Hebrew Voices #62 – Reggie White and The Secret Vault

Reggie White looking at Aleppo Codex in the vault.In this episode of Hebrew Voices, Reggie White and the Secret Vault, I share my experiences teaching Biblical Hebrew to the late football Hall-of-Famer Reggie White. Join me as I share the story of how we got into the secret vault to see the actual pages of the Aleppo Codex, which he famously called the best day of his life, better than winning the Superbowl! Jackie wrote: “What an inspiration this man's faith continues to be to the world... and to me.” Continue reading

The Name of God in Action with Keith Johnson (Open Door Series – Part 4)

Part 4 of the Open Door Series features Keith Johnson speaking on the Name of God in Action. God is breaking down barriers of tradition and calling Jew and Gentile to search the Scriptures for truth that will allow them to fellowship with His Holy Name. Johnson explains how the Leningrad Codex and Aleppo Codex, the oldest and most complete Hebrew manuscripts of the Bible, reveal the pronunciation and the power of the name that slew Goliath, the name that is a strong tower, the name that is a song on the shofar—the name of our heavenly Father Yehovah.

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