Torah Pearls #20 – Tetzaveh (Exodus 27:20-30:10)

Kohen Gado, Torah Pearls Tetzaveh, Torah Pearls, Tetzaveh, Exodus 27:20-30:10, torah portion, Nehemia Gordon, priest, temple, incense, tabernacleIn this episode of The Original Torah Pearls, Tetzaveh (Exodus 27:20-30:10), we begin with a discussion of how modern day synagogues and churches attempt to emulate the commandments for the decoration of the Biblical priests and the Temple.  This leads to an enlightening discussion on the interpretation of Scripture, and who has the right to decide what the scriptures say. Other topics include Josephus's statement that the name of God has four vowels and whether David sinned when he ate the Bread of the Presence.

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7 thoughts on “Torah Pearls #20 – Tetzaveh (Exodus 27:20-30:10)

  1. Amen. Nehemia got on a roll about 40 min. into it, and I must agree (and it goes across the spectrum of believers). So, looking at scripture we can see how men of YHVH could seek an answer when they too had no Temple, High Priest, Urim nor Thummim. Use good discernment, as there are good and not-so-good examples.

  2. So many of us came to Christianity with empty heads and hands. Some of us fattened our heads with doctrines but our hands remained empty.-” You can’t “HAND”LE the TRUTH.——- ” A Few Good Men”

  3. I LOVE Deut. 30:11-14! Repeated in NT. When I get frustrated studying Torah to understand correctly what יהוה is saying, I read these verses off my inside doorpost. Thanks for how you all have helped in this walk.

  4. Recently I read that Samuel was ascending to the High Place in 1 Samuel 9:12-13. I was shocked, but not as confused as I would have been had you all not called attention to the fact that King David, among many others, had done it as well and seemingly thought they were doing the right thing.

    What shocked me was that Yehovah had just revealed in Samuel’s ear one day before he went to the High Place that Saul was coming and would be ruler over Israel and save them from the Philistines, so He hadn’t rejected Samuel due to his action of going to the High Place. I get the impression that Yehovah was ok with Samuel operating as the “seeer” and using the High Place. This confuses me. Do you have anything you can share with me that may clarify why Yehovah was allowing this? …even if it’s chakah sp? 🙂

  5. A fascinating topic/discussion around 52 minutes. Is this the key reason why the Tetragrammaton was not written in the Greek New Testament scriptures?

  6. E-e-e-haw! I hear you say, Keith, that you know you’re “in exile”!
    I too, know I’m a child of captivity, scattered and so alien from His covenant instructions.
    Abba’s Hebrew timing/TORAH/tetragrammeton, have been so deceitfully labeled ‘abominable,’ yet they are THE MARK of having escaped the abominable bonds of idolatry! How many here in the good ‘old U.S.of A, wanta hear that, though? We’re bred to believe this is REAL freedom!).
    I’ve been set free, free indeed alright, I’m now FREE TO OBEY TORAH YHVH! Now that’s real freedom. Whom the Son sets free, is free indeed! Praise to the Father through YESHUA His son, born to die to stand up straight [risen, indeed] and in your words Keith, shout “Teruah!”

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