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Charlotte, North Carolina
"Passover" 2019 - Michael Rood & Nehemia Gordon
Date: March 22-24, 2019
Address: Crowne Plaza Charlotte Executive Park
5700 Westpark Drive, Charlotte, NC 28217

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Nehemia Gordon is the creator and host of the Hebrew Voices podcast, downloaded over 5 million times in 2017. He has written two popular books on the Hebrew origins of Christianity and is active in interfaith dialogue. Gordon holds a Masters Degree in Biblical Studies and a Bachelors Degree in Archaeology from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He has worked as a translator on the Dead Sea Scrolls and a researcher deciphering ancient Hebrew manuscripts. Gordon is currently working on cutting edge research utilizing Hebrew manuscripts of the Bible.

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28 thoughts on “Speaking Events

  1. Sad to miss your visit Nehemia. I would have loved to drive down from the mountains if I would have seen this sooner. Huge fan of Hebrew Voices and all the discoveries over the years! Thank you!

  2. Referring to Jupiter/yahway study….. The great conspiracy just became a greater conspiracy..maybe greater still ……thank you…you too,Dev.

  3. I thank YEHOVAH for you and your obedience and zeal to teach the unadulterated Word of Truth; and to also make it available for His people to hear and study. May He continue to bless you to be the blessing you are.. Grateful ~ Deborah

  4. Will you ever be publishing a book with the information you are presenting at your teachings of your discoveries of the Holy Name? I would love to have a book with the information you are teaching. This would also help when sharing your discoveries with others.

    Thank you,


  5. Thank you so much for coming to Minneapolis to teach “New Discoveries on the Holy Name of God”. What an amazing teaching!! Can’t wait to see it again when you present it on “Shabbat Night Live”.

  6. Thank you for coming! It appears from an event Host’s perspective that you put forth a lot of effort to communicate your understanding of Torah and Historical Facts to those attending. “Time Wise”, you went above and beyond our expectations!!!

  7. Nehemiah carries such an evident excitement about what he shares. We absolutely loved how invested he is in the crowd, and how he adapts the topics, “moving on the fly”, to tailor to who he’s speaking to. Not only did we learn so much from his amazing mind, but were also touched by his genuinely humble heart. Thank for building bridges Nehemiah. We appreciate the gift of your person in this world. Moving, or not 😉

  8. Thank you for coming to Houston again and sharing with us from the depth and wealth you have received from your studies.
    I have been learning from you via the audios, videos, and books you have authored since 2008. It is an honor and pleasure to come hear you in person and interact with you and others who truly seek the face of Yehovah.

  9. It was so awesome meeting together last weekend in Youngstown. Time stood still as Nehemia taught. The hosts took us in as family. Every person ought not to miss the chance to join fellowship with Nehemia around. He makes learning fun and time stand still. Hope it recorded good would love to hear the whole thing over again. The Spallingers

  10. Nehemia, What a blessing it was to have you in West Plains. We enjoyed getting to meet you in person after listening to your podcasts for nearly three years now. Yehovah is certainly using you to bring truth to us. The information you share draws us closer to Yehovah. Your laughter makes us laugh and your sincere prayers touch our hearts. We continue to pray for you Nehemia, that Yehovah bless you, continues to reveal Himself to you and that Yehovah keeps you safe in all your travels.
    Ralf and Starla

  11. We were privileged to host Nehemiah in Hohenwald, Tennessee, and we were so blessed, as always. Our family enjoyed a little down time with him at a state park, the Yellow Deli for a late lunch, and had interesting conversation. We are always encouraged by his teachings, especially his heart to share with all who are seeking to better understand the Word of Yehovah! Our teenage daughters also love him as much as we do! Hope to have you back, Nehemiah!

  12. Nehemia recently came to our little corner of Tennessee and as always we had a great time. He’s such a fun dynamic speaker, we laugh and learn at the same time. One of the most wonderful things about listening to him is his honesty, humility, and passion for the Word cross the boundaries of our respective current understandings of Scripture. I call him a brother! We were so blessed to be there. Come again soon Nehemia!

  13. GREATLY enjoyed seeing Nehemia again despite the 2+ hours to get to West Plains. Appreciate Ralf & Starla Meister hosting the event. As always, the teaching(s) were incredible!!! Have seen Nehemia before. Listen to Torah Pearls, Prophet Pearls, and Hebrew Voices every Erev Shabbat / Shabbat. There is always something new!!! Nehemia, may Yehovah grant you traveling mercies as you meander around the States. My “wandering jew” enjoyed connecting with you. 🙂

  14. Thank you for coming to Detroit, Nehemiah! Our study group has been listening to your podcasts for several years now and we especially enjoyed your teachings on Sunday! We had to leave early to be with other family members but so much wanted to stay and visit with you longer! We brought an offering on Sunday but didn’t have an opportunity to give then so we are headed to your website now to do so! We hope that someday you’ll get a glimpse of the full impact your ministry has had on so many people, like us, who didn’t even get to shake your hand (or give you a hug!) Safe travels and please say hello to Ralf & Starla while in Missouri! What a wonderful mosaic of Gods people we are, indeed! Shalom from Greg & Jenny Wagman

  15. Loved to be with you onShavuot in Detroit. Thank you for being such a willing servant of YHVH! SAY HELLO to Ralf and Starla from their Royal Oak mishpocha.

  16. We were able to go see Nehemia in Detroit on Shavuot. I want to say it truly was a blessing. I have been listening to Nehemia for about 2 years and have heard most of his teachings as well as read some of his books. Seeing him in person and listening to him share his presentation brought new life to what I have already learned. If you get a chance, you must go and see him in person.

  17. I really enjoyed meeting Nehemia in person. I’ve seen many videos and listened to the Torah Pearls and other things on his wall so I have heard a lot of his stories, but hearing them in person is a totally different experience! He knows the scriptures so well and can explain them so well when he adds the Hebrew meanings that translators left out or changed. I loved it and would go again if I get the change again. It was wonderful.

  18. May YHVH show you kindness and help you find success in all that He sets your hand to do. May YHVH be your shield and exceedingly great reward.

    Makor – Magen – Migdol

  19. Nehemia when are you going to speak in SC ? I keep telling myself I’ll probably have to drive to Texas to listen to you speak then I see you are speaking Mi. but, I don’t go there until July.

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