Hebrew Voices – Passover Special (Rebroadcast)

Israel Leaving Egypt, Passover, Passover sacrifice, Nehemia Gordon, leaven, Torah Pearls Passover, torah pearls, original torahIn this episode of Hebrew Voices, Passover Special, Nehemia Gordon and Keith Johnson delve into the story of the exodus, beginning with Ex 12:21. They start off by sharing the time they personally experienced "darkness so dark, it could be felt". Nehemia points out a few examples in the exodus story where we are given background information by way of a flashback and he explain how the Passover sacrifice was brought, who could eat of it and how it should be commemorated today. Keith gets all excited when they come to the part where Yehovah introduces His calendar and Nehemia suggests we be tolerant of our neighbor who may be celebrating the holidays on a different date than ourselves. Nehemia also gives a very quick overview of the three different types of leaven and the extent of the prohibition of leaven on Chag HaMatzot (Passover). Continue reading

The Yom Kippur Jazz Singer

Scene from the movie The Jazz Singer (1972).One Yom Kippur I watched a great movie, the original 1927 film The Jazz Singer. This was the first "talkie," containing several scenes with sound, although most of it was still silent. The second “talking” scene in the movie - actually, the second non-silent scene in movie history - features a Jewish cantor singing Kol Nidre, a famous Yom Kippur prayer in Aramaic. This alone makes the movie worth watching. Just imagine an American audience in 1927. The first time they see a "talking" movie. And it’s a Rabbi singing a Jewish prayer in Aramaic! Continue reading

Hebrew Voices #25 – A Sober Purim in Jerusalem (Rebroadcast)

A-Sober-Purim-in-Jerusalem600x521In this episode of Hebrew Voices, A Sober Purim in Jerusalem, Nehemia visits with Rabbi "Big" Mike Gondelman to learn about the Jewish approach to treating alcoholism. The conversation opens with profound insights into the character of the Persian King Ahasuerus whose alcohol-driven binges nearly resulted in the total annihilation of the Jewish People. After hearing this interview, you will never look at Purim, alcoholism, or Alcoholics Anonymous the same way again. Continue reading

Unity vs Uniformity

Since the 1980s I have been striving to understand our Creator's holy calendar and live in accordance with the times He hard-wired into Creation. Over the years I have seen a proliferation of calendar systems among those turning to Scripture, as my own understanding has also grown and deepened. Calendar disputes have led to division and strife since the time of the Dead Sea Scrolls. However, I believe that honoring our Creator's calendar to the best of our ability, should not be something that divides us. Continue reading

Tammuz and the Lunar Sabbath

tammuz-lunar-sabbathThis Support Team Study, Tammuz and the Lunar Sabbath, is a follow up to my last message "Don't Call It Tammuz!" In this audio teaching I explain how Jewish months and English weeks have been usurped by pagans, covering over the biblical truth underneath both systems, and provide definitive proof why the the Lunar Sabbath is nonsense and where the nonsense comes from. I also talk briefly (yeah, right) about the Yearly Sabbath or Shemitah cycle, which provides a sharp contrast to the Weekly Sabbath or Shabbat cycle.

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Hebrew Voices #28 – The Renewed Sanhedrin

The Sanhedrin in deliberations on Mount Zion next to David's Tomb on March 30, 2016. The man standing on the far left is Professor Hillel Weiss. Photo by Nehemia Gordon.In this episode of Hebrew Voices, The Renewed Sanhedrin,  Nehemia Gordon chats with Professor Hillel Weiss, official spokesperson for the Jerusalem Sanhedrin. Their conversation is recorded near David’s tomb—the strategic meeting place of this Sanhedrin.  They begin with an historical overview of the Sanhedrin from each of their own perspectives as well as the perspectives of others. Continue reading

Aviv Barley and the Gold Pandas

Aviv-Barley-and-the-Gold-PandasShalom All Y'all,

With the Aviv Search now over, last night I finally got my first good night of sleep in a week! The intensity of the Aviv Search had me going on adrenalin, coffee and prayers. This year's Aviv Search has been a true cliffhanger. This morning I prayed about it and read over the "other" Aviv reports that are making their way around the internet. It was clear to me that we looked through the very fields where some have claimed to find Aviv. We even shared some of this process as we were doing it in the podcast Proclaiming a Hebrew Leap Year of Faith. I can understand how someone who already decided it was turning into a New Year before his very eyes based on the vineyards, goat utters, and other factors (or is that utter factors?) could climb up one of the hills in that area and be convinced that he is looking at fields of Aviv Barley. On Tuesday March 8 we spent at least 1.5 hours driving through the back roads of those fields with the aid of a new (and very costly) GPS app that provides near-military grade maps, basically the highest you can get without being on an active IDF combat mission. As much as I was expecting to find Aviv, especially based on the exterior appearance of the barley, it just wasn't Aviv yet. We returned to the same area on Thursday March 10, just to give the barley the maximum amount of time to turn Aviv before entering into a new Hebrew month. And it still was not Aviv. Continue reading

Hebrew Voices #24 – Proclaiming a Leap Year of Faith

Proclaiming-a-Leap-Year-of-Faith600pxThis week's episode of Hebrew Voice, Proclaiming a Leap Year of Faith, was recorded live on the Aviv Search in 2016. We take you to the very place of the proclamation in the barley fields of Israel. Walk with us through the process as we uncover God's appointed times according to the calendar hard-wired into Creation!

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