Prophet Pearls #32 – Behar (Jeremiah 32:6-27)

Prophet Pearls - 32 - BeharIn this episode of Prophet Pearls, Nehemia Gordon and Keith Johnson discuss the Prophets portion of Behar covering Jeremiah 32:6-27. To shed light on Jeremiah’s purchase of a field in this portion, Gordon provides information about archaeological discoveries and how they substantiate and clarify the ancient deeding practices Jeremiah details in this portion.  But of course, the portion isn't solely about the challenges of conducting business while imprisoned in a besieged city; Gordon and Johnson expound on and revel in Jeremiah’s epiphany, “There is nothing too hard for thee.”  (Which brings us to the word-of-the-week: “yipale,” from the root pei-lamed-aleph—that which is wonderful, hidden, or difficult.) The duo debate their differing interpretations of Jeremiah’s catchphrase, “Aha” and Gordon closes in prayer that captives will continue to return to Israel and that rejoicing will increase in the streets of Jerusalem.

"For thus said Yehovah... 'Houses, fields, and vineyards shall again be purchased in this land.'" Jeremiah 32:15

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Image courtesy of the Digital Image Archive, Pitts Theology Library, Candler School of Theology, Emory University.

16 thoughts on “Prophet Pearls #32 – Behar (Jeremiah 32:6-27)

  1. Incredible in deed! In more than one way, I prayed for the counsellor s spoken of and you three in fulfillment were as wise counsellors. So, touched was I by Nehemias prayer where as a believer of YeHoVah through Yehoshua I hear the fulfillment of the return of captivity from Russia. I was encouraged as I heard just how deep of a hole Jeremiah was in and yet YeHoVah sent a word! To America I pray for an awakening to come out of the proverbial Delilah haze and know the nearness of danger. Shalom Yisrael.

  2. The biblical ‘Aha!’ seems to be the modern ‘Incredible!’, which actually means ‘not believable!’ (in the usual order of things) – however, we mean that something unbelievable has certainly happened and we are distilling into one word how wonderfully it has been made to be. At least Yehovah knows our hearts and what we mean by our seemingly contradictory utterances. Regarding this Purchase or Redemption Contract Jeremiah made – can you imagine what this artifact will be worth when it is finally found ?!? I have NO doubt it will be found, because Yehovah gave instructions on how to preserve it for a long time (and for what other reason would it be preserved). That would be simply…INCREDIBLE!

  3. Many of the explanations of chapter 32 can be found in the previous chapters and in my understanding, the purchased land deeds have to be seen as a token for this future fulfilment in connection to the New Covenant Yehovah is making with his people , ( the Northern Tribes as well as the house of Judah had broken the covenant made at mount Sinai. Hence their captivity) Jeremiah 11:10

    When Jeremiah had been told to buy the land, then he knew that Yehovah would be fulfilling his promise of making this New Covenant. ( House of Israel and the House of Judah) Jer.31:31 which of course is future yet, as the identity of the Northern Tribes are not known ..

    Is anything to difficult for Yehovah?

    At least this is how I understand things..

  4. My apology it should be
    Baruch the son of Neriah and he was a scribe to Jeremiah. He also was born from the House of Judah.

    Never the less Jeremiah was of a priestly family and the point I am trying to raise:

    Yehovah is going to make a new covenant with the house of Israel and the house of Judah, but my understanding is that this new covenant includes the house of David being re-established with the temple being rebuilt, which would include temple service…

    Abrahams blessing is described in Gen 18 . My question is, “How are the Goyim be able to be blessed if they cannot even enter this new temple ? ”

    Please correct me if I am missing something.

  5. Lynda is very sanctimonious…why don’t she ask him why he laughs to get a better understanding. I gather she may come from a strict, non liberal tradition, but yet she must understand ppl have different ways of celebrating the creator. jeeez!

  6. Sorry I didn’t realize this was for only pearl # 3× I was looking for general Nehemiah blog talk spot

  7. A true delight to listen! Keith and Nehemiah, your joy in the revelations given you by YHVH is evidenced by your genuine laughter, as is the joy that you have found in this friendship arranged by The Most High. I find it to be refreshing and fun. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Johnson is a happy man. If we all could laugh like he does! He gets excited when the Word is read.

  9. You keep mentioning that Jeremiah was in a pit or sewer when what you were discussing happened. That is not correct. He wasn’t put into the pit until a year later in chapter 38.

    • Good point. To be precise he was in prison and the pit he was thrown into in chapter 38 was in the prison… sort of like a solitary confinement. Prison pretty lousy whether you are in solitary or gen-pop. I’ve only ever made it as far as the chapel doing prison ministry and I can tell it was scary.

      • This teaching is so good but myself and others are very annoyed by Johnsons laughing all the time. The Bible is a serious matter and he’s making it like he doesn’t even take this serious. We Don’t mean to offend anyone but I sure wish he would correct his behavior, as we find it hard to follow / listen!

        • The Bible is serious but there is also great joy and excitement in His Word that causes many to laugh and be full of that joy. Lighten up, Lynda, and don’t let the enemy stand the way of the hearing of His Word.

  10. Proof that the event occurred in the past. To give hope/ proof.. Wait for it! As well as a Resurrection!

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