Prophet Pearls #15 – Bo (Jeremiah 46:13-28)

Prophet Pearls Bo, Jeremiah 46:13-28, egypt, jeremiah, torah portion, prophet, nations, yehovah, yhvh, haftarah, nehemia gordon, keith johnson, parsha, boIn this episode of Prophet Pearls, Bo (Jeremiah 46:13-28) Jeremiah, the prophet to the nations, foretells another “smiting” for Egypt—providing the connection to the Torah portion where the Lord, with a strong hand, brought his people out of Egypt. This time though, the smiting is at the hand of the Babylonians—a fact that provides another glimpse into the ways and means of Yehovah.

We learn more about the “iron furnace” that appears three times in the Tanakh—the crucible God used to turn a family of shepherds into a nation. We see an example of Yehovah swearing by his own name and Gordon provides an explanation for the “forest” in Egypt that was cut down. As we read of the “full end” planned for the nations of the exile, we’re reminded of the warnings in the Tanakh “not to be glad” because part of being faithful to Yehovah is caring about all human beings. Word studies include: “plague/makot,” “savior/moshiach,” and “tremble/maharid,”—with its root chet-reish-dalet and its connection to Haredi Judaism. Johnson closes with a prayer for hearts of peace—hearts that bring light and that hold God’s perspective for the nations of the world.

The original artwork at the top of this post was created for this episode of Prophet Pearls by Anna Jakubowski. It portrays Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon having dominion over Egypt and Jacob being protected.

"I will deliver [Egypt]... into the hands of King Nebuchadnezzar... But you, Have no fear, My servant Jacob..." (Jeremiah 46:25-7)

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26 thoughts on “Prophet Pearls #15 – Bo (Jeremiah 46:13-28)

    • I came out of Assemblies of God but studied many different religions. Yehovah graciously brought me to truth over many years. He kept me alive during 3 years of total rebellion in which I was strung out on cocaine. Why would anyone want to continue to celebrate with the traditions of men which have been associated with pagan worship when Yehovah plainly say Flee the appearance of evil. When we truly fall in love with Him we gladly lay aside these traditions. I have not yet learned Yehovahs feasts but have absolutely no desire to be involved any longer in any traditional holidays-days. I will do no holidays until I learn His Holy Days. I am so grateful for His mercy upon me.

  1. All this laughter is contagious! Thanks! On another note, there are many issues connected to the history of Christ-Mass and all it’s attributes that go against YaHoVah’s commandments. Instead of making points I implore you to: Ask in sincere prayer to have the shells removed from your eyes in order to see HIS spiritual things, to open your ears to hear HIS spiritual things and to give your heart an understanding of HIS spiritual things. Then ask Him to reveal the Truth to you about what knowledge you seek. Then, do your own research into the History of Christ-Mass and then take each aspect of it and ask yourself; “Is this honoring or dishonoring YeHoVah? Does this go against the commandments or any of the scriptures in the entire Torah (Old and New Testament) cover to cover? YeHoVah is always faithful in answering what we diligently seek after. Shalom be with you.

  2. Maybe since they are likening the people to locusts the Forest is symbolic for their homes. Now they are locusts looking for a new home as they recruit men through battle.

  3. As I listen to Nehemia and Keith speak of the nations… and the differences… language, color, etc… I couldn’t help but think that when it is all said and done, In the beginning…all nations, all peoples come out of the genes of Adam and Eve. We all go back to the first two people on earth… and in the end… we will all be ONE again, possibly with the same differences we have now… but ONE in spirit IN Yehovah! No more fear, as the man in the elevator with Keith, or frustration of ‘it’s not about Israel so it doesn’t pertain to me… or anything else that might cause division… I rejoice in the Day we WILL all be ONE people as Yehovah is ONE God…

  4. but if prophecies to Egypt have “dual fulfillment,” and an End Times fulfillment for a “spiritual Egypt,” then this DOES become more “relevant” I would think…

  5. In regard to the Haredim, they’re basically “shakers” in English; in the state of Maine where I was born, there was a Christian sect actually called “Shakers”, founded in the 18th century, which were named for their pronounced shaking during worship. I speak of them in the past tense, because their doctrine doesn’t permit them to marry. As of 2012, there were three members left in Sabbathday Lake, Maine.

  6. The whole “christmas is pagan” argument is ridiculous. YHVH used a tree, THAT HE CREATED, as an image of eternal life before man ever used it for any purpose. Whether a pagan has decided to use a tree for his purposes has absolutely no impact on the story found in Genesis and in Revelation about the TREE.
    In fact, that tree has beautiful boughs and fruit that YHVH instructed to be used FOR DECORATION in the sukkah as well, the almond tree is a blueprint for the menorah and pomegranite trees carved in the temple.
    It is absurd to think that if man uses a tree for decor, that he is bowing down or worshipping that tree any more than a Remington bronze statue is worshipping a cow or a horse or a bull.
    I hope we all realize that just after the golden cow was fashioned to worship, YHVH instructed 12 of them to be built for the bronze laver.
    Come on people……pagans cannot defile YHVH’s creation!

  7. Isn’t this “egypt” a metaphorical egypt….iow, those who came out of egypt? Egypt itself, like you said, had no forest. Neither is there a conquering people of the north. North of egypt is the Mediterranean Sea.
    Couldn’t this passage be a warning to Israel who longs to return to Egypt? They are called “daughter of Egypt” and verse16 says that the people say, “let us go back”. It just seems that if Jeremiah is prophesying in Israel, is he then instructed to go to Egypt to deliver this word TO THEM or is he delivering the word to Israel? Did Nebuchadnezzer invade and conquer and take literal Egypt into exile or did he do this to Israel? Will it be literal Egypt that is saved from this exile or is it Israel? Seems to me the subject matter being warned is Israel, although called “egypt” because of their idol worship. IN fact verse 11 tells us who he is talking to and it is the region of Gilead…..

  8. To tell Christians that Christmas trees are idol worship; automatically puts the on the defensive, and a good meaningful discussion can not arise.

  9. Your can go google the origins of Christmas Trees to decide on your own. Many people say well I have Jesus in my heart and don’t think of the Tree as an item of worship. Worship is that which we hold high value to, especially in a Kingdom connotation. Chrismas Trees are well rooted for generations of “family time” and it’s very difficult to see the truth. And like Eve, we look at the tree as it is good for the eyes, it has a pleasant smell; so her fault was making decision with her senses; not with HaShem’s truth. I know some people walking in Torah who can go kosher easier than give up the Tree. It is by size and decorative the focus of evry family, while they may have a small manger scene. .Decorations are often passed down from generation to generation. It evolves much of our time, and dollars. It is a highly emotionally charged discussion; and best not to try and convience people especially at Christmas time; when the influence is all around us; we are saturated in all the hoopla. When I stopped the whole Christmas practices, I gain great peace, shalom in the home. No stress over gifts, shopping, traffic, rushing around inviting guests having parties, etc. I repented ot my son for lying to him about Santa, tooth faires and Easter Bunnies. Some people say it’s just a fun game not a lie = really??? Not a lie. The more lies we make excess for the less we recognize truth. We should not condemn the use of such by other people, We are only responsible to HaShem for what we do. HaShem gave us His Kingdom culture, we are not to adapt to anyother culture or practices.
    By the way there are only 3 times birthdays are celebrated in the bible and those were of tyrants, Pharough, Herod and one other I forget. The Jewish Jesus, and His family did not have birthday celebrations; they had other more meaningful customs for children that matched their mental and emotional growth. We can show through the NT and TaNaK when Jesus was born, and it turn out a Sukkot, a time we remember when G-d dwelt among us in the wilderness, and Yeshua’s birth is His dwelling among us in flesh and in our midst. Sukkot is known as the Time of our Joy! Joy to the World!
    Shlaom Chavrim!

  10. Really enjoyed this but the whole xmas thing caught me. I know Nehemia you haven’t had to deal with the tree and all the trappings in your life. But what Keith said is true – the devotion people have for the tree. Whenever someone who’s a Christian tells family or friends that they won’t be celebrating xmas or putting up a tree —-Oh my God!!!! You would think they murdered their mother. It doesn’t have to be people in your own house, just family who live miles away they are OFFENDED for some strange reason. There really is something to the “Spirit” of xmas. I think the enemy has just over time clouded our eyes and people blindly set up these trees and decorate them and all, but they have no idea why?? It is interesting how many parts of the passage you quote are things that people do with their trees. I get it that that was not the main point the prophet was making, but I wonder if Yehovah worded it the way He did so it would convict many of us in later years???

    Either way, thanks for sharing guys! Shalom.

  11. Nehemia shalom my name is tsephanyah.i was listening to your program and for most things I do support,but I have an issue and the issue is I have a friend believing he should watch the moon to determine the there any stronger material I could help him out with?

  12. Nehemiah, just a little note.. funny how you mentioned Christians not wanting to hear about “where’s Jesus” in regard to that “ingathering”, and you were the SAME way when you spoke of Egypt at 15:50 & 20:10 (still love you tho 😉

  13. Loved hearing what you said about the Christmas tree Keith 🙂

    To the Tune of “Deck the Halls”

    Deck the halls with boughs of holly,

    fa la la la la, la la la la

    wrap it all up with a Christian bow.

    fa la la la la, la la la la

    Does it all ever make you wonder,

    fa la la la la la, la la la

    why do we decorate trees and wreaths?

    fa la la la la la, la la la

    Oh I grew up adoring Santa,

    fa la la la la, la la la la

    praying that I’d been good enough,

    fa la la la la, la la la la

    to receive gifts beneath our tree.

    fa la la la la la, la la la

    So when did this become okay?

    fa la la la la, la la la la

    Singing songs like, “Oh Christmas Tree.”

    fa la la la la, la la la la

    Finally I Googled “origin Christmas,”

    fa la la la la, la la la la

    Blending Truth must have seemed so harmless,

    fa la la, la la la, la la la

    but now we only know of Christmas.

    fa la la la la, la la la la

    Do we know the day of Sukkot?

    fa la la, la la la, la la la

    Christ’s birth, death and Resurrection,

    were foreshadowed by these sacred Feasts.

    fa la la la la, la la la la

    From the “The Passover” to “First Fruits”

    The Spotless “Lamb”, “Unleavened” One,

    died, was buried and rose again.

    At “Feast of Weeks” He sent His Spirit.

    Each of these at the appointed time.

    Fa la la la la, la la la la

  14. On the forest of Egypt its talking about the battle at Carchemish in Syria which was a strong hold that was the land for the Pharaoh Necho who fought Nebuchanezzar II there. Its the trees in that land and those forests verse 23 of Jeremiah is mentioning.

  15. Funny thing Keith… when I shared some of these teachings with a friend I got the response, “but he’s a Methodist, he doesn’t keep the Sabbath”. I said, “i would bet he does, b/c to understand and teach these treasures in the Torah and not be walking in truth would be hypocrisy.” Don’t judge a book by it’s cover and most importantly: “You will know them by their fruits”. That is, the fruits of God’s spirit, ‘love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control…
    May Yehovah continue to guide and bless you both!!
    Thank you~

    • I disagree, an idol is a carved or a molten nephesh-likeness. Look at applicable commandments when you are going to condemn anti-scriptural practices, then I will agree.

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