Torah Pearls #38 – Korach (Numbers 16:1-18:32)

Torah Pearls KorachIn this episode of The Original Torah Pearls, Korach (Numbers 16:1-18:32), we discuss whether in the rebellion against Moses & Aaron, Korah, Dathan and Abiram established a rival tabernacle? Who are the “men of renown”? Were Korah’s sons also among those swallowed by the earth? What is the significance of the censer for burning incense?

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17 thoughts on “Torah Pearls #38 – Korach (Numbers 16:1-18:32)

  1. In the first part of chapter 16, each man is to take his censer, now that brings up several images of objects, what kind of artifact would everyone have as a offering plate or mobile scent burner? A common artifact of people era? I can imagine that people might have to burn scent to cover up smells. But here they are trying to use some kind of man crafted item to offer some kind of fragrance “offering” to God? So the object is that all these people, these wealthy enough to have property of all sorts, have worship tools?

  2. This shows 4 generations since they entered Egypt and are now in the desert, ” Now Korach the son of Yitz’har, the son of K’hat, the son of Levi,”. That is unlikely to indicate 400-420 years.

  3. I understand ‘men of renown’ as fame and glory seekers, those wanting to make a name for themselves, and create a legacy for themselves and their descendants. They covet power and authority. I didn’t realize they had gone so far as making a rival tabernacle! Thanks – always informative.

    • I think ‘poking out their eyes’ refers to taking away their freedom to go as they will. They could be saying, “we’re not going up there or anywhere with you – unless you poke out our eyes and make us helpless as babies.”.

  4. Since Korach and his own had themselves their own miskhan what does it speak of, did they actually have a complete copy so to speak of the actual one ordered to be built? And regardless were they setting it up along with the other? Did they have an whole other sacrifice system?
    Or does it speak of how man sets up all the other systems regardless of its name religious system as it has today. With 30,000 plus different systems looks clear to me ..

    Do this and Live verses do the other and …..

  5. podria ser en español para tu amigo en peru si se puede solo es una sugerencia gracias por siempre por compartir tus estudios los tengo traducidos y los estudio mucho con las escrituras

  6. Oral Torah comes from this evil of self-determination, which is just another way of saying to the Almighty, “We want the last word in the matter, to rule ourselves by our own designs, rather that be subject to thy Will expressed to us through Moses and Your written Laws.”

  7. This rebellions of Korah and co are the seeds of democracy, as apposed to theocracy represented in Moses. Democracy means the rule of the people, which is an abomination exercising idolatry worship of self determination, as apposed to the fear and reverence we are obligated to the Sovereignty and Omnipotence of the Almighty.

  8. I think mutts are the most beautiful of dogs . Each one unique and special hand crafted from The All Mighty.Ihave been blessed with two lovely fuzzy babies .
    You all rock !Torah pearls rock!keep up the feast of trialogging good thought !!!! So much I have to lcome back for seconds …
    May YHVH keep my heart humble my thoughts actions and heart pure May YHVH open my eyes of understanding so that I can see truth from error and walk with ease and contentment on the path of righteousness through narrow gate.

  9. By YHWH I enjoyed this one more than any other I’ve listened to so far. Aren’t the rebels given the same title as the Enoch/Genesis Bani Elohim because they are looked upon by Yah as evil?
    Yes Ridgebacks are great dogs but they get pretty wild when you chastise them for nailing the old KFC bones in the flat rubbish bag.

  10. Nehemiah, Keith brought up the thing about the “censer’ and used both 2 Chron 26:19 and Ezek 8:11 to tie into these men being commanded by Mosheh to bring their “censers’ but what Mosheh told these men to bring were their machetah/firepan whereas in the other two they had a mikteret/censer. What is the difference? When I read these I understood them to be two different articles of usage – one is to carry live coals while the other one is used to burn incense in.
    Would you please explain this since you did not address it during this Torah discussion? Thanks!

  11. The Worldwide Church of God taught the tithing principle to be – 10% of ones gross income as the ‘first tithe’ 10% of ones gross income as the second tithe, which was to be saved for attending the annual Feast of Tabernacles and a third tithe, which was to be paid every third year and sixth year in a cycle of 7 years. Holy Day offerings from residual income was taught as well with ‘Festival sites’ competing as to the amount of Holy Day offerings. Additional ‘building fund offerings’ were taught to support the complex in Pasadena California and the ‘fleet’ of aircraft, a Grumman G2 – A Falcon fanjet and a King air prop driven plane. The ministry was paid and automobiles for them individually as well as an expense account. Once they were ‘ordained’ the ministry were exempt from paying 2nd and 3rd. tithe, but still required to pay 1st. tithe. The mileage many ministers racked up required replacing their autos every two years due to high mileage and used car value. In home member visits were required of the ministry with a weekly accounting of same and some detail, The ministry were allowed one day a week off, as many were pastors of at least one and as many as four churches and the Sabbath was taken up time wise for them.

  12. Korah and their ‘tents’ – This certainly resembles the the ‘tents’ of Orthodox Christianity and their competing tents/ cathedrals – Anglican St. Pauls – Romes St. Peters – Mormons Tabernacle – Evangelicals – Crystal Cathedral etc etc. Church buildings and denominational adherence.

  13. It is about Aaron whom God choose — I am a direct descendant of Aaron and have received Aaron’s Blessing which he passed on to his decendants!

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