping out . I hope they get some where safe and permanent Next year 🙏. Thank you Nehemia for supporting them..Gaylene Donehue NZ

  7. Thank you so much, Nehemia. It’s been a long year waiting for this one. I don’t think we really understand how much time and effort goes into the editing and publishing process for these interviews. And the end? Well, just … wow!

  8. I’m filled with so much emotion, that the tears are falling!! What an awesome story of life! I feel blessed to watch this unfold and look forward to reading the book. Thank You Varela Family and your quest to be children of Yehovah our Father, according to scripture, in the most heartfelt of ways!

    • Greetings Kimberly,
      The Varela Family go directly to scripture in search of answers. They use the term sukkot as the title for this feast. They also repeat the traditional idea held by many that the purpose for this feast is to remember the Israelites dwelling in the wilderness. Why do you use the term sukkot as the title for this feast? Is it possible that this is not the title for this feast? Is it possible that by learning the true title for this feast, the true purpose for this feast will be revealed?

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