Prophet Pearls #38 – Korach (1 Samuel 11:14-12:22)

In this episode of Prophet Pearls, Nehemia Gordon and Keith Johnson discuss the Prophets portion for Korach covering 1 Samuel 11:14-12:22. Gordon and Johnson’s insight into the language, history, and context surrounding Samuel’s trip to Gilgal not only inform the portion at hand, but other passages in the Torah as well as extra-biblical sources from the times of the Judges. Gordon reveals the possible identities of Jerubbaal and Bedan. The name of the king of the Ammonites, Nahash (serpent) illustrates that metaphors need to be studied carefully. The study of the word-of-the-week, “witness/ed” (ayin-dalet), includes an explanation of hollow verbs—where not all letters of the root appear.

Gordon considers whether this portion provides a picture of the coming Messiah—rejected and then accepted after a great victory. In closing, he prays that Yehovah (like Saul) will have mercy on those who don’t recognize him—and that the day of Messiah will not be a day of wrath, but a day of honoring the Name.

"Here I am! Testify against me, in the presence of Yehovah and in the presence of His anointed one..." 1 Samuel 12:3

Artwork for this week's episode is a painting by Mara Hofmann, artist.

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10 thoughts on “Prophet Pearls #38 – Korach (1 Samuel 11:14-12:22)

  1. Shalom,

    Deut 17:14 When you are come unto the land which the LORD your God gives you, and shall possess it, and shall dwell therein, and shall say, I will set a king over me,” like all the nations that are about me;”

    1Sam 8:5 And said unto him, Behold, you are old, and your sons walk not in your ways: “now make us a king to judge us like all the nations.”

    1Sam 8:19 But the people refused to heed Samuel’s warning. Instead they said, “No! There will be a king over us!

    1Sam 8:20 “We will be like all the other nations”. Our king will judge us and lead us and fight our battles.”

    The emphasis in Deuteronomy is such: “We will be like all the other nations”.” like all the nations that are about me;”

    The wish of the people in the book of Samuel is being granted.
    “We will be like all the other nations”.

    King Saul — from the tribe of Benjamin — symbolically represents all the this is what the people wanted — to be like all the other nations. To make this point, Saul eventually lost his way and his understanding , just like the nations even in todays world , (as a whole) lack the knowledge and understanding of Yehovah. To further the point, the house of Israel has been scattered into the nations.

    King David — from the tribe of Judah, is a king chosen by Yehovah — he is pictured in the foreshadow of the Messiah.( Solomon the son of David comes to mind )
    The people needed a shepherd to lead them, as they had rejected Yehovah as their king , so in his mercy and grace , he has given them David the shepherd boy.

    However, someone greater than Solomon has yet to come to redeem Israel and the world in the future….

    All in my understanding of scripture.

  2. The Day of the LORD is well described in the Tanakh–it is a day of darkness and great doom; a day of judgment and poured out wrath. The time to receive the Messiah is NOW for He has already come. Now is the time of mercy, Now is the time of deliverance. Those who have not been sealed before that Great Day will have no opportunity to repent. It is Written. If anyone has not returned to the LORD before His coming on that day, His name will not have been written in the Book of Life and there will be no chance for him. Today is the Day of Salvation. May the LORD God of Hosts open your eyes to see His wondrous provision in the Messiah, the Righteous Branch, or the root of Jesse, the suffering Servant, the Pessach Lamb of God slain for the sins of the World. May He finish what He has started in you Nehemia Gordon and bring you fully into His Light; the Light of the World, the Logos of God, Yeshua HaMashiach, Messiach benYosef. He is our only hope. Faith come by hearing and hearing by the WORD of God. The LOGOS of God; the WHOLE testimony of God–the Tanakh AND the Brit Hadasha. I love that you have been shown the err of “modern Judaism” and are a Karaite, trusting in Scripture alone, and that God has had you on this journey toward Truth. May it not remain veiled to you any longer if that has been the case–or if you have been willingly closing your eyes to it, may you have the courage to complete the course. He is waiting. He loves you. He can be trusted. He calls to you from every page of the Tanakh. Find Him there, and follow Him into the new Covenant promised through the prophet Jeremiah, through the blood of the one who was afflicted for YOU. He bore your stripes. He took your punishment. And He has been given the Name above all names. Praise His name forever!! You know what His name means. He IS the Salvation of Yah. Oh that Ephraim (lost Israel) would be grafted back into Covenant along with Judah (the already redemed of Israel), through the Righteous Branch, the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, and may the two sticks be restored echad…then, and only then will “all Israel be saved.” shalom

  3. Perhaps allowing a King over Israel is like allowing a divorce: permissible b/c of our hard hearts, but not ideal.

    • Exactly. Just because God sets up rules governing the administration of certain situations doesn’t mean he endorses, much less commands, their happening. Like taking multiple wives, divorce, indentured servitude–if everyone had Yehovah as their king, a central government becomes completely unnecessary. But as humans we are either hard-hearted or weak, and then there must be constraints and rules put in place to ensure we don’t go overboard with these situations, and our human solutions.

  4. I love yall man! First off…secondly Nehemia I’d say the reason the king ship and king duties are in Deut. Are there because as you have taught me. The Torah is not in chronological order. So I believe that in 1 Sam 10:25, Sammy “wrote in a book then put it before the Lord” it was at this time Samuel added the new rules that were not there in duet. originally. Just my thought on it. God bless. I will be giving a love gift soon sorry to hear of the slow sorry lately! Thanks fur all you’ve done again! Peace!

  5. Biblical concept from time of tent of the meeting or church pot lucks . The People brought.
    There was more than enough.

    13,211 people that like this site times $1,00=$13,211. 13,211 likes times $2.00=$26,422. That could produce a few shows.

      • Chris the discussion this week was pretty well covered and complete. No need to really cover anything for it. NG and KJ have addressed how they still have costs related to production of the studies that they are offering. Is a servant worth their hire? If you look up to the right that is the number listed for likes for NG. Not to mention KJ page. One dollar or two dollars from each person is all that may be needed to defer costs and maintain the services that they are providing. People do not have to come up with large numbers. or wait for one or two people to sponsor or cover for everyone else. This is a Biblical concept just as well as any other teaching offered. When Richard Nixon had the Swimming Pool removed from the White House. They said if people only sent in ten cents the entire pool could have been replace. Out of the small many great things happen. No excuses for why it can’t be done.

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