Torah Pearls #27 – Tazria (Leviticus 12:1-13:59)

Torah Pearls Tazria, Leviticus, Nehemia Gordon, Torah portion, seed, uncleanness, birth, boy, girl, leprosy, Miriam, Naaman, tanakh, yehovah

In this episode of The Original Torah Pearls, Tazria (Leviticus 12:1-13:59), we talk about the meaning of tazria, do women “produce seed”, why is there a difference in the time of uncleanness concerning the birth of a boy versus a girl, and is it a sin to be unclean. Also in this program, regarding leprosy, the stories of Miriam and Naaman.

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22 thoughts on “Torah Pearls #27 – Tazria (Leviticus 12:1-13:59)

  1. Is HOly used for an individual? or is Holy used for legal descrition of the nation of Israel? Holy is a legal definition, defined only by Yehovah, not us. The length of time between male and female child is her wholeness, not hollines, is recovery time from birth process, both male and female have harmones that coordinate with mother to start the process, harmone levels in males are different from females.

  2. In a healty woman bears a son, talkes up to 30 days for harmonal balance, for baby girls takes up to 66 days for harmonal rebalane, or to become “complete” if after 30 days or 60 days wife still has the “blues” time to see the doctor.

  3. Shalom Nehemiah.
    The PRIESTs of antiquity that served the Israelites must have had vast experience in organisms. Many cannot be seen with the naked eye. Discernment and identifying them was based ONLY on presented Signs and Symptoms. They had no technology of micron microscopy or biotechnology testing to them.
    There are still the same microbiological organisms known of today, both aerobic and anaerobic, that are NOT visible in most cases to the eye, that cause severe “spiritual” and “psychological” signs and symptoms as a result of human body contamination of them.

    The whole aspect of the spiritual affliction caused by MOLD and other biological and environmental BIOTOXINS can indeed inflict severe UNCLEAN contamination and disease states inside the organs and especially the fragile brain tissues, and that also can manifest external deposits on our largest body surface organ, the skin and nails.

    White like leprosy? I have seen it manifest in patients in MANY colors and textures and witnessed it causing spiritual infliction of rage outbursts, schizophrenia, hallucinations and even catatonic states due to toxic encephalopathy, if the brain is the affected organ , by respiratory inspiration of mold.

    For more scientific referenced info please see Dr. Shoemakers research for validation and for an available free visual test that you can perform at home, to see if you are affected by biotoxins of chronic or intense acute mold exposure.

    Healing of these treatment resistant inflictions can be successfully accomplished with intense detox treatment consisting of thorough tissue blood and lymphatic system CLEANSING, and with Torah prayer.


  4. I have always believed since I can across the “issue” of the female that she , women are by far the superior creation in every possible way.
    Yes more holy they can produce LIFE!

  5. The woman has a seed it is her-half input of DNA the man has half a seed it is his half of his DNA ****Male and Female created Him them

    Bereshis 1:27Orthodox Jewish Bible (OJB)

    27 So G-d created humankind in His own tzelem, in the tzelem Elohim (image of G-d) created He him; zachar (male) and nekevah (female) created He them.
    Orthodox Jewish Bible (OJB)
    Male and female are the singularity in the plurality of Him

  6. Shalom, Could it be more simple, regarding the 1 week for a man and 2 weeks for a woman, and also for the atonement, IE, when Yehovah talks about man and woman’s positions of authority and responsibility, it had nothing to do with one being more important or more kodesh or better in any way than the other. The scripture simply states, (because the man was CREATED FIRST and was not deceived ) that this is only about, ORDER, and what we would call, first come, first serve. without any preference or respecting of persons.

    In the sameway I believe it is with the 1 week for a man, verses 2 weeks for a woman. Because Adam was created in the first week of creation, and then Chauah in the second week. So could the 2 weeks of being unclean for a woman and 1 week for a man, just be due to this order and cycle of creation, and not about them being better or more kodesh than each other at all, as I do not believe we are at all, in any way better than each other, and also regarding any ‘authority’, according to scripture, that a man was given over a woman, was given and mentioned at the fall of mankind, as part of the repercussions of her sin.
    So I believe regarding the 2 weeks for a woman and 1 week for a man, I believe that it very well maybe, as simple and plain as that, it being due to the order and cycle of creation, 1 week for a man, as he was created in the first week of Creation and 2 weeks for a woman because she was created in the 2nd week of creation.

    Also regarded the atonement for after she had given birth,
    psalms 51.5 says we are born in sin, and shapen iniquity.

    Again here I think the problem is, we are looking at man and woman separately, instead of looking at the bigger picture of Mankind as a whole and their fall in the garden, sentencing them, and the rest of mankind that was to come, to death, and a fallen sinful body of death.
    So we literally were born into Sin, and sin full fallen bodies, and a fallen Sinful world, that from that point needed atoning for.
    Every child whether man or woman, from that point was born in Sin, in a sinful fallen and cursed flesh due to the actions of Adam and Chauah and then shapen/(brought up), in a world of iniquity.
    So when ever a child was brought in to this world, it would need atoning for.
    I believe this is a picture of and shows clearly why we all need the Mashiach, that was prophesied about all the way back in the garden, after they fell from perfection and perfect relationship with Yehovah.
    Also it shows us why he never came the first time as the conquering king the Yahudim were waited and looking for, because sin will not be in, nor enter into, the Malkut of Yehovah and His Mashiach.
    So we all need atoning for and cleansing, before we can even enter in.
    Almost everything in the torah, especially the order and pattern of the sacrifices are a picture of Mashiach and what Yehovah was going to do and has done for us, so we can enter in to His and His Mashiachs reign, and have fellowship, relationship with Him, to be confident with Him, to be restored and walk in the garden of elohim in the cool of the day with our father Yehovah,

    The Torah keeps us safe and saves us from falling, when we follow and keep it/do it, that is, when we Sh’ma, (hear and obey) our Fathers words.
    When we do this, and keep and guard the Torah, that is the loving instructions, of a loving & caring Father, to His children, that they will need for them to navigate in this fallen sinful world, then will will be safe and kept safe.
    But the Torah, can not restore us back to perfection again (being the place from which we fell) after falling. Now atonement has to be made, before we can enter the garden and walk with Yehovah our Father again, and I believe He longs for That, much, much more, than we do.
    I also believe that the whole menstrual thing for women, is just another picture of Mashiach, where by, the body being cleansed by the shedding of blood, and would be cleansed by blood.
    Also this maybe is another, repercussion of the fall of man, as I do not believe there would be any need of menstruation in a perfect un-fallen body, in an un-fallen world/creation, I believe Yehovah in His hindsight, made all this so, in His love and compassion for us, to picture Mashiach, and the blood that would have to be shed for our atonement and cleansing, no one is entering the reign of Yehovah and His Mashiach, with out first being atoned for and cleansed by the blood of the spotless unblemished Pesach Lamb, the sinless perfect Lamb of Yehovah, that will return as the conquering king, the lion of the tribe of Yahudah, for his perfect spotless bride, after first having cleansed her, and made atonement for her.

    I believe it is as simple and plain as that, and has nothing to do with man or woman’s individual status and worth or either of them being higher or better/Kodesh more set apart in any way.
    The authority issue, between man and woman, his created equal co-partner and help meet, is a repercussion that came because of Sin, disobedience to the instructions of their Father and Elohim Yehovah. There would be no authority issue, nor any blood sacrifice, nor death, and I believe no menstruation either, and also, there would be no need of a Mashiach either, if their was no fall.
    We would still be walking in the garden with our Father Yehovah never knowing what death was.
    So sorry to sound so preachy, but I really do believe it is as simple as that, and that we need to look at the bigger picture. and let the scripture speak for itself

    Shalom for now achim todah, Yehovah Barak you and Keep you, Yehovah Make His face to Shine upon you and give you Shalom.

    With love Shimon and My wife Hadassah

    Baruk atah Yehovah Eloheinu Melek Ha’Olam.

  7. Love this portion Brothers! I learned a few new things today. Thank you so much!
    One thing I would like to share if you will permit me. My Rabbi has always taught us in this Torah portion, that the reason for woman being considered ritually impaired so that she could not read into the synagogue was for a time of bonding with the child and for the infant to have a fully developed immune system before entering into public exposure. And the reason for the big difference between a boy and a girl seperation time was due to both the mother and daughter having present in them hundreds of ovum, the possibility of new human beings to enter this world, and that in this longer period that mom would remain at home with her new daughter it would deepen the bond for her to instruct her daughter in the years to come in being G-dly and the gift she carries inside her is something very precious.
    Also, the reason for the seperation during the time of her monthly cycle, first life is in the blood. Second if she has her monthly flow it is because she is not pregnant, which means the ovum that was released into the uterus died. Therefore the woman has been in contact with a death and is therefore ritually impure, just as in anyone coming in contact with a dead body.
    I have to day, when I learned this, I was past my years to have children and in fact never was able to have children. I cried and cried over this undwrstanding because I never understood that just as there is sacredness of being able to conceive and carry a baby and bring it into this world, there was also to have been a monthly grief over the death of that ovum, the potential life that could have been. And once again I was reminded how very sad it is to not be raise up in a Torah observant home.
    Ahain, thank you for sharing you time and knowledge of Torah with all of us.

  8. I love what you said about Woman being a higher form of life because of her partnership with the Creator in the formation of new life. It counters beautifully against those who teach that women are supposed to be nothing more than servants to their husbands (which is pretty common in certain circles). I’d like to tell my girls about it, but I’m worried that they might take it to mean that they are superior to men. How do I balance it?

  9. Shalom!
    In reference to today’s Torah portion, Tazria, I had a thought about Leviticus 12:6. Could it be possible the reason a woman had to bring a sin offering after the time of her purification from childbirth be because she gave birth to sin? Children are a blessing, for sure, but everyone after Adam and Havah are born with a sin nature from which redemption/atonement is required. Scripture is clear that each individual person must bear their own sin so her offering was not to atone for the sin of the child, but for the fact that she had birthed sin into the world through the child. Just a thought.

  10. Could this factor into the 33 days for a boy and 66 for a girl?

    1Tim. 2:15 But women will be preserved through the bearing of children if they continue in faith and love and sanctity with self-restraint.

  11. It is so awesome to have 3 different inputs, awesome teaching from the 3 gentlemen, it’s so great to see that they can joke with one another, and in yet be serious. Bless You for that awesome teaching.

  12. I think something that has been overlooked is the bonding time that in the last 20/30 years we have heard from Child Development experts as being essential and crucial in mother/father/child relationship. The mother has just been through a trauma of sorts to her body and her body/hormones need time to adjust and regain balance. During this time there is also this crucial process between mother and child and the bonding that cannot easily be regained if missed out in, in the first weeks of a childs life. We also know that post-partum depression/the blues happens in all women after giving birth and it has been the norm in many cultures to give a woman a period of complete rest after childbirth to regain strength and what betterway than to be left free of all other cares to nurture her child and bond with it including too with the father. We our His creaton and He above all knows our needs. Sometimes we don’t understand the why’s of His commandments but in then in terms of coming to know scientifcally and biologically how our bodies and nature around us functions, it makes so much sense.

  13. Dear Nehemia, Keith and Jono – thank you so much for the wholesome, regular and witty input. It helps me understand the instructions of the Torah with the ears of the people who first heard them!
    I am a midwife, so the subject of childbirth and what Abba has to say about the weeks afterwards are particularly interesting for me. I couldn’t help noticing that you, Nehemia, weren’t sure when Abba would allow a husband to sleep with his wife after she has given birth. Maybe I can contribute a little piece of information: the “flow”, as you so politely call it, lasts for approx. 4 weeks after birth, so I’m guessing YHVH wouldn’t be pleased with a husband coming near his wife during that time! And I can tell you from experience with the women I care for that neither would she!!! … Just a thought! May YHVH bless you.

    • I was horrified with the rabbinical teaching that sex could be ok even if the wife is “flowing like a river.” I think that would be rape. The average woman needs 4-6 weeks to heal, and if this is not allowed, infection can move in… or the uterus or tear under repair may be further damaged. If it isn’t comfortable – even pleasurable – for both parties, I don’t thing YHWH would bless it.

      Maybe the sin the woman must atone for is the things she was thinking about her husband during the delivery process. Or after, if he “approached her nakedness” before she was ready.

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