Hebrew Voices #24 – Proclaiming a Leap Year of Faith

Proclaiming-a-Leap-Year-of-Faith600pxThis week's episode of Hebrew Voice, Proclaiming a Leap Year of Faith, was recorded live on the Aviv Search in 2016. We take you to the very place of the proclamation in the barley fields of Israel. Walk with us through the process as we uncover God's appointed times according to the calendar hard-wired into Creation!

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15 thoughts on “Hebrew Voices #24 – Proclaiming a Leap Year of Faith

  1. Thank you, Nehemia, for your efforts in the Barley Search every year in the Land of Israel. It is of utmost importance to me to know when the New Year actually begins. As an Orthodox Jew who was raised with the Rosh Hashanah nonsense, it is so refreshing to me to know what is Yom Teruah and what is the actual Rosh Hashanah.

  2. Thank you for your work. I imagine before you could expect Rabbinic Judaism to accept Aviv you have to get them to celebrate Purim during the 12th month instead of the 13th month.

    • Not being familiar with weather and agriculture in the Biblical part of the world, I was wondering if barley might ripen earlier in Egypt than Israel and that since the commandment of the first month was given in Egypt one should look for aviv in Egypt rather Israel.

  3. I just finished listening to this chronicle of your search, and found it very informative. However, there was a question raised for me.

    If the instruction was to not *eat* the barley prior to the wave offering, then it would have been theoretically possible for the entire crop to have been harvested and sitting waiting to be eaten. But we are also told to start the count to Shavuot from “the day you put the sickle to the grain.”

    How would that work? If the crop had to be harvested “early”, then would a certain amount be left uncut so as to wait to “put the sickle” to it until the sabbath of ULB, in order to match the instruction for the count?

    • It does not as “global warming” is an idiotic hoax. Before you think me a conspiracy theorist or worse, let me explain: I was a member of the Union of Concerned Scientists who were espousing the global warming theory in the 1980’s. After numerous conferences and even attempts to influence Congress, I (and several others) came to the conclusion that the planet is still on the cooling cycle that it has been on for many, many years. We quit the Union. Weather operates very differently every year for many reasons. After the record snows and cold weather of the past few years, it would be hard for any rational human being to espouse the “global warming” hoax. Thank you for listening.

      • Thank you, daysofezekiel, for posting this comment as it is amazing how well this “Global Warming” hoax has penetrated into the beliefs of so many in our societies.

        Yah bless you.

  4. shalom que yah weh les de su ruahj para proclamar su v erdad con celo y proclamar a yahshua con la verdad de las sagradas escrituras espero con anhelo el pesaj de 14 de nisan de 2016 desde argentina jo rge un siervo de yahweh

  5. Good Job! I feel relieved for some reason. If 2016 Tishr 1 was smittah, then we would not have planted. If there’s no planing, we would still expect to find Aviv Barely?

    • Wild barley grows every year. Also, when harvesting cultivated barley, some kernels invariably fall to the ground to grow the next year.

  6. Toda Nehemiah and all the other searchers! It is good to have the latest information given directly from the land of Israel! So a second Purim festival for us! Yeah, Baruch YHVH!

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