003: Scene of the Purim Crime

Scene of the Crime, Scene of the Purim Crime, Purim, Jews, terrorist, Jerusalem, Keith Johnson, Nehemia Gordon, Biblical history, prophecy, security guard, Israeli, Yehovah, yhvhThis morning, as Jews around the world celebrated Purim, a terrorist drove his car into a crowd of people in Jerusalem. Within hours, Keith Johnson and Nehemia Gordon were at the scene of the crime to talk about what happened and understand it in the context of Biblical history and prophecy.

In the photo, the light-rail security guard who shot the terrorist, tells his story to Israeli Channel 1.

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6 thoughts on “003: Scene of the Purim Crime

  1. It is wonderful that your both together again in the Land. How sad I feel that innocent people continue to be attacked by evil. YAH has already told us HIS WILL! Please be careful, I am praying for you both! Thanks for keeping us updated! Blessing and Shalom

  2. HalleluYah for the Light-Rail Security Guard. Remember I had mentioned, I too was a Security Guard for the Phoenix Light-Rail, so this is a special heart felt news to my eyes and ears, that his man took out this evil one, for the safety of Israel. YAH bless him tremendously.

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