Torah Pearls #15 – Bo (Exodus 10:1-13:16)

The Death of the First Born by Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema

This episode of The Original Torah PearlsBo (Exodus 10:1-13:16), begins with the plague of locusts in Egypt.  From the stories of Moses stretching his hands toward Egypt we gain some fascinating insights on the power of prayer.  The discussion then moves to the death of the firstborn, and explore some of the amazing acts of The LORD providing for the Hebrew people prior to their departure.  The group then speaks at length on the determining of the New Year based on the Hebrew calendar, which allows us to determine when Passover comes. This leads to a wonderful discussion of being humble enough to admit when one is wrong.

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11 thoughts on “Torah Pearls #15 – Bo (Exodus 10:1-13:16)

  1. This just occurred to me TODAY! For weeks, Moses had been asking Pharaoh to let Israel go into the wilderness to sacrifice but he said no. Finally, God says, OK do the sacrifice IN Egypt and that kicks off the most disastrous night in all of Egyptian history! THEN Pharaoh lets them go.

  2. Just a quick thought on the darkness:

    While I have no problem with Yehovah using natural phenomena to reveal Himself, I can’t accept the darkness as natural. In this case, as with the Nile and all the other easily accessible water turning to blood, I see a supernatural cause to the darkness, While I have no definitive textual proof of this next statement, I believe that Yehovah blocked the light from even the lamps of the Egyptians and because they could get no light from the sun, much less their lamps, they were too afraid to move for the three days of the “thick darkness.”

    Thank you for all the information & inspiration. I am blessed through you all & ask our Father to bless you in return.

  3. Verse 21 ; “…, darkness so thick it can be FELT !” – Herein is the key to understanding the Egyptian’s in verse 23; “and no one went anywhere for three days.” The issue of not going anywhere wasn’t limited to the fact that there was no light but perhaps the FEELING of this “thick darkness” was also unprecedented. Yahovah states; ” I dwell in thick darkness ! ” 1 Kings 8 :12. Is this account a revelation that in the” thick darkness” the spirit of Yahovah was present and it was actually the tangible ” fear of Yahovah ” that paralyzed the Egyptians ? It’s easy to imagine the Egyptians sitting in their dark homes with the sense that, ” something is out there ! “. I see the Ten Plagues as a choreographed display of the Wisdom of Yahovah in the ” Drama of Deliverance”. It is a systematic stripping of the senses in order to bring the entire audience to a place of brokenness and teshuva. Those Egyptians who ” got it “, left with Moshe. What was happening to the land of Egypt was an outward manifestation of what may have been happening in the hearts of those who would SEE, believe and leave. As a young man I had a horrible ” fear of the Dark”. I rationalized that if Yahovah was real, He would deliver me from myself ( my fears). So, I went into my Mother’s empty house one night as she had died in her bedroom via Hospice month’s earlier. I refused to turn on any lights but made my way to her room by feeling my way through the house. When I made it to her bedroom, I stood there in numbing FEAR and began calling out to Yahovah. I remained there until my FEAR slowly turned to ANGER as Yahovah was delivering me through my sensory gates. My ANGER, because I began to see how the darkness OWNED ME. I SAW in that instance that my FEAR wasn’t in the darkness but rather, the UNKNOWN. After that night any time I have had a twinge of fear about darkness, I allow a wonderful HOLY ANGER to rise up and LIGHT UP my path.Shalom

  4. Dealing with the darkness issue. In Genesis 15:12 it says terror and great darkness fell over Abraham and Yehovah told him of what was to come. You can also take this back to “the beginning” in Genesis 1:2 where there was darkness. Yehovah makes great and wonderful things come from the darkness. It may not be JUST a physical darkness but a darkness of the soul. Just a thought.

  5. Look up planet 7X by Gill Broussard he has a 360 year for each passing. I believe it is around182 years plus a couple of months. Need to look up other history about shamayim occurrences. First trip the flood 1656 years after Adam was formed = 2358 B.C.E. 2nd month 17th day. Then the 5th trip would be 912 years Exodus 1446 B.C.E. Then 9th trip would be 1636 years Assyrians 185,000 die 722 B.C.E. Then the 13th trip Y’shua dies 2386 years 28 C.E. Then the 24 trip 4386 years 2028 C.E. Yah’s day. As stated by Y’shua like the days of Noah & like Maqqabim the 12th trip 2194 years from flood 166 B.C.E.

  6. If the Israelites were told to go to their neighbors to ask for articles of gold and silver, isn’t it logical that the darkness was in their houses which seem to be interspersed with the Israelis not in a geographical area?

  7. I have two questions. 1) you mentioned the leven was three different words, in our world what would they be? We went to a orthodox messianic synagogue ( I know that sounds like an oxymoron ) anyways they said that you couldn’t use several things that don’t contain yeast, we don’t do that. My question is would we add to the yeast list baking powder and baking soda? 2) verse 13:9 says it will be a sign on your hand…….. Is the “it” the not eating of leven, or peach itself

  8. Hello, Nehemia you mentioned at the end of the recording that the Passover in the future with Messiah the males need to be circumcised in order to partake of the Passover. Where is that scripture, I cannot find it.

    Thank you and Shalom.

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