#002: Pre-Aviv in the Jordan Valley Feb 27, 2015

Pre-Aviv, Jordan Valley, barley, vegetative state, grass, flowering stage, Aviv, 12th Hebrew month, new moon, Hebrew year, Nehemia Gordon, Hebrew, Yehovah, yhvhI went down to examine the barley in the Jordan Valley today (Friday Feb 27, 2015). I was thought I might find barley in the vegetative state (like grass) after the snow and hail. Instead, I found barley in the flowering stage. This means there's a very good chance that the barley will be Aviv by the end of the 12th Hebrew month. This would make the new moon on Saturday March 21 the beginning of the Hebrew year. Here's a discussion I carried out in the field with Devorah Gordon about the Aviv in general and this year in particular. -Nehemia

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  • Janice says:

    What happens with the Av barely, in case of (G-d forbid) drought, hail, or fire to the field?

    • Barley is very resilient and grows wild all over Israel so even in a drought, hail, fire and shemitah year, barley is found all over the country, everywhere. You couldn’t get rid of it even if you wanted to.

  • Janice says:

    What happens in a smittah year with Av barley?

  • Laura Olson says:

    Just reading about the Exile, and it seems that only the poorest people were left in Israel; the rest went to Babylon. As a pattern for judgement to come I can’t help but wonder, did this remnant in II Kings 24:14 establish an identiy of any kind, any history? What were they doing 70 years later when the exile ended? Don’t know anywhere else to post this question.

  • Edward Jones says:

    Looking forward to the update

  • mike mccully says:

    Thanks. Nehemiah! This is very exciting. Rena and Ruthie and I will be praying for your safety.

  • Evelin says:

    I’m so happy that the barley is on time. That shows the our Father is in control regardless of the weather.

  • Diana says:

    Shalom! we are blessed to have you! May the LORD Yehovah continue to give you grace and Shalom! as you restore His calender and stand aganist all odds when teaching the truth!

  • ksl4israel says:

    I am pleased to hear your safe, rested and sharing your excitement with us. My prayers are with you and all of Israel! I continue to share your reports with others in my life, praying that their eyes be opened to the Truth. Thank you Nehemia, your updates and teachings are a Blessing for me. Shalom

  • Dateshake says:

    …. and this comes with march 20th solar eclipse. Give thanks to the creator of heaven and earth. Blessed be the name YEHOVAH !

  • Rose Hotchkiss says:

    Thank you Nehemia! Your excitement is contagious!
    May Y’hovah bless and protect you as you traverse The Land
    to do His will. Shalom Aleichem

  • Anthony Garcia says:

    That is great for you to be in the land which is the center of YHVH’s zeal, to adhere to what He has said to do. Be ye protected in all you do, by the hand of Yehovah Alohym, and the name of Ben Yehoshua