Torah Pearls #7 – Vayeitzei (Genesis 28:10-32:3)

Torah Pearls Vayeitzei, Genesis 28:10-32:3, Bethel, dream, dreams, Jacob’s ladder, mandrakes, nehemia gordon, parashah, Parsha, parshas, parshat, stone of scone, Torah Pearls, Torah Portion, vayeitzeiIn this episode of The Original Torah PearlsVayeitzei (Genesis 28:10-32:3), everything old is new again in as Gordon and crew release the vacuum-seal and allow the fresh air of language, history and context to inform Jacob’s time in Haran. Jacob’s servitude to his trickster father-in-law smells sadly familiar even in English, but the echoes of reciprocal justice appear most poignant in Hebrew.

Both the obvious and obscure perplexities of the Portion are examined: Leah’s eyes, Rachel’s thievery, Jacob’s breeding practices, his oblivious honeymoon and what it means to be “remembered” by God. We learn the myth of the Stone of Scone and that Bethel is not another name for Jerusalem.

Word studies include: “deceive,” “mandrakes,” “weak,” and “God’s camp.” The two names given to “pile of witness” reveal the first time a foreign language is spoken in the Tanakh. We also learn the meaning of the names of Jacob’s children—particularly Levi and its foreshadowing of a house of prayer for all nations—where everyone’s sacrifice will be accepted.

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16 thoughts on “Torah Pearls #7 – Vayeitzei (Genesis 28:10-32:3)

  1. great Pearls….I think the entire Powerful take Away for me: if you get it dishonestly, you wont keep it. Yehovah will see to that. Very comforting.

  2. Here’s my quandary. Jacob was 130 years old when he went to Egypt and Joseph was 39. This makes Jacob 91 when Joseph was born, at the end of the second period of seven years. Jacob was then 84 when he married Rachel and Leah, which explains why he may have needed the mandrakes. I’m confused though? Reuben could not have been more than four or five years old yet he is out in the field gathering mandrakes? How can he do that when he is so young?

  3. Regarding Genesis 30:37-43, it is not as superstitious as it seems. Jacob uses knowledge of aspirin in the willow bark (Salix caprea) to counteract Laban’s cheating. Aspirin is a curative for many diseases and a fertility enhancer. Coccidiosis is a disease most common in lambs aged four to eight weeks old and it is not common in animals over three months old. A 2004 thesis by Eileen McWilliam entitled “The Effect of Poplar (Populus spp.) and Willow (Salix spp.) Supplementation on the Reproductive Performance of Ewes Grazing Low Quality Drought Pasture During Mating” by the Institute of Veterinary, Animal and Biomedical Sciences in Palmerston North, New Zealand showed “poplar supplementation increasing ewe reproductive rate by approximately 20%”. The same study states: “One of the unexpected results of the experiments was an average 34% reduction in post-natal lamb mortality over three years, due to willow/poplar supplementation of ewes during mating”. Impressive numbers, 20% more births with 34% less mortality would have given Jacob a huge advantage. Jacob would have also used his knowledge of selective breeding to visibly and obviously mark which were his.

  4. The prophet pearls was so powerful especially the part YHVH will heal , depending on ones intention and I thought this was what YHVH did when he changed Jacob’s name to Israel . The most important part is when he buried all the pagan idols and ear rings under the oak tree and that is when YHVH heals Jacob

  5. When Joseph becomes ruler in Egypt, he is 30. When he brings his father to Egypt there are still 5 years of famine making him 39 (30+7+2). Jacob tells Pharaoh he is 130 making Jacob about 91 years older than Joseph. Joseph was born at the end of the 14 years of servitude to Laban for the two sisters. This means Jacob was around 77 years old when he stole Esau’s blessing, ran to Haran and met Rachel at the well. Did teenage maiden Rachel really want to marry such an old man? Incidentally, Jacob still outlived both sisters.

    Do we really think Jacob was a virgin at 77? He is the son of a wealthy man with hundreds of servants(slaves). We know he didn’t have a wife back in Canaan, but might he have had concubines and thus children by those concubines?

    Laban was an adult when Rachel left to go be Isaac’s wife and Jacob was not born for at least another 20 years. Laban had to be at least 120 (or more) when Jacob showed up and began the 20 years of work. I love the thought of 97 year old Jacob running across the land, with a 3 day head start, trying to stay ahead of 140 year old Laban bearing down on him. Do you think they walked with canes at their advanced age?

    The trip back to Canaan took a while so Jacob was nearing 100 at this point. He then wrestles down in the sand with God, and prevails! at almost 100 years old?

    There is an indication of why both Abraham and Isaac sent their sons back to Haran for wives from their own family. They were breeding. Abraham was called a mighty prince. Why? Not just because of his wealth (that’s the prince part) but because he was truly a mighty person. How could Abram with only 318 men of his own house (Abram lived in tents so this phrase probably means these men of his house were his direct descendants, via concubines) take on and defeat four kings with their armies? Yes, YHVH was with him but also Abram and his sons were big, strong, mighty men.

    Jacob was not only long lived but also very big and strong. He showed up at the watering well and they told him they couldn’t move the stone off the well until everyone gathered together (it took lots of men working together to move the stone) yet 77 year old Jacob performs this great feat of strength and does it by himself. Why didn’t Rebecca want her sons to marry Hittites? Because they were small, weak, short-lived people who would produce more of the same. Isaac and Rebecca wanted their sons to breed with big, strong, long-lived people and have children like themselves and the only place to find such women was in their own family back in Haran. It was a breeding program, and herdsmen like Abraham and Isaac understood about breeding.

    • Correction, Abraham did not send his son to Haran to get a wife, he sent to Haran for a wife for his son. A wife was the mother of an heir while a concubine was not. Isaac surely was not a virgin at 40 years old when Abraham sent home for a wife. Isaac must have had concubines by then.

  6. As concerning the happening of Jacob getting Leah first. A couple of plausable explanations were put forth concerning marrying sisters etc. One comes to mind that was left out, yet the concept concerns the a critical redemptive thread, and that being the kinsman redeemer. Most folks I’ve encountered being spiritually minded, will except somewhat flippantly, the concept of “the soulmate” or that Yahovah is or should be directly envolved with choosing our prospective mates and if so,,,, the rather unknown legalities concerning this thing of soulmates and the resultant kinsman redeeming legalities, just may make a glaring appearance here in Jacobs life and as Brother Gordon (yes, I also believe that Nehemiah is a child of Almighty Father) points out, some things are just plain and open to those who have eyes to see. Again, applicable here? Consider this brothers; Jacobs elder brother married outside the parameters of Torah which is actually from everlasting, to the heartbreak of his parents. So if we hold that God has a mate for him somewhere, she is now left out in the lurch and if God Almighty will follow up with her, He will have to make some kind of “plan B” for her. Enter Jacob!!! The trickery of substituting the gals was, behind the scenes, God raising up children to Jacobs elder brother (now “dead” as far as Almighty God is concerned) according to the Torah law of the Kinsman Redeemer. Leah is actually Esaus’s true mate and Revkah is Jacob’s true mate. Still,,, things got messed up and convoluted through ignorance of what God was doing but Yahovah was and is working righteousness behind the scenes if we only have eyes to see! I believe that the law of kinsman redeemer is what was going on here and yet the particulars down through the ages of time seem far past finding out! These things will clear up a lot of issues we “wonder” about, such as; could Ruth the so called Moabite actually be a Hebrew decendent because of the prophets evil council to King Balek? These things are wonderous to consider, are they not? For most sadly, they will not ever stir a slight register. Blessing to all, me

  7. I’m leaving a comment because you askwd us to…..
    So i would have to say that without a doubt in my 35 odd years of following YHVH , your teaching is next to none for history, context and language!!!!!!
    I can’t wait for new ones to be released every week and I love long car trips!
    I trvelled 7 hours (3.5 either way) every Sunday for a couple of months and listened with avid attention.
    I love how other scriptures just pop into my head as I’m listening. Witness after witness.
    I love how the pause button is so efficient in working so that I can veer off in a search of meaty matters to sink my teeth into and most of all, i love that at the end of the day that you don’t draw conclusions….unless the text says to… just present the information and let us draw our own conclusions.
    I discovered you guys just 3 short years ago and I am stoked (Aussie idiom meaning thrilled) to be a partner and supporter of this amazing ministry that YHVH has entrusted you with.

  8. Vayeitzei
    Nehemia–Today I was listening to Torah Pearls, recorded last year. You were talking about Jacob’s treatment of his animals in Genesis 30:37-42. I have some thoughts on that. I am a traditional physician, but believe that our healing is supposed to come from every herb yielding seed and every tree which has fruit yielding seed. (Gen 1:29) and not from drug companies. I also believe that the Torah is wisdom, and therefore contains truths for healing that have been suppressed.
    Based on the passage, it appears that there are several healing properties in those branches. Peeling white stripes in them would release compounds that gave the animals the desire and ability to mate. So it would release an aphrodisiac, not only giving the desire but also the ability. It would strengthen joints, as the animals have to have strong legs and backs in order to mate. It would increase the ability to reproduce, most likely affecting hormone levels. It would also improve the mood of the animals. In humans, this would manifest as an aphrodisiac, an antidepressant, fertility agent, healing of arthritic joints (not just covering up the pain). There are probably other benefits you could name as well. Deer are known to strip the bark on trees, not just in the winter when there is nothing else to eat. So there is something there that they are seeking in their diet.
    Do you know what modern-day plants are represented in this passage—the poplar, almond and plane trees—as listed in the NASB. I would like to research them.
    Sandra Young MD
    Nov 29, 2014

  9. Shalom haverim!

    I want to share a Torah pearl. 🙂
    Lea 3 times give names to her sons because YHVH saw HER, heard HER, HER husband will get close to HER, i. e. she is focused and preoccupied with herself, but somehow she realizes that is better to PRAISE YHVH so she names her 4th son, Yehuda. She is suddenly preoccupied with and focused on YHVH.
    So she is kinda an examle for us that there is better point to praise YHVH, than to be focused on our self.
    P.s. If it’s obvious to you why did she do that, please share 😀


  10. Thank you so much for the wonderful insights into the Inspired Word.
    It seemed like we rushed over v31:53 where ‘wordhip’ can be translated ‘fear’. Is this common usage or a special instance. Many people stumble over the command to fear Him, but if it is correct to understand this to mean worship Him…then it’s very clear.

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