Hebrew Voices #15 – The Bible of the Dead Sea Scrolls (Rebroadcast)

A Dead Sea Scroll of Exodus in Paleo-Hebrew from Cav 4 at Qumran (4QpaleoExod-m).In this episode of Hebrew Voices, The Bible of the Dead Sea Scrolls, Nehemia Gordon talks to Professor Emanuel Tov, the world’s foremost scholar on the Dead Sea Scrolls and author of the definitive “Textual Criticism of the Hebrew Bible.” Gordon and Tov’s discussion yields an enlightening mix of 101 material as well as fascinating (and accessible) post-doctoral details.

If you think you know the history of Bible texts, you might want to hang tightly onto your hat. Tov explains the “five families of text” that are progenitors of the Tanakh—their histories, spelling systems, adherents, the liberties taken by their respective scribes, and the events that led to the Masoretic Text becoming the only Bible of Judaism.  An accident of history or Divine Providence? Tune in and decide for yourself.

I look forward to reading your comments!

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Professor Emanuel Tov of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem served as editor-in-chief of the Dead Sea Scrolls Publication Project, the official publication of the Dead Sea Scrolls. His book "Textual Criticism of the Hebrew Bible" is used as a standard text-book at universities and seminaries around the world.

Books Mentioned:
Textual Criticism of the Hebrew Bible
Scribal Practices and Approaches Reflected in the Texts Found in the Judean Desert
The Text-Critical Use of the Septuagint in Biblical Research

Verses Mentioned:
Genesis 2:2
1 Samuel 17:4
Luke 4:18
Exodus 20:24

22 thoughts on “Hebrew Voices #15 – The Bible of the Dead Sea Scrolls (Rebroadcast)

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  1. That was very knowledgeable. I love that learning from you others religions can’t pass their false doctrines to me praise YEHOVAH

  2. I’m always so excited to see your posts Nehemia, thank you for your time, patience, humility and stickability. I really appreciate your dedication to bringing us information from the best of the best. Which is what our Father deserves, our very best.
    🙂 I’ve just finished listening to this interview for the 3rd time.
    I should be able to quote something in a semi literate manner now… Lol.

  3. Thank you Nehemia! That was fascinating information. I shall listen to it again n again, just so that I can retain all that information in my head?

    I was wondering whether, Jesus gave the statement below, bcos of what you guys spoke about in regards to how dedicated the pharasees were to the authenticity of the Hebrew text.

    Would like to hear your thoughts on that.

    Am.assuming that the ‘works’ is in reference to rabbinic traditions rather than the actual Torah observance.

    Matthew 23:2-3 KJV
    [2] Saying, The scribes and the Pharisees sit in Moses’ seat: [3] All therefore whatsoever they bid you observe, that observe and do; but do not ye after their works: for they say, and do not.

    • Nehemia’s book “The Hebrew Yeshua vs. the Greek Jesus” covers this problem (and others) in Matthew, and can be found on youtube with other great information, but his book is a ‘must read’ for seekers of scriptural Truth.

  4. Very good! This is why I am a faithful listener of Nehemia Gordon as he brings us information and insight that is only available through him. Nehemia, please continue to enrich our lives as we walk the path of righteousness.

  5. Thank you Nehemia,

    Today I’ve learned about several interesting translations of scriptures thanks to you and Professor Tov regarding the Greek’s who wrote the Septuagint/Christian bible, as well as the Samaritain’s who wrote their own scriptures and last but certainly not least the Rabbis who wrote the Masorectic text. I never knew about these variations of writings and how each hold unique yet special insight. I am also down loading software app Accordance super grateful and excited! May Yehowah bless you!! For all your efforts and labor of love!

  6. I managed to convince my family to get me Accordance 11 with the Masoretic text, BDB and HALOT for my birthday, and I love it! I now have the module for Tov’s book on a sticky note on my desktop, so I can grab it when I’m ready for it. Unfortunately it says it requires iOS though, so hopefully that changes.

  7. The woah, or woha, etc. may be Yiddish, You should have topic on yiddish, Jews have used this language to survive over years and years, etc., all those exodus and holocaust.

  8. I am so happy to hear the humble thoughts you are presenting. I will like to get the books some day soon. I am deeply moved to hear different perspectives outside of religious teachings.
    Here I am gleaning the culture, history and language of ancient Hebrew for all free.

    SHALOM ALL! Praying for truth and a contrite spirit…

  9. Again, this is an awesome published interview! I looked up the Accordance software. I am supposing Nehemia has the Ultimate Bundle. Another wishlist for my future purchases. $$$$$ But Nehemia and Dr Tov spoke so highly on it.

    I just ordered the “Textual Criticism of the Hebrew Bible,” and Dr Bland’s “Evil Within and Without: The Source of Sin and Its Nature as Portrayed in Second Temple Literature (Journal of Ancient Judaism. Supplements).” Those will keep me extremely busy with my Hebrew studies I am taking right now. Everything that was discussed brought great joy and gladness to my heart! I can hardly wait to steep myself in these great authors’ work. And of course I ordered on the smile.amazon.com for Nehemia to progress further in sharing with us his extensive love and knowledge of the Hebrew Bible. I will be listening to this interview over and over as well. Listened already three times while I was working in the lab today. Nehemia is very smart to associate with great researchers. I believe he is just as intelligent just by association!

    • Actually I seriously doubt he has the Ultimate version. It’s loaded up with all kinds of commentaries and devotions and other Christian modern/contemporary writings that I doubt he would have wanted to pay for (I certainly wouldn’t). It would be nice if he kept a list of modules he has and recommends though.

      I just got the starter (comes with several English translations and dictionaries), the Masoretic text (Westminster) module, the BDB Hebrew Lexicon module, and the HALOT module together for $400. I think that’s a pretty good starter set. Mr. Tov’s book module is another $90. So it’s not all that out-of reach! I’m sure Nehemia has more of the different Greek and Semitic texts.

  10. Well the Gig is up now we have a chance to get the top secret Bible search Yippie ..

    Gotta figure it out, Fasitating discussion BTW

  11. Shalom Nehemia for this session with Prof Emmanuel Tov. this really means that all the work you did at the Hebrew university on the these texts is very important. there are completely new things I did not know until now. For this reason I will buy these 2 books and read.

    Motshoanedi (South Africa)

  12. I’d like to ask Hakim Gordon himself ,regarding the subject, rather the translation of the Dead Sea Scrolls. Especially the translations to English by Geza Vermes, who is considered by many as was the foremost and first translater of it.
    Beza, a few years oldewr than me, grew up not together, but not far apart in the same land. If one reads his bio it is interesting ,as the smell of naizsim was getting closer, so his parents, typical Neologs, converted to survive.
    Geza not just attended catholic school, but became a catholic priest, and scollor, the first who translated the Dead Sea Scrolls.
    His work reminds me often Nehemiah’s association of Christians, or Christianaity, at least as it is today.
    My question to Nehemia, is how good was Beza’s translation of the Dead Sea Scrolls to English ? Was Mr./priest Vermes over rated ?