Hebrew Voices #123 – Camp Ephraim Sukkot

In this episode of Hebrew Voices, Camp Ephraim Sukkot, Bible Scholar Nehemia Gordon meets with people from among the nations who made a pilgrimage to Jerusalem to worship the God of Israel on Sukkot in fulfillment of the prophecy in Zechariah 14:16-17.

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15 thoughts on “Hebrew Voices #123 – Camp Ephraim Sukkot

  1. This was so sweet and exciting to hear and see so many like minded people from around the world. Thank you so much for doing this!

  2. Current updates would be welcome. I wonder if there are commercial tenting facilities near Jerusalem for such pilgrims?

    At this stage of Yah’s timeline, presumably succoth is more of a Time than a Location, but we look forward to the blessed day when Yah will make a way for all to gather in the holy city.

    What another wonderful year, when Most are on the same calendar!

    • I have not found such facilities, Walter. But as more and more people begin to wake up and keep their appointments, it will become a necessity. I join you in lookiing forward to that.

      Re. a Time rather than a Location, I have to say I don’t see support for that view. The priests may not be able to do their part, but there is nothing whatsoever keeping the people from doing theirs. (except, this year, the airlines and the Israeli government, of course).

  3. Yehova bless you Nehemiah!

    Only step by step we realize the “way” it takes for each of us to be brought back together under one Sukka.

    With deep appreciation –
    yours Chris and Anke Günther
    followers of The Way
    with Johannes, Yael, Noa, Ruth and David

    • Sukkot Shalom, Chris! I always pray to make it, and one day will. Bless you and your family, the entire camp, and all the tribes – by extension all the peoples! I heard the Parade of Nations has been steadily growing from just a few dozen 20 years ago, to over a thousand last year. Be safe and healthy one and all, shem YeHoVaH.

  4. The prophecy is yet to be fulfilled.
    I am sure the excursion was broadening but not prophetic. Let’s not jump ahead of God’s timeline.

    • Isaiah 56 the chapter of promise to the unclean and gentiles. Prophecy doesnt always happen in the blink of an eye. Isaiah 56:8 in part says ‘Yet will I gather OTHERS unto him..’ Just like the unclean beasts that were taken aboard the ark. They didn’t all show up on one day. YAHOVA has no time line, we do.

  5. This video was made in 2018. That spot is either a parking lot or a building now. Last year, it was in the early stages of construction, and I don’t know what it became eventually But every year, the Creator makes a way. Hallelu-Yah !

    • Amein! I have to agree,
      I find that as I read The Word of YeHoVaH and by the righteous One Yeshua through (H.S.) Ruach haQodesh, the Message, each one, draws me closer and washes my mind (Roman’s 12) and brings newness in my whole being like it says it will… Jer. 31:31-34.
      Let us continue to glorify YHVH in all we do!
      Thank you for bringing us this illustration

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