Torah Pearls #18 – Mishpatim (Exodus 21:1-24:18)

Torah Pearls Mishpatim, Exodus 21:1-24:18, commandments, Torah Pearls, torah portion, Nehemia Gordon, torah pearls, mount sinaiIn this episode of The Original Torah Pearls, Mishpatim (Exodus 21:1-24:18), we tackle the Biblical issue of slavery and then move on to issues of debt, abortion, and end with a discussion about the process of the revelation of Scripture. I look forward to reading your comments below.

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16 thoughts on “Torah Pearls #18 – Mishpatim (Exodus 21:1-24:18)

  1. Pure Gold! Thanks so much for that Portion-and-a-half. Regarding what the multitude saw at Sinai; I’m thinking that if I’m at the base of a mountain looking up at a very large dynamic figure seated on a throne at the top of said mountain, and this figure has its feet on a pavement made of some translucent gemstone, then the vision would be ‘filtered’ through that ‘pavement’. And, who says you can’t see spirit? Scripture clearly states some can sometimes. With YHVH all things are possible. YHVH’s blessings!

  2. Nehemia you seemed adverse to YHVH having a “physical” form since He is spirit. Is it possible He can condense in time and space to present himself with a body? Is it possible the elders saw His form in the spiritual realm vs physical realm?

    The whole congregation heard His voice? Sound is tangible. Just as a body is tangible.

    • Why do we say silly things like, God can’t be in a physical form? Anytime I say God can’t I end up being wrong. God can do anything he wants, including appear in physical form. Perhaps, He can’t do things like Lie/Break His Covenant. Pretty much anything else, God can.

  3. As for there being more Blacks in Prison ( slavery), than Whites ; I sat in a lecture with a State’s Attorney who is actually a Liberal person. The lopsided prison population is not due to judicial prejudice as it pertains to Race. From the Judge who presides over a Case, to the Attorney’s and Police Officers , their collective #1 priority is not meting out Justice but rather, PUBLIC SAFETY. This is how it was explained by the State’s Attorney; In rendering verdicts and assigning penalties and sentences, the Courts first priority of PUBLIC SAFETY requires them to protect the innocent. Hence, when an Attorney pleads with a Judge for leniency, the first thing that is looked at for minors, especially, is whether the perpetrator has a valid and stable support structure at his/her home. Sadly, more than half of young Blacks in most American cities do not have a stable nuclear family structure to be sent home to for monitoring any proposed probation.The Court is forced to incarcerate as opposed to releasing the individual back into an unsupervised environment. Obviously there are some Judges who have “axes to grind” but the goal should always be; not to have to stand before that Judge, yes ?

    • It’s true, I work in Rehabilitation for local inmates in Upstate NY. I see firsthand the damage done by ultra liberal courts. We see kids get cut a break the first several times they commit a crime and then finally the judge slams the gavel having expected change. We are backwards, punishment is invalid when it isn’t immediate or effective. Would you let your dog crap on the floor six times and beat it the seventh to teach it? Strong punishment on first offenses are the only effective solution to use the system for behavior modification.

  4. Shalom Nehemia!
    I am so grateful to you,Keith, and Jono for bringing such life to the Torah!
    I will hopefully be able to show my gratitude monetarily in the near future. Without getting into backstory I had been studying the value of 5 Shekels of silver all weekend to redeem my firstborn son Aloysha (10.) I had found a sight to purchase 1/2 oz pure silver coins but didn’t complete the sale. Of course, when I listened to the first half of Mishpatim this morning Jono asked the question can one redeem himself? I was elated at the thought of being able to redeem myself, Halleluyah!
    Then while waiting for my morning Decaf I started to ponder the thought of Redemption, being the Firstborn and given that my father has passed should I redeem my younger brother Jacob. Who was firstborn to his mother as well? Is he also firstborn?
    many Blessings and thanks,
    קסה שלום רב לאהבי תורתך ואין-למו מכשול

  5. Quick question ?

    Do you really said Exodus 21:22 that if man kill the unborn baby or woman. Then this man should be dead ? That is life for life work.

    Were karaite Jews are against abortion because it violate the God law of murder by Genesis 9:6 and bible claim blood is life or life is in blood. Unborn have blood.

  6. As always, I love the torah pearls. However, I feel this episode was getting a little too political. I know it may be necessary to talk about todays issue to help in understanding, but I for one am sick of hearing politics. Lets not ruin a good thing.

  7. Shalom brothers and sisters! Concerning the issue of what was given and what was not, on the mount. There is ambiguity here and it is purposeful. These issues are madning and to say that YHVH gave 100% on the mount. Did not Adams boys know Torah concerning sacrifice and that which is acceptable and what was not?, even to the point of sin and righteousness? Soooooo, then we can asuridly say that Torah existed and was given way back then! How much one may acceptably ask? ENOUGH is the answer. Adam and Chavvah positively had access to Torah knowledge and KNEW it. The long physical life folks experienced in those times proves it. The only important pertinent question concerning our present Torah portion is, how did Torah become available “in the beginning”? This is rather a simple quest but must precede with prerequisites to comprehend. For another venue perhaps. NOW,,,, can we please “nail down” the fact that Torah knowledge has existed from the beginning of physical man and leave behind the madness? I personally would appreciate being “less mad” in these troubled times! Blessings to all and yes to our rather madning president too! LOL

    • Isn’t it the Torah which tells us what is good and evil? Did Adam learn good and evil from eating of the tree? Wasn’t eating of the tree the knowledge of the Torah?

      There are many things that were added in Moses’ time which certainly would be different in Adam’s time, such as the tabernacle or not marrying your sister, but the basics, like the Ten Commandments, would still be there in both times.

  8. Nehemia, your guess about the number of slaves in America before the 13th compared to today was close but today the number of slaves by the definition of the13th amendment is half of the number as of 1860 prior to the enactment of the 13th.

    Thank you for this enlightened view of what slavery truly is…

  9. Regarding a thief or a breaking and entering as well as an attack on ones person. This appears to be a case where self defense is mandatory. Especially when the ‘Good Samaritan’ law is on the slate in many countries. Martyrdom is not a righteous option as some see it, but, a self righteous action on the part of a number in Christian history. Else why did Yeshua pray to Yehovah and ask three times if this could be done some other way? BTW a can of ‘wasp’ or ‘bear’ spray is very effective up to 25 feet away if firearms are not an option.

  10. For the first time in several years I feel so protected by God’s love. Exodus 22:22,23 where it says about widow and a child without a father. My father died when I was 17, so my mum, sister and I had a lot of difficulties. Now I see that God has a higher standard for us, who were unprotected, and He protected us with His love.

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