Prophet Pearls #33 – Bechukotai (Jeremiah 16:19-17:14)

Prophet Pearls - Bechukotai (Jeremiah 16:19-17:14)In this episode of Prophet Pearls, Nehemia Gordon and Keith Johnson discuss the Prophets portion of Bechukotai covering Jeremiah 16:19-17:14. Gordon and Johnson discuss the lies that Jeremiah refers to and who inherited them—including the biggest lie of all—the deception concerning God’s name. Gordon addresses Hebrew plural endings and answers the question of every Hebrew 1 student: Why is “Elohim” not always plural?

Word studies include “shmitah/let go” and how Jeremiah intentionally contrasted its use to reflect both cause and effect. The word-of-the-week is at the heart of Gordon’s ministry: makor (mem-koof-vav-reish)—living water, source of strength.

In closing, Gordon shares how his views have changed over the past decade regarding the concept of “salvation” and prayed the words of Jeremiah for both physical and spiritual healing and salvation.

"To You nations shall come from the ends of the earth and say: Our fathers inherited utter delusions, things that are futile and worthless." Jeremiah 16:19

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Artwork for this week's episode is a painting by Mara Hofmann, artist.

31 thoughts on “Prophet Pearls #33 – Bechukotai (Jeremiah 16:19-17:14)

  1. God’s salvation seems to be important to corrupt humanity. Obedience = blessing = living salvation. Insubordination = curse = no salvation. What is a burnt offering to atone for? Why sin offering? In what way is this not required(Ps 40:6)? Do offerings give understanding of the payment for sin? What are the sacrifices of God(Ps 51)? Why does a good heart make the offerings good and not the opposite? What does Yehovah require(Mic 6:6-8)? So why offerings? A picture? Why an offering needed to be without defect(outside)? Why dealing with the outside(appearance) and not the inside(heart)? If animals can not provide a payment for rebellion, what can? Son of God in the image of perfect angel fell to the temptation of sin. Son of God in the image of perfect Adam fell to the temptation of sin. What perfect Son of God faced temptation and remained perfect? Follow this perfect Savior according to His perfect sacrifice you will have a perfect salvation in the perfect eternity.

  2. Once being of the christian faith, then finding my jewish roots as a black woman, and then visiting the Messianic teaching I have to say, it is my eyes thay needed to be uncovered, my blindness that needed healing. May Yehovah be merciful and reveal his truth to me. Thank you for your transparency I know it is not easy.
    From one who is Now just following Tanakh.

  3. Thank you for this personal eye opener – Clinically ‘right’ does not equate with ‘spiritually right’ !

  4. What a great teaching! It was neat to hear about your walk and how your friendship developed. It reminds me of Psalm 133. Thank you!

  5. Wow! What a great episode! You two are such a blessing! Seeing Yehovah bring you both together as iron sharpens iron is truly inspiring! You are living proof of Galatians 3:28 🙂

  6. Are the GENTILES in vs19 of Jeremiah 16 and 17:4 not in fact the Northern Tribes of Israel, who were dispersed to the 4 corners of the world, who incorporated themselves into the pagan godly ways of the cultures where they made habitation? It talks about discontinuing from thine heritage, and how the fathers inherited lies, which makes one think that at one point they WERE of Jehovah’s heritage and those that had the truth. Are they not the lost tribes who Yeshua said He was sent for? As a non-Hebrew naturally I am now a Hebrew spiritually THANK YEHOVAH! But I do not think the gentiles listed here are the gentile non-Hebrews like me. The gentiles, the nations, and the strangers Paul talks about are the lost Northern Kingdom tribes and I believe also in Jeremiah. Thanks guys for all you do! 🙂

    • The biblical definition for “gentile” is anyone who is not a Jew, therefore the argument that the gentiles are the lost 10 tribes of Israel is redunant. There is only “obedient Israel” and “disobedient Israel”. The great news is that gentiles can join themselves to Yehovah and become part of “obedient Israel” (Isaiah 56: 6-7).

      Christendom desperately does not want Jeremiah 16:19 to include them because then everything they have believed is a lie.

  7. This is your best one ever, you really exposed your heart. I pray we all have passion to share his word in truth regardless of what anyone says.

  8. Excellent study. I heard you in Raiders of the lost Book and from there I look forward to hear your teachings. You r a blessing to my life and many, many more. YHVH always be with u…

  9. Nehemiah, thanks for sharing “your walk” in your ministry. I thought what you said and the humility with which you said it was beautiful. Today was the first time I realized that your ministry is the only ministry I listen to where I do not feel there is an agenda. Ironically I have been praying for the truth, His truth, and then I hear this message today. I appreciate you offering the truth, to the best of your ability, for myself and others to study. I also appreciate that you offer it up in a way that doesn’t make me feel like I have to be a Jew or a Gentile but simply His child.

  10. Wow. I was raised Roman Catholic and was surrounded by Southern Baptists. Here in the Southern part of the USA a typical first question on meeting someone is for them to ask, “What church do you go to”? So many times I cringed when the next question was asked,” Are you saved.” because I knew the discussion to folllow would be a debate, a denominational gymnastic to prove who was right. So the defensive reaction over time was avoidance. I never knew what the speaker was really asking. I felt it was a question used to meet an expected quota not to really know me.
    Yehovah is drawing me. He has drawn me. He is the one who saves. I now follow the God of the Hebrews, The God of Abraham, Issac, Jacob. The God who gave His name, Yehovah, to Moses. Yehovah saves.The focus is now on Him, not the word save, or the quota. Your prayer Nehemia is for truth. Amen..Keith and Nehemia thank you again for a wonderful teaching.

  11. Psalm 103 portrays a good example of salvation of the soul as well as the body.
    Verses 3-5 speak of forgiveness, healing, redemption, mercy and renewal.

    It is interesting how the psalmist (King David) is speaking to his own soul (nephesh).
    His soul is not a separate person in itself but the seat of his appetites and desires, the breath that was given to him by his Creator and maker of his soul.

  12. Nehemia is correct when he says that Methodists are under the authority of the Poop. Of course they won’t admit that, because they are deceived. Every SUNday keeping circus is, and also the SDA’s since they STILL celebrate X-mass and E_ster.
    Why wouldn’t Keith know this? Because somewhere in his heart he is defending the very religion which deceived him for so long.

    Don’t be afraid to tell the truth, even it is seems judgmental. We all know YHWH is the true and righteous judge, and we must judge according to His word eh?

    PS Goats have different textures and different thickness of hair on various parts of their body. Esau probably wasn’t “covered” in thick hair like on a goats back, but the underside of the goat has a lot less hair, similar to a hairy man, like those guys that have a full beard by the time they are 16. A goats udder is almost hairless.

    and while we are speaking of goats… a goat in is mother’s milk would be a goat who is still young and nursing. “A Goat Keepers Wisdom” (just sayin)

    • Having been schooled in Roman Catholicism from the age of 7- 17 and learning the doctrine, I can say; all people who follow after Martin Luther an excommunicated priest are not considered by the Pope as under his authority. They are considered heretics and protest Catholic doctrine which says a person can not go before the CREATOR OF the UNIVERSE to confess or petition on his/her own behalf without paying a representative of Rome for intercessory prayer. Saul/Paul a Jewish apostle to the gentiles afforded them the right to pray anyday because keeping a lunar Sabbath without having one’s own business was prohibitive.

      • Also because the Ruach Ha Kodesh had fallen on gentiles who simply followed Yeshua after Peter spoke to them..Acts 10:44-48 so the Nazarene council did not require circumcision since Yahovah had blessed them with out it. So they decided that gentiles did not have keep all the laws and sent a letter found in Acts 15: 23-29 to confirm it.

        • I know that many people interprets Acts 15:23:29 that way, but it simply can’t be the case.

          The key portion of that passage is: “It seemed good to the Holy Spirit and to us not to burden you with anything beyond the following requirements: 29You are to abstain from food sacrificed to idols, from blood, from the meat of strangled animals and from sexual immorality. ”

          So, the torah was undone and the only moral requirements on these folks were the three listed above? They were free to murder, lie, steal, covet, dishonor their parents, forsake the Sabbath, etc.?

          That’s just not believable.

          • Neville – exactly, it makes one marvel at the ‘believers’ inability to discern basic common sense. It’s as if some see the bible as a ‘Walmart’ where you pick and choose and go through the checkout as your ‘pin’ identifies you and your belief.

  13. Shalom dear brothers and sisters – have we not heard the words of Paul come alive in our ears as our beloved brothers, Nehemia and Keith, shared their hearts and minds, crying out to Yehovah for His salvation!

    For by one Spirit are we all baptized into one body, whether we be Jews or Gentiles, whether we be bond or free; and have been all made to drink into one Spirit. 1 Corinthians 12.13

  14. The last three minutes of this Prophet Pearls blew me away. The meaning of the word salvation in Tanak. Wow. I so completely agree. In trying to see how the Orthodox view the concept of God’s salvation, I was watching a prominent rabbi speak on Yom Kippur once, and someone in his audience asked: “HOW can God forgive us, no matter how sorry we are?” I thought he would surely give some response from scripture because this guy is smart. But he just said “We don’t know. No one knows how God (“Hashem”, he said) can restore us to life. It is a miracle.” (R. Yoseph Mizrachi, NYC, 2012) That and Nehemia’s little bit about salvation here in this Pearls makes me want to go to the wailing wall and do what this singer is doing:

  15. Thank you Nehemia and Keith. We appreciate your sacrifices to bring us these teachings. It sounds cosy in your basement with doona decorated windows. Love to you both and BubbeDeena(?).

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