Books Referenced

Antiquities of the Jews
by Flavius Josephus

The Apologies of Justin Martyr
by Justin Martyr

The Bible, the Talmud, and the New Testament
by Elijah Zvi Soloveitchik

Delitzsch’s Translation of Matthew The Gospel of Matthew (Hebrew)
Prof. Franz Delitzsch's translation into Hebrew from Greek

Dialogue with Trypho
by Justin Martyr

Dictionary of the Targumim, Talmud Bavli, Talmud Yerushalmi and Midrashic Literature
by Marcus Jastrow

The Geography of Strabo
By Duane Roller

The Gospel according to the Hebrews and the Gospel of the Ebionites
by Andrew Gregory (Editor)

Gospel Parallels: A Comparison of the Synoptic Gospels
by Burton Throckmorton

The Greek New Testament (Greek-English Interlinear)
Nestle and Aland

The Hebrew Gospel of Matthew
by George Howard (Shem Tov)

The Hebrew Yeshua vs The Greek Jesus
by Nehemia Gordon

The Infancy Gospels of James and Thomas
by Ronald Hock

The Jewish Annotated New Testament
by Levine and Brettler

The Jewish War
by Flavius Josephus

The Naming of Jesus in Hebrew Matthew
by Nehemia Gordon

A Prayer to Our Father
by Nehemia Gordon and Keith Johnson

Salkinson-Ginsburg’s Translation of the New Testament (Hebrew)
Isaac Salkinson and David Ginsburg's translation into Hebrew

The Septuagint with Apocrypha (Greek, English)
by Lancelot Brenton

Synopsis of the Four Gospels
by Kurt Aland

The Works of Philo
Translated by C.D. Yonge

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