Dedication Uncovered – Keith Johnson (Open Door Series – Part 14)

Keith Johnson speaks about Dedication Uncovered.

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2 thoughts on “Dedication Uncovered – Keith Johnson (Open Door Series – Part 14)

  1. I really have enjoyed this open door series and it’s changed my life. For years I have been telling people the same thing… are you willing to sacrifice your cherished traditions for the truth, or are you content to turn a blind eye to truth when it’s staring you in the face, and sacrifice truth for tradition – even when the root of your traditions are pagan to the core and offend God.
    Fallen human beings have gone the way of Cain, and created a God in their own image, who is convenient, who will accept their own definition of a sacrifice that is cheap and easy for them to make. Many Christians wonder why their prayers are not answered. Just as with the people who called on the Ba’als, they who make such sacrifices to their “modern Ba’al” this Ba’al will not here them.
    Thank you Nehemiah and Keith. Someone please come up with a Bible in English that highlights the transliteration of certain Hebrew words, e.g. The Hebrew letter, the transliteration using Latin alphabet in English and the explanation and links.
    The word Pesach is actually what “Easter” is called in Portuguese. Yeshua was that lamb on the altar. The waving of palm leaves was one thing done with shouts of Ho sannah. Pretty amazing, how it all ties together.

  2. Thank you I needed this to let me know I am not too strict in my convictions but still need too get along with others without compromising the truth, it is hard

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