Hebrew Voices #132 – Boiling a Kid in its Mother’s Milk

In this episode of Hebrew Voices, Boiling a Kid in its Mother’s Milk, Bible Scholar Nehemia Gordon explains the difference between exegesis and eisegesis, the problem with Torah 2.0, and what his cousin that lived in the 1800s and him have in common.

I look forward to reading your comments!

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  • Walter Schwenk says:

    How good it is to be neither an adder to the word, or a diminisher from it. Grateful for all of like mind. Shabbath shalom!

  • Faro says:

    Deuteronomy 14:21.
    You will not cook the kid in your mother’s milk
    Do not give him the word santa (sustenance) from our father of light (origin) to strangers and foreigners (kids). (Evil and mourning because they despise anyone who tries to correct them). Probervio 9: 8 Do not reprimand to the spin, so that he does not hate you; Reprends to the wise, and he will love you. 9 gives the wise man, and he will be wiser; He teaches the righteous, and will increase the knowledge of him.
    blessings for you.

  • Kevin says:

    Can you provide a reference that you mentioned to the Canaanite Bible? I have argued the same point about the pagan roots of this practice but I would love to be able to point them to a book to prove the point.

  • Rick E. Titus says:

    Thank you Nehemia for standing on the Wall and shouting the truth of the Hebrew Scriptures. Your visit today brought back memories of all I have heard you say since your first meeting with Michael Rood there in Jerusalem. May YeHoVaH bless you in these last days before Yeshua returns.
    Rick E. Titus