Prophet Pearls #14 – Vaeira (Ezekiel 28:25-29:21)

Prophet Pearls Vaeira, Ezekiel, Yehovah, vaeira, Egypt, Exodus, haftarah, ingathering of exiles, Keith Johnson, nehemia gordon, Pharaoh, prophets, tsemachIn this week's episode of Prophet Pearls, Nehemia Gordon and Keith Johnson discuss the Prophets portion for Vaeira covering Ezekiel 28:25-29:21. This portion reveals Yehovah as maestro—orchestrating kings, nations and events to further the day when the house of Israel, and all mankind, will know who he is. Ezekiel’s prophecy that a revelation of God would result from the ingathering can be witnessed today. However, not all who see believe, and Gordon draws an ominous parallel between Pharaoh claiming the Nile as his own and those who boast about modern-day Israel without giving credit to Yehovah.

Despite the firmest handle on language, history and context, every phrase in the Tanakh cannot definitively be explained and we meet several examples in this portion. Gordon and Johnson offer educated guesses on when Egypt was desolate for 40 years and to what monster and to which years Ezekiel refers.

Gordon examines Ezekiel’s prophecy of the horn that will “spring up” and looks at other verses in the Tanakh where “tsemach” is used. Gordon concludes that when Messiah “springs up,” all will know that Yehovah is the one who carries out judgments, who redeems, who is in control, and who is worthy of praise.

"Thus says Lord Yehovah, 'Behold, I am against you Pharaoh King of Egypt, the great crocodile that lies in wait in the Nile'" Ezekiel 29:3

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23 thoughts on “Prophet Pearls #14 – Vaeira (Ezekiel 28:25-29:21)

  1. It was interesting to find out why Nehemia used a cocradile picture for this prophet pearls, hmmm.
    Also, Nehemia was expecting Keith to say that Pharo was hasatan…well yes that’s the way we (Christians and messianics) perceived pharaoh/ Egypt as an evil creature or Hasatan, And we also rebeuke him ( hasatan/Egypt)in Yeshua’s mighty name.

  2. …and thirdly, a horn represents the authority of office. So, a horn can be all three; physical strength, holy anointing and legal authority. When it’s done right(as in YHVH’s will) the three aspects certainly seem interdependent.

  3. shalom all, Yehovah say he will sanctify his name and I wondered about this until I remembered Ezekiel 36:20 “They came among the nations where they came,and they profaned my holy name when it was said to them, “these are the people of yehovah but from his land they went out”. Remember what Moses said to yehovah when he was about to destroy Israel Numbers 14 specifically verse 13-17. Israel’s presence among the nations is a desecreation of his name. Hence not because of anything Israel does but because of his name yehovah brought back israel into the land but he is not yet finished purifying his name that will happen on the mountains of israel

  4. Shalom! I’m forever grateful for the resources and knowledge you pass on to us. Yehovah Bless you mightily!!!
    by the way how do you call one servant [female] of the most high in Hebrew

  5. Shalom brothers and sisters. The Torah pearls and Prophet pearls sections pertaining are awesome and I have a suggestion concerning the 10 years of vrs 1 and the 40 years of vrs 11. Could this be a Jubilee Cycle? Whenever I see ambiguity in scripture, I know it is purpose driven and therefore default to foundational aspects that, in this context, seem to point to multiple time periods and if we overlap the Jubilee cycles of the respective time periods, we see clarity of what Yahovah is putting forth. Advanced information of our day and time can afford us to accomplish this heretofore impossible feat. Now, concerning the 27 year juncture of 29 vrs 17,, I have no clue as yet. Hehe! Sorry. I hope this helps. Blessings to all!

  6. I looked up the Egyptian God Sobek which had a crocodile head and human body God of strength and power patron of the Egyptian army and royal warriors defender of Egyptian people and Pharaoh was also believed to be a God of creation…in light of this as I re-read Ezekiel 29 the words of YAH made more sense and was not Judah forging alliances with Egypt at this time of Ezekiel’s words? I really believe once again YAH was going to show Pharaohs that there is only one true GOD and that this crocodile god which Pharaohs thought made him invincible would once again prove to be nothing and HIS chastise ment of Judah for not trusting YEHOVAH. THANK YOU KEITH AND NEHEMIA! Excellent study.

  7. AH! USA is Ephrayim, like I am. My Hebrew name is Ezracha Bat Ephrayim, We are “the tree that is growing over a wall. That is a picture of the northern tribes, namely EPhrayim, children of the covenant, and the fulfillment of it. HALLELLUYAH
    leaving the land and climbing over the walls to escape the wrath of YHWH. running as an adulterous bride. Our ancestors left “The Belief,” Let us not continue on tat path which leads to outer darkness. Let us return to our Elohim at once.

    this is the Good News of our Mighty One, YHWH is His name.; “Worship Him who made the shamayim h’eretz, the yom and fountains of mayim, for His judgment is eminent. We are the called back ones, and there are a multitude with me, some still not knowing who they are. Yah whistles, and we SHEMA.
    Blow the ram’s horn and warn the people.

    We, like our father Abraham, have had to learn to follow YHWH not knowing where we are going. (Saying good by to Babylon and leaving our idolatry behind,
    We walk by this belief, that this YHWH does keep his promise to His Am. Isra’el. Am-erica is our name, but truly we are scattered all over the earth with the rest of our brothers, sons of Ya’acob, SHOOB (DO RETURN) which also means to repent, especially for the sins of our forefather’s which we have inherited.
    As a nation spread out over a large area, like branches on a great tree ready to fall.Yeah, this people have worshipped many false mighty ones; the list is too long to bear. But I have seen a miracle in my life time, and I have seen more than one.
    YHWH keeps His promise to His people Isra’el.
    The Torah is forever, and King David said it was his lamp. The Torah of Eloah is my light.
    My first name goes back to a Hebrew word meaning “native green tree.” Also, during Sukkot when I go to get my Sukka branches, I also feel connected to the Willow tree. It has always been in all the areas I have lived. I love water. The land of Ephrayim is on the West coast of Isra’el, along he Mediteranian Sea. Ephrayim gate, which was once a gate to a great people blessed by Elohim who became fat and spoiled, and forsook the ways of our father Abraham and went our own way, the way of the nations; as prophesied.
    Ephrayim, yeah, these are the children of the promise. These are those of whom Yahushua H’Moshiach, Sar Shalom came, yeah the lost sheep.
    Let our shame be turned to joy on that day, the Great Day of YHWH our LORD.
    Shalom Yisra’el YHWH Elohenu YHWH echad!
    Blessed is he who is coming in the name YHWH!
    Worth is the lamb!
    Amen Amen
    Ephrayim and Yahudah one stick

    • Nehemia, I believe YHVH put the thought in my head/spirit about 3 years ago that “Egypt” in these prophecies is an end-times “spiritual Egypt” as you suggest. We’ll soon see. shalom

  8. Is Ezekiel not the prophet only to the exiles of the Northern Kingdom, aka the Lost Ten Tribes, aka the House of Israel (as opposed to the House of Judah)? In the first chapter he says he was in the community of exiles by the Chebar Canal in the land of the Chaldeans, modern Iraq. Would not that lend a different interpretation to these passages (Ez. 28 – 29), indeed, to all of Ezekiel? Is Ezekiel saying that the House of Israel/Northern Kingdom is to be found in Egypt? Ez. 29:16 “Never again shall they (Egypt) be the trust of the House of Israel, recalling its guilt in having turned to them.”

    • Hi Kitty, Please have a look at Ezekiel 1:2. He dates his prophetic ministry to the Exile of Joiachin, who was a king of Judah. In Ezekiel 8:1 he is speaking to the elders of Judah. He is talking to the Judahites about their issues, which includes an ultimate reunification with their long lost Northern brothers. Ezekiel is not Hosea. Hosea is actually a prophet to the Northern Kingdom.

  9. Thank you guys for another interesting session. We have “strings of pearls”, do we not?

    Looking further at the horn which will sprout into the BRANCH. Do you think this is related to the horns on the altar in the use of the same word to indicate the same power and authority?
    @Karen Powell, thanks for the horn definitions.


  10. So informative and engaging – thank you. Ezek.28:5 wisdom in trade – v-16 abundance of trade – v18 By iniquity of trading – It seems that trade or commerce is the basis of the pride and power of nations. Would this tie in with Rev.13;17 where buying and selling is controlled by having the mark of the system. Commerce again as the source of human needs rather than dependence on Yehovah?

  11. Hi~When you were talking about how some Israeli’s are talking about how powerful they are & how they made their military, it brought to my mind 9/11 and how the President of the United States, the Mayor of New York City, etc. were saying that THEY would rebuild, not giving any credit to Yehovah or not realizing that they, too, were fulfilling this prophecy in Ezekiel 28.

    Thank you. Keith & Nehemia for another interesting Prophet Pearl.
    May you both be richly Blessed,

  12. Question for Nehemiah, what is the figurative picture (if any) regarding the concept of “open field” used for judgment in Ezekiel 29:5:

    “I will abandon you to the wilderness, you and all the fish of your rivers; You will fall on the open field; you will not be brought together or gathered. I have given you for food to the beasts of the earth and to the birds of the sky.

    And the compassion shown to Israel at it’s birth in Ezekiel 16:4-9:

    “As for your birth, on the day you were born your navel cord was not cut, nor were you washed with water for cleansing; you were not rubbed with salt or even wrapped in cloths. “No eye looked with pity on you to do any of these things for you, to have compassion on you. Rather you were thrown out into the open field, for you were abhorred on the day you were born. “When I passed by you and saw you squirming in your blood, I said to you while you were in your blood, ‘Live!’ Yes, I said to you while you were in your blood, ‘Live!’ …Then I bathed you with water, washed off your blood from you and anointed you with oil.

  13. I am in agreement that coming together as YHWH calls us to, and expound with humility for He has a remnant left and all will learn about many facets in His Magnificent Wisdom toward His plan. Thank you for sharing and will return as long as YHWH permits.

    I have been apprehended to see the unseen through the eastern culture and seek here for some word depth. For America has been taught based on sight…

    Listen within for no interpretation comes by human or private translation ONLY by His Spirit.

  14. I believe the 10th year is the Year of Captivity or when Jerusalem is over-run but before the Temple is destroyed – or 1 year before the Temple is destroyed…
    Eze 31 goes to the 11th year, 3rd month 1st day…. then the Temple is destroyed

    • 10th, 27th & 40 Years of Egypt

      This seems to be the answer for the YEAR references in Ezekiel.

      The 10th year refers to the Exile years.
      I have a timeline tracking the Years of the Exile, Kings, & Prophets
      So it is obvious when you put the Prophets together.
      Ezekiel, Jeremiah & Daniel overlapped dates.

      I would love some feedback and will stand corrected by any other insight.

      Neb Yr 36 / Exile Yr 27th / BC 570 / Month 12 Day 1

      Exe 29:13, 17
      Nebuchadnezzar conquers Egypt
      Egypt is given to Babylon in the 27th Year, 12th Month & 1st day.
      40 Years (27 + 40 yr Prophecy = 67)

      Belshazzar 1st Yr / Exile Yr 44 / BC 553

      Darius 1st Yr / Exile Yr 48 / BC 549 / Dan 9-70 Yr

      Darius 20th / Exile Yr 67 / BC 530 /Jer 29:17 40 Yr End

      So approximately 3 years to the 70 years and End of Israel’s Exile
      Cyrus comes in and sets Israel free and I’m guessing Egypt is left alone to re-gather?

      Cyrus 1st Yr / Exile Yr 70 / BC 527

      I stand corrected if any other information I may have missed will correct this.

      Shalom to all and great Prophet Pearl

      I have a Excel Worksheet if anyone needs to see this visually and with the permission of Nehemia & Keith I can share..

  15. It’s not necessarily an either or,concrete or abstract, literal or figurative. A specific time, era, or a layering.But rather whatever the Creator uses to get his message across and what ever level the person is able, willing, or ready to receive his message at. Why does the Lord speak one moment in concrete manner and then in parables, or symbolism. It depends on who, the degree, and at what point in time, that he wants his message to be understood. It’s his timing not ours.Sometimes, he makes it easy, sometimes, people have to put in effort,exposure. Sometimes, he doesn’t want some people to get the message at all. It’s his field, uniforms, and his football, and no one else really gets to say who he loans out his football to. There is a difference between someone driving past a stadium, or in the parking lot, or one with a ticket that doesn’t go in, or one in the stadium, and one on the bench, and one on the field. It’s just the way it is.

    Horn-(function of a horn).to prod, wound, call, assemble, alert.prepare,move out, stop, announce a coming, to announce/seal a kingship, pre request of the Lord’s protection and his coming. Just to name a few.
    O.K. excessive use of commas but…

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