Hebrew Voices #127 – Live NOT from Quarantine

In this episode of Hebrew Voices, Live NOT from Quarantine, Keith escapes from quarantine with his wife to join Nehemia and Lynell for a live unscripted discussion. Nehemia shares how his mother gave Keith a Hebrew name, Keith gets Nehemia to make a statement about his faith in the name "Yeshua", and Lynell recites the prayer that changed her life. Wanda wrote: “Thank you so much for this. What a blessing!”

I look forward to reading your comments!

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  • Daniel says:

    Congratulations Nehemia on your marriage!

  • Ronald Wilson says:

    like all the subjects i view, which is not a lot. someone tell Keith this west virginian has been a Vikings fan since 1968.

  • Katie Marks says:

    you guys are inspiring, can you tell me this,
    Eashua Meeshka is the name given in Vic Alexanders book for yashua ‘story of Jesus’
    is that true?
    Also I have posted ‘the Lords will be done’
    on Youtube last month, some input ok.

  • Jill Ann says:

    What a joy to see friends together in the Lord. Thank you for sharing this. Shalom to all.

  • Jane Hartley says:

    Excited about the future of your ministries and so glad to meet your lovely wives!

  • Shelley Greening says:

    That was great – so much fun! It was delightful to “meet” beautiful Lynnelle (and Andrea, whom I’ve never seen before, either). Thank you for sharing a bit of this weekend with us.
    I think I’ll go back and watch Hebrew Gospel Pearls #15 again. (And that’s saying a lot, because I don’t do reruns.)
    YHVH Saves! Halleluyah!

  • Richard Clarke says:

    The coming of Pentecost is the time of the great awakening for all mankind. It will hit like a tsunami! “Arise and shine for the light has come.” And, Shavuot, the harvesting of the grain — the beginning of the separation of the grain from the chaff, separating the sons of God from the sons of men.

  • Kevin George says:

    Nehemia, thanks for finally introducing us to your lovely wife. She is wonderful and you are truly blessed!

  • Nicole Chaplain-Pearman says:

    Your studies have always been a blessing to me. Each time I listen to one I feel like a light goes on and I understand something about Scripture on a much deeper level. May Yehovah bless and inspire you for many years to come.

  • Bob Curfman says:

    Thank you for the shared knowledge

  • Paul Case says:

    Tears of joy for YHVH’s blessings on yall, and to us through you.