Torah Pearls #34 – Bamidbar (Numbers 1:1-4:20)

bamidbar, camel, currency, emblems, jono , keith johnson, levi, levites, money, redeemed, redeemer, shaddai, shlamazel, shlameel, shlumazel, shlumiel, standards, twelve tribes, torah pearls, numbers, nehemia gordon, torah portion, gamaliel, yehovah, Torah Pearls BamidbarIn this episode of The Original Torah Pearls Bamidbar, (Numbers 1:1-4:20), we talk about the meaning of the terms Bamidbar and Shaddai, decipher the names Schlemiel and Schlimazel, and uncover the the secret of Hasenpfeffer Incorporated. We also explore the questions: Who is the mysterious Gamaliel in the Book of Numbers? Is there a problem with the numbers in Numbers? What are the emblems and standards of the twelve tribes? Why is it that the tribe of Levi is selected? How does currency and money differ? What does it mean to be the redeemed of Yehovah? The answers to all this and more in this week’s Torah Pearls!

I look forward to reading your comments!

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13 thoughts on “Torah Pearls #34 – Bamidbar (Numbers 1:1-4:20)

  1. Thanks for this rebroadcast – I always get a little misty hearing that story of Reggie’s last day. I was a big fan, and remember getting choked up as he held the Lombardi Trophy after sb31(#32 was the last one I ever cared to watch). Peduyay Yehovah – gotta be better than his best day. I can only hope and pray for a similar message.

  2. Didn’t Jacob say of Levi that he was a sin of blood, or something like that, could that be why Yehovah chose Levi?

    *[[Gen 49:5]] KJV* Simeon and Levi are brethren; instruments of cruelty are in their habitations.

  3. Nehemia,
    I have a quick language question. The Hebrew name for Numbers is Bamidbar בְּמִדְבַּר or “In the desert.” I believe the root or shoresh of the word is d’bar דבר which means “to speak to one another.” As I look at the meaning in my Maskilon root dictionary, all the meanings have to do with speaking, words, things, commandments, etc. Nothing I can see with the definition of a desert. What is the relationship between d’bar and “desert?”

    It is not that I have not thought this over. My thoughts are that as I read about the children of Israel in the desert, the Torah usually states “God spoke to Moses” using דבר (d’bar) instructing Moses to אָמַר (amer) tell the Children of Israel. My thoughts were that the root of desert came from God giving to the Children of Israel over the 40 years. He provided for them, gave them food and water, gave them the Torah and generally developed them into the group of people that would settle the land. This was my best rationalization. I am curious what you would have to comment on this.


    Fort Collins

  4. Not to nit-pick… But the meter is not based on a physical object – it has been defined as a “fundamental constant”. The kilogram is based on a physical object though. There is a great radio lab on this actually:

    “The SI base unit of mass, the kilogram, is the last remaining physical artifact. All other base units have been defined in terms of fundamental constants. In 1999, the 21st CGPM recommended that national measurement institutes (NMI) continue their efforts to refine experiments that link the unit of mass to fundamental or atomic constants with a view to a future redefinition of the kilogram.”

  5. If you do the math, the 7500 Gershonites (Num 3:21-22), 8600 Kohathites (Num 3:27-28), and 6200 Merarites (Num 3:33-34) add up to 22,300. Verse 39 states that there were only 22,000. What happened to the other 300?

  6. Keith Johnson’s comment regarding the title: Numbers vs. In The Desert.
    Anyone making an in-depth study of Torah via English and using a KJV must note the peculiarities which occur. These are shown through repetition and italicisation in the KJV text. Assistance is given to the English reader, or Freemason, later on in the Psalms where the Hebrew alphabet is given. I recently read somewhere, or heard, that the term matrix is given in the Torah. It is also given in the Qur’an. God’s reckoning is based entirely on high level mathematics but he has given us many clues in low level maths that any literate sheep-herder could use.
    I’ll listen to the rest of the audio now.

  7. Concerning the idea of the first born I surmize is in reference to the male babies only, as is shown through the command of the king of Egypt to the midwives to kill the male babies when they are born. But, the midwives did not obey the King of Egypt and excused themselves from obeying the command of the king of Egypt by saying that the Hebrew women are stronger than the Egyptian women and have their babies before they arrive. So, the King of Egypt ordered his soldiers to throw the male babies into the Nile river to drown them. GOD blessed the midwives for their mercy towards the male babies and HE showed mercy on them by not allowing the King of Egypt to take revenge upon the midwives. So the midwives were redeemed through their faithfulness in GOD’s people. This is a theam throughout the BIBLE.

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