Prophet Pearls #20 – Tetzaveh (Ezekiel 43:10-27)

Prophet Pearls Tetzaveh, Ezekiel, ariel, prophecy, zadok, haftarah, Keith Johnson, nehemia gordon, parashah, Parsha, God’s name, prophets, yehovah, temple"So the altar shall be four cubits; and from the altar and upward shall be four horns." Ezekiel 43:15

This week Nehemia Gordon and Keith Johnson discuss the Prophets portion for Tetzaveh covering Ezekiel 43:10-27. In this Portion, Ezekiel describes the sin offering and the building plan for the Temple. Gordon and Johnson consider whether a spiritual or literal interpretation fits best with the minute details of the plan. We learn the iniquity for which Ezekiel’s listeners were (and we are) to be ashamed as well as the literal meanings of “temple” and “synagogue” and that word choice indicates world view.

Word studies include: “Son of man / ben adam,”  “temple / ha-bayeet,” and “back / gav,”—the last of which provides linguistic proof for the pronunciation of God’s name. Gordon expounds on “ariel” (aleph-reish-yod-aleph-lamed) – a concept central to Ezekiel’s prophecy that has been lost in English translations. We also learn the family history of Zadok—from the days of Samuel to the Apostle Paul. In closing, Gordon and Johnson savor the last words of the Portion and the best news of all—“I will accept you, declares the Lord Yehovah.”

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23 thoughts on “Prophet Pearls #20 – Tetzaveh (Ezekiel 43:10-27)

  1. Zadok Sadducees – are there any today? If there is to be another temple there needs to be b’nai Tzadok, right?

  2. Nehemia–I love the depth you and Keith have given us. I wish we could have someone transcribe your talks. I especially appreciated your explanation of the four vowels, but will have to go back and listen again to write it down.

  3. . I wanted to say, concerning last weeks portion, the internet seemed to completely muddle up anytime a scripture number and name was mentioned. I thought (conspiracy thinking) that possibly someone did not want us to hear or know what was being shared. I am so happy to be able to have these teachings, to continue too learn something new each week. As with the Torah Pearls, the Prophet Pearls are opening my mind and heart to the Truth of Yahovah and the honesty of what is written in Hebrew. Thank you both for taking the time and effort of sharing these Truths and common ground with me. Shalom

  4. I have to strongly agree with Nehemia’s comments about the “original Torah Pearls”. It was so hard for us to witness the spirit of division and bridge burning creep in towords the end. It was heart breaking and frustrating to say the least. To have a forum of common ground between brothers who have different backgrounds and understanding was a blessing from YHVH, and it helped us to cleave to the Father rather than some institution. When it ended, we needed no explination as to why. It was aparent. But we prayed that one day, you two brothers would come back together and again be a light to all nations. Prayers answered! My question is for nehemia: will we be able to fellowship with you when we are in THE LAND with Keith on the upcoming tour? We missed you on the first tour and we were so bummed about that. I would love a chance to express my deep apreciation for you and how i have learned so much from you and your steadfast commitment to “common ground”. Please, if possible, fellowship with us!! You are my brother! Both of you BE ENCOURAGED! You are doing the will of YHVH!

  5. Ariel is the name of one of the 12 main signs in the heavenly circuit. That Ariel represents “Judah and Yahuhsua H’Moshiach.” One of the stars (messengers) in this constellation means king I think.
    Ariel can also refer to the “Tribe of Judah” and “the power of Judah.”
    Unto Judah, the Covenant promise to Judah is the Scepter. Excuse my spelling. The scepter represents ultimate power, which reminds me of Queen Hadassa the Jewess when she went before her husband, the king of Persia to beg for the lives of the Yahud’im, after the evil Haman sent an edict throughout all the nations, sealed with King Askotheroth’s signet ring, to put out the lamp of Judah forever.. As you know, Haman’s plan backfired, and the Yahud’im were spared and also lifted up.
    Is that a pearl?

      • Well it all started before man was created. The word became… the stars and planets were created for signs… The 12 constellations are the 12 tribes. There is Noah’s ark up there too, and the sea monster that swallowed Jonah. Ephrayim is represented by a Rheem, a very large ox, now extinct. In that constellation is what some call “the 7 sisters,” but it actually represents a menorah, and the Aleph which is the first letter in the Aleph-Bet.
        Rather than “cancer” a crab in some languages, that constellation is a flock of sheep being protected by two guard donkeys. I love donkeys, by the way. My donkey is one of the smartest animals I have ever seen. His name is Gubby, meaning boss.
        The proof of Ariel, Ephrayim, and all the other constellations still exists today. We can read these each clear night. Their story is recorded in Scripture all over the place. Or maybe, they are a record of Scripture. Abba named the “messengers/stars.” He put them in their circuit. He asked our father Abraham if he knew the account of the stars/messengers? Had Abraham already heard the good news? Did he know the answer to Yah’s question?
        It was then, Abba told Abraham the story of our salvation, and explained the covenant and that Ephrayim would become the completeness of the nations. All of that is written “in the heavenlies, according to the names of the stars/messengers, that Abba made, before a man ever put foot on the earth.
        The only way Babylon could have known about a mother/maiden, and her child, and to pretend to be that mother Sumramis, and that child Tammuz, was to have learned the names of the stars, and of course, changed the name to fit their own agenda.
        Shabbat Shalom Nehemia
        PS. You can always look at archeology, but a lot of that is like reading a Hebrew Bible that has been translated into English.

      • Dear Nehemia,
        First, I just want you to know I think of Judah as my kin. My tribe Ephrayim is represented by Aleph or Ox, the Rheem constelation. That constellation includes The Seven Candlesticks, the menorah, 7 churches, lost tribes, return of Ephrayim, also called The Northern Tribes, also represented by the northern fish in the Pieces constellation, Yehudah being the southern fish. Either way, there will come one son of David to sit on a real thrown, on the real earth one day. This one will reign forever. This one was ordained from before the earth was created, written in the stars as a witness forever, Ariel.

        Both fish in the constellation Pieces, show the shadow picture of one tribe, Israel, now divided (as in the days of Jeroboam, unto this day) Knowing the tribe Yehudah, is also represented by the constellation known as Ariel, Judah is a brother to the tribe Ephrayim from the same father Jacob; I therefore think of Yahushua as kin, my big brother, He is whom I know already as The Moshiach. So as the Levites kept the menorah in the temple glowing, Jews hope for the return of the rest of Israel. I believe this is the hope that we will all be returned to the home sweet home land, there in what is in part known as Israel on the map, just a smidge of the entire kingdom.

        YHWH says it will be done at some point. Before that ever happens in full, Christian will have to leave their idolatry behind, and Judah will have to relinquish their unauthorized authority to the rightful heirs, whom we all shall obey. The high priest in the order Malek Tzedek, the one who open the door to the Father for us. This was prophesied as Israel blessed his 12 sons. Shilo has come.

        Before the true temple can be rebuilt, the whole world must hear the good news.

        This is the same message of good news that Yahushua taught. This good news is like a blue ribband woven throughout Sctipture from Bereshit to Revelations. The good news Yahushua taught is this, “Fear Elohim and give glory to Him who created the heavens, the earth, the sea, the fountains of water and all that there is in them, for His judgment is eminent. This one is YHWH. SHEMA Isra’el YHWH is one.

        As a follower of Yahushua, that one who came ONLY for the lost sheep of the house of Isra’el, which definitely includes me personally; I understand from “my Scripture,” and a true blue righteous Jew name Yochanan Ben Zachariah, not only a Levite, but so much more, as he was the final Malek Tzedek until Yahushua Messiah. As we learned in Tenach about the high priest being murdered on the steps to the temple, and as Yochanan’s father Zacheriah (also former Malek Tzedek) also served in the Temple of YHWH in Yahuhsua’s time here; that Zachariah fulfilled Scriptue relating to his death. As we know Yochanan a bit of a rebel of the system, in fear for his life, and rightly so, had been whisked away, even as a young child into the wildreness, even as Yahushua was whisked away to Egypt, else SURELY both would have died in the Jerusalem massacre by Herod when he sent forth an edict to have all baby boys under age two to be slain.

        Many babies died, and surely Rachel wept for her children who were slain because their parents had not received the spirit of truth. This spirit was stopped up by the false prophets who were moved to self examination by Yahuhsua when he stooped and wrote in the sand, “:Raheb Hem Shabbet,” meaning as “to stop the flow of water in a crimped hose.’ These false prophets stopped the spirit of the most high from anyone who heard them. Those who were prophesied of old, to write it on a scroll for a later time, Pharisees who claim to be teachers, but teach falsely, not according to Torah, and may I include with that all the so called Christian pastors and priest who do exactly the same thing. This is why they truly wanted Yahushua dead. He was about to destroy the entire false system. Their nakedness being exposed on the steps to the temple, in the murder of Zachariah, and so many other righteous men who have died and will die in order that the truth be heard.

        Yochanan Ben Zachariah never got a chance as Melek Tzedek, like his father Zachariah had, to have the honor to serve in Yah’s temple. No, Yochanan was also murdered, in prison, having his head loped off and placed on a silver platter.

        To me, this signifies the end of the Levitical Priest hood as it was, and the fulfillment of the Malek Tzedek Priesthood, finally being placed upon the Messiah Yahushua, who I also call “KIng of Yah’s kingdom, which will come,” and THIS KINGDOM is where the temple will be rebuilt, and the king will sit on his thrown, and THIS IS THAT KINGDOM WHICH OUR FATHER ABRAHAM SAW AFORTIME, as did King David.

        I am afraid to say that any temple built before his return, might be the perfect place for the anti-Messiah to sit. (in my opinion)

        So Yochanan Ben Zachariah’s mission was completed when he lay his hand on Yahushua at his mikvah and transformation of The Malek Tzedek Priesthood crossed from Yochanan to Yahuhsua at that time. The Malek Tzedek Priesthood surpassed genealogies and only rested on one man at a time all the way from the first Adam.

        SO now after all that, hopefully you can see how Yochan Ben Zachariah IS a reliable witness, and that the Book of the Revelation IS relevant here in this discussion.

        The Scriptural reference I use is mostly from the book of the Revelation, written by a Holy man, a Melek Tzedek himself, if only for a short while, who wrote about the sign in the heaven, a maiden with a crown of 12 stars on her head, which in physical reality is the constellation of ARIEL, which represents both Judah the tribe, and Yahushua the Messiah.

        You can find that Scripture reference in Revelations 12:1 at which time of year The Feast of Tabernacles takes place, for the sign of Bethula, or Virgo is the 7th month symbol.

        Sorry for the rant, but I though it important to prove the witness Yochanan Ben Zachariah as worthy.


      • Hi Nehemia. Just reading my former comments today. I didn’t say Ariel refers to a constellation. I said that there is a constellation which in Greek is Leo, in English Lion, and in Hebrew Ariel. Scripture refers to the tribe of Judah as a lion. Scripture also refers to Ephrayim as an ox that plows. There is also a constellation called Taurus, or Bull. Remember Yah named every star in the sky. Also look back into time to Babylon when we know they worshipped the sun, moon, and stars. When YHWH changed the languages to stop the completion of a One World Order, the names of those stars changed, but their meaning did not. Sorry I do not quote Scripture verses here, but you can do searches in Bible programs like e-sword. I am not a scholar. I am just a girl who loves Abba and keeps His commands. I read Scripture and remember the things I read, but as for memorizing the exact verses, I do not do that. I use e-sword if necessary, and so can everyone else who wants to learn more on this very cool topic. One thing you might look into are the old tile floors in Israel. I think there was a temple which had these built into the old floor. I am sure there are very old archeological finds which show the same thing. I firmly believe that before the Torah was written on stone or on skins, that the Word was written in the heavenlies, through the names of the stars, which is why stars are also called messengers. Their names truly tell a story, HIS-story. Nimrod knew it and like the Greeks who stole the Torah and inserted the named of their mighty ones in the place of Abba’s set-apart name, Nimrod did the same thing, and so did his evil wife/widow.

  6. In response to Nehemia’s question about the sacrificial system set in place for the third Temple (Ezekiel 43: 19 and onwards): It is my understanding that the sacrifice of Yeshua put an end to the need for an Atonement Sacrifice (Yom Kippur). This was a sacrifice for the “cleansing of man”. The sacrifices mentioned in this passage relate to the cleansing of the physical, earthly temple because of the desecration and its contact with corpses as a result. This is in conjunction with the ashes of the Red Heifer which will be used to cleanse the physical land before the temple is built.


        The observance, not blood sacrifice or how are you sacrificing now, in short you are thousands of Sacrifices in arrears, and without a blood sacrifice. Exile will be a picture of what continual disobedience without repentance brings.No Sacrifice, no place of or for Sacrifice. A warning for YISRAEL. There has to be a return to no death and suffering and it has to include creation, as it was in the garden. YAHSHUA IS THE END TO THIS AND THE RESTORER OF ALL THINGS FIRST ADAM LOST DOMINIAN FORVCREATION AS SUCH THE SECOND ADAM/YAHSHUA RESTORES THAT.




  7. People misunderstand that the Third Temple has already been built, and it is naught but rubble. The original Temple is the Word Messiah, and his copy was made by King Solomon as a building with esoteric human features. That original Temple was built outside of time and space. The best information I have seen online is by Tony Badillo, his Secrets Of Solomon’s Temple.

    Will there be a Fourth Temple? Will sacrifices continue again in the form of fruit and vegetable products?

    I empathise with Keith here. You can’t discuss the Tanakh with most christians. They’re not interested.

  8. Ezekiel’s Temple is amazing compared to what human’s who want to build. Human’s have a way of falling short of what God has planned for humans. Humans cast God’s plans behind them for what they want to do. But,He will have the last say in the matter. Maybe,he destroyed the false alters. They cannot remove their sins or gain acceptance/blessing from their gods. David’s way, repentance, Remorse, prayers, and retribution was cleansing, He is putting it in their face. Some people will have to go though the sacrificial system. The Lord said he prefers remorse, true repentance,mercy to sacrifices. The killing of an animal should be a gut wrenching abhorrent but a valued event. Not just routine.This is one reason the lamb is taken in to the house and cared for. Farmers who raise their animals may know that they have to provide food for their families. But, those animals set aside have valve. They are real creatures. they are not faceless feel less creatures on plastic trays covered in plastic. The message is stop your behaviors because something will die.Think before you do something. Some people just don’t get what sacrifice is! They don’t valve a pardon. Not everyone will accept the messiah’s authority. We see this in Zechariah and therefore will have to go through the old school harsh method to learn to curb behaviors, putting the lord first by giving up what they valve, accept his authority, cleaning up of their sins. Then there is celebration-good will type offerings of praise. Like a tribute.
    Just like some have doubts about Moses exsistence. Some people doubt what is written in the Torah/Bible. Then some just won’t read and prefer to doubt God relying on themselves and what is comfortable for themselves.

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