Hebrew Voices #134 – Finding the Missing Vowel on 9/11

In this episode of Hebrew Voices, Finding the Missing Vowel on 9/11, Bible Scholar Nehemia Gordon explains how he was able to glorify Yehovah’s name at the very moment Islamic extremists were carrying out the deadliest terror attack on American soil, how many sought refuge in a church bearing the name Yehovah on that day, and the shocking origin of Yaweh.

I look forward to reading your comments!

00:00 Intro
02:32 Trying to prove Nehemia wrong
04:35 How Nehemia discovered the missing vowel
14:01 Why God’s name begins Yeho
26:35 Nehemia finding the second instance
17:38 Finding the full vowels as the twin towers were hit
20:30 Gesenius on the name of God
27:11 Conclusion

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  • Ralph Young says:

    What about the Paleo Hebrew pronunciations vs: modern Hebrew. “I AM…” = “AHAYAH” vs: “EHEYEH”?

  • Marlon says:

    Awesome!! Loved every second of the show! Blessed be the name Yehovah!!!!

  • Renee says:

    When I first started learning The Name, I picked Yahweh rather than Jehovah, for 3 silly reasons. 1. Its easier to pronounce. 2. It was being used in some Christian worship songs, so I thought good, it will raise awareness that His name is not Jesus. 3. many people are turned off by Jehovah Witnesses, so I didn’t want to be confused with “them.”

    Then a sacred namer wouldn’t let up, so I prayed and decided to check Strong’s Concordance. Well “by chance” I happened to look at the pronunciation of all the words there starting with Yod Hey Vav… and every one was Yeho…

    That was good enough for me… but its why I love listening to your podcasts to learn those “jots and tittles.” Oh my what profound understanding. We cannot understand scripture without understanding the Hebrew aleph bet and customs. I always share your info with my small group. Its such a blessing! Thank you for your dedication!

    Gesenius is a great search tool too!

  • Steven Smith says:

    Thank you, brother. Am waiting on a book my sister ordered from this website and also a couple of books from Keith that should arrive any day now. Love both your websites. Would love to study some of the other teachings but am on a very limited budget seeing my pension for disability makes it hard to live let alone to support the people I enjoy learning from the most but you both are in my prayers. Shalom from Nova Scotia Canada